blog policies

blog policies 

mr. goodwill hunting, the blog, loves an interactive, safe and courteous blog environment. in order to maintain order and credibility we have implemented the following policies on the blog. 

we LOVE comments here on the blog. however, we will not publish comments that are rude and tactless against the author or other persons. 

comments that leave a link to other sites or urls will not be published. we consider that spam and a form of advertising. if there is a story of blog post that directly relates to a specific post, email it to

mr. goodwill hunting offers advertising and can by found on the left side bar.

photo policy:
because of the high debate surrounding bloggers and their photos, mr. goodwill hunting strives to publish original photos. if there are any photos published on this blog that does not belong to mr. goodwill hunting it will be properly credited as mr.goodwill hunting sees fit. if there is a photo posted on this blog that you own and wish to be remove please email 

sponsored posts:
mr. goodwill hunting offers sponsored posting in accordance to the nature of this blog. sponsorships that do not meet the needs of the readers of this blog are appreciated and will be forwarded to other persons or blogs that may be interested. suggested bloggers names will not be given upon request as we feel that that is a form of unsolicited marketing.

we love working with others that share our passion or who shares a passion. if you would love to collaborate with mr. goodwill hunting please email for more information.
guest postings:
mr. goodwill hunting the blog does not accept request for guest postings. we will have guest postings from time to time, however, they will be at the sole discretion of the author of this blog.

this is a brief listing of policies that directly relate to mr. goodwill hunting the blog. these policies have been in affect since 1.1.12.
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