Home for the Holidays Giveaway

i woke up this morning after reading a suggestion from one of my facebook followers and i thought wouldnt it be great to give a deserving family a beautiful space for the holidays?

that is what i want to do, but i will NEED your HELP!

transforming spaces and lives are my passions in life. it really does something to my spirit to see so many lives changed when they walk in to a beautiful home.

would you consider donating any amount to help change a family's life for the better?

while some companies will donating their time and resources other companies will not. so we have to pay for it. which is fine. however, those costs can add up...quickly.

so here is where we are.

if you want to be a sponsor for this #holidayhomemaker (our social media hashtag) and you dont have a lot of red tape, i would love to give you free press here on the blog and whereever we can to say thank you.

if the money that is raised is significant i may even include a few how to videos as part of this process.

want to help email mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com and use the subject line "HOLIDAY HOME"

more details to follow.

questions? comments? list them below.

the DONATE tab is on the left side bar.

I cannot wait to give a special family a beautiful space.

leave it on the front porch...

i want to say thank you to everyone who left encouraging messages on THIS POST. i read each and every one.

while my immediate family doesn't participate in any of the traditional christmas holiday stuff i wouldn't be upset if santa left me one of these on my front porch.

a video you have never seen before...

i was approached last year by a producer from Macys Million Dollar Challenge to take part. unfortunately i didnt win and i never spoke about it. i got an email the other day saying they saw one of my videos. apparently the guys that did the video (really professional guys) decided to upload it. so i figured i'd share it as well. 

*this is their raw version without any background music*

5 last minute decorating tips...

i dodged hosting thanksgiving at my house this year. with family closer to my hometown it would quite a challenge to maneuver 2hrs from house-to-house to see every one.


in case you are hosting family and friends for thanksgiving or any other season and need a quick facelift for your home, here are...
 you can use to make a huge impact in your home.
number 1: pillows
pillows can really change the mood of a space. for the ladies pillows are like shoes. the right pair can really set your outfit in the right direction and the wrong pair can really make you look awkward. for the guys. lol. its the same. you must choose wisely. 
mixing patterned pillows can provide a custom look without spending a lot of money. be careful though, you want it to look professional, not kitschy (unless that's your thing).
for the bedroom perhaps all you need is maybe a pillow or two (granted you have amazing wallpaper). 

if you are really unsure about the look you want for your place, hop around my PINTEREST boards to get some ideas. the great thing about last minute shopping (outside of being stressful) is that there could quite possibly be sales. there are many so many places you can visit to pick up pillows. my favorites are, homegoods, zgallerie, pottery barn and target. dont forget about your local boutiques, they would love to have you business. 
 number 2: paint

i know painting may seem like an arduous process for a last minute decorating tip, but if you can paint something small that has a huge impact you are in it for the win. the above photo is from an amazing design project, but the coffee table gives inspiration that with just a few hours and the right color you can really breathe life into your space. if you dont find any like this, i am sure a trip to your local home improvement store can yield similar results. 
 number 3: nailhead trim

i saw this on pinterest and though, "they nailed it. literally." i have a ziplock bag fully of nailheads that i used on my sofa over a year ago. with just a few hours on your hands you could literally transform a plain piece into something really custom. with the above piece a guide really isnt needed because the piece is quite contemporary and has all straight edges. 
if you want to try something fancy, how about this for inspiration. this homeowner used a basic ikea cabinet and added her own creative touch with nailhead trim. imagine the possibilities you can create in just a few hours. 

 number 4: accessories 

i am not a huge fan of lil knick knacks around my house. makes my itch and want to throw stuff away. however, if properly arranged they can make your home seem all the more personal.  this may be the time to bring out some of those souvenirs you your received from your aunts trip to an estate sale. she will certainly appreciate it.
number 5: recover lampshades

with the diy craze in an upror the options for recovering old lampshades is limited to your imagination. these lampshades like pillows, can really add an extra layer of interest to your home. 

in my own space all of my lampshades are black. its my thing. if you have a thing you can pick up a few yards of fabric and recover a few or all of the lampshades in your space. quite simple isnt it. 

with a just a few days left for thanksgiving, the one thing you wont have to worry about and that quick and easy tips to spruce up your place for the holidays. 

did you enjoy these?

what others do you have?

**all photos pulled from pinterest**

a NEW facebook feature...

i was on the cnn facebook page earlier and saw that there was this "reply" feature on their facebook page. i clicked around a few other pages to see if it was a new thing, but according to a few recent reports it is being tested and has been doled out to only a few pages.

now many other platforms such as discus has had this feature for quite some time and it can be useful when you want to make a comment in regards to another person's comment. (it also helps avoid people posting the same comment as well).

are you excited about the new feature, to this almost one billion member social network?

DISCUSSION: the little pin that could

happy friday everyone.

i normally dont really discuss pinterest because it is just like any other social network, you take it in small portions. 


i came across this pin, 

i thought it was a rather novel idea, one that could be replicated but when i clicked on the image this appeared

according to the seller, the item was not a dollar tree tray. hmmmm.. it got me to thinking, what are the  ramifications for descriptions when describing something on social media?

i am aware that we can fix all problems with sites such as pinterest, but if you are pinning an inaccurate description, that one little pin could quite possibly be repinned thousands of times thus resulting in false information.

lets DISCUSS it,

what are you thoughts?


there are always amazing pieces being added to the online shop. click HERE to stay updated on some great pieces.

this is where i get i get it from...

one of my good friends had her wedding this weekend and i was one of the wedding singers. yep. its no surprise, i have been singing since i was little. i do it quite often.
one of the amazing things about this wedding was that mom, made quite a few pieces for the wedding which included her dress.
she was still putting the finishing touches on it when i arrived home over the weekend. i was a bit nervous that she wouldn't finish in time. since she has been sewing for herself and others for nearly 40 years, she wasn't nervous. at all.
she also made 3 of the junior brides maid dresses. these are only two of them. the 3rd one was having a melt down.
lastly, she took some of the wedding fabric and made me a nice bowtie. yep. she did.

so as you can see mom is where i get most of my fashion and style inspiration from.

**mom also made one more dress but i havent gotten permission from that person to post her photo** 

louis chair: a fun twist

when i saw this different take on the louis chair by michel boyd, i thought, "this is amazing."
it reminds me of a juju hat.

holiday design service

i truly believe the holidays are a special time of year and should be celebrated as such. for many years i have been creating small intimate holiday parties for clients as a way of bringing the year to a close. each event is different and special to each client.

if you need help creating a memorable holiday event please email me and my team at rashon@rashoncarraway.com and we are committed to work with you to make this season one to remember.

mixology monday: clarity of self

its monday and im glad you are here.
social media has revolutionized the way we share our present lives and even a bit of our past on special ocassions like #throwbackthursdays. these days are somewhat a challenge for me to participate in because i dont have that many photos of me in my past (outside of school pictures).
the truth is, i was never really comfortable in my own skin. my abilities yes. my skin no. so i refused to take pictures. i hated the way they came out and i didn't want that particular moment in time to live forever in the form of a photo.
when i stopped focusing so much on what others thought of me i started to see the greatest that was within me. the talents i possessed was not predicated on my complexion, but my gifts. it was then that i found
"clarity of self"


thrifted brooks brothers glen plaid trousers | black and white polka dot lapel pin | thrifted burgundy blazer | striped ralph lauren shirt | hugo boss tie | yves saint laurent velvet loafers

friday finds

my thoughts and prayers are with those that were in the path of hurricane sandy. i can honestly say ive experienced a hurricane, so i know the devastation. perhaps these friday finds could brighten your day.
i saw this piece out of the corner of my eye while i was at the register. its sad that i dont drive an suv anymore. i would have loaded this one up, take it home. high lacquer it in black (of course you knew that) and spray paint those handles gold. would be a handsome piece in my home.
im sure its no longer available, but this excellent wingback was only $69.99. i say excellent because it appears to have been brand new or just came back from the upholsterer. listen you couldnt buy this chair and have it redone for cheaper. i think next week i will start my search for an suv. costo that may not be a good thing as i may start hauling everything i see. notice i used the word hauling and not hoarding. lol. 
i spotted these vintage prints from the window. i thought they had just the right amount of age to them to give my space a little more character.
finding amazing vintage treasures is getting just a bit tougher with the height of popularity of second hand shopping. so if you see something that you havent seen before and the price is right and they want haggle (which most aren't doing these days)...buy it and cut your loss else where. eh?

so these are a few of my finds this week. what do you think? did you come across anything? do share.