small space kitchens...

inspired by...
any of you have small kitchens? does this inspire you?

inspiring space...

hope your weekend was great. mine was pretty good. met a few friends and heard some awesome singing. i dont get out too much, so this weekend was really good for me.

since most of my days are filled with sitting behind a computer i often pop into various websites and blogs to get inspirations for future projects. here are a few images that are inspiring me at this moment.
so what space is inspiring you?

it all started with this space...

my love of grasscloth all started from this single room. i came across this space over 4 years ago on rate my space and was forever smitten. there was such a professional warmth about this space that really captured my attention. perhaps you can now see why i was so excited when i almost tripped over THESE.
for years i kept coming back to this space online hoping to find additional images of what the other rooms looked like. it's one thing to be inspired by one , but to see it in combination with the adjacent rooms really tells the story. so many times one room can look amazing, but there is no flow with the adjoining rooms. just this week i decided to look a bit further and i actually found the space was designed by oliver steer, based out of london.
with these extra images in hand i can now see that the space is well coordinated and rightfully so. it seems as if grasscloth is used throughout the home, which i absolutely adore. 
when i saw additional photos of the space i realized, there were quite a few changes in layout, but the base (wall and flooring) are still the same. 
for more images of this space you can visit the first space is truly my favorite. 

which one do you like best?

a small condo redo...

years before there were blogs showcasing the best in home transformation there was rate my space.
rate my space was the place where are number of popular bloggers got their start. it is also the place where i religiously logged onto to get inspiration for my various apartment.
this one space uploaded by idstudio3dotcom, really pushed me to want to purchase a small condo and transform it. it was mind blowing to see what someone was able to do with such a small bit of real estate. this space was uploaded back in 2008 so the process could have possibly started in 2006-2007. 
this condo project was small. as a matter of fact it was 493sq ft small. this photo really gives you a good perspective of the space. most people who like amazing spaces always like to see what the before was like, so lets take a look at that. shall we?  
it appears the kitchen original cabinetry was saved and just a few coats of paint were added (previous picture). everything seemed to have great bones in this old space. that is the great things about older properties, while they may not have all of the bills and whistles that many of the new developments have they certainly boast amazing sturdy and quality features.
for many a blank slate such as this one can be very intimidating as they are unsure where to start, but for me this is just the start id like to have. with no previous idea of what was there before.
after housing market crashed in a number of areas, there have been a a lot of great deals popping up all over the place. while these type of deals are great they often require a elbow grease, but the finishing line certainly makes it worth it in the end. of course every little bit helps. or rather every little
every day i grow closer and closer to finding one of these little gems just to have my own space in the world i can call mine. its possible.

i found the original post here

if you had the chance to update an old space what type space would you choose? a condo, cottage a loft, brownstone,something else? id love to hear about it in the comments section. i am definitely looking forward to hearing your response.

rashon carraway in southern living magazine

so honored to be included in the november issue of southern living magazine. if you haven't picked up a copy, pick one up. im on page 62!

blogtour sponsor: and so to bed

sorry about friday finds being posted on a thursday (yesterday). i was for sure that thursday was friday. the good thing is that i now have two fridays in my week! lol
i still have quite a bit of photos and sponsors to highlight from my most recent trip to london. one of the highlights of the trip was out sponsor and so to bed, a luxury bedding company that offers exclusive linens and other accessories for the home. i think i should have made this place my first stop when i arrived to london, because i had serious jet lag and was struggling to stay awake the first day. lol

when we arrived to and so to bed, we were greeted by these two lovely ladies who served us tea, biscuits and jam. i mean what better way to say hello, than with beautiful women in serving hot tea in vintage tea cups and plates.
this mirrored bed really caught my attention. you know i am all for a little bling in ya life.

we did test out quite a bit of furniture and even had time to learn about the actual history behind the company itself. i am such a sucker for random knowledge.

please visit and so to bed to check out more of their amazing pieces. if you arent in london, no worries they have a state side operation...georgia i believe.

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friday finds

these wicker fan back chairs have been popping up all on the blogs for the last year or so.

trend or timeless?

seems like michelle obama like it. lol

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The Carraway Concept: Billy Reid

i have been so consume with my online business and creating beautiful and custom lapel pins for guys that i don't often get out to socialize. well let's be honest, i didn't socialize much before i started my business. despite my love for fashion, i am not a frequent visitor of fashion shows. when i got news that billy reid, an icon in the menswear was coming to charlotte, i put it on my calendar to be there.
this is what i wore.

the event was great and a i learned something very powerful from one of billy reid's managers, he said that before billy reid there was "william reid" this line had a showing on september 10, 2001, the day before "9/11." after such a horrific day his line ultimately suffered and ended up going belly up. the company was relaunched as billy reid and the success is evident.
if nothing else one of the stories behind billy reid is that one should NEVER give up on something they are passionate about.

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Day of Design

i get asked a lot of design questions. while i dont know everything, i do have a good bit of decorating knowledge that i think you all would benefit from.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Lapel Pin (#BCALapelPin)

i have been making lapel pins for quite some time and it was only fitting that i produce one to do my part during october's breast cancer awareness month.

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the highs and lows of it

its safe to say that we all love a great thrift find. whether it be a campaign dresser that you repainted in a kelly green color or classic tweed suit there is something amazing about find quality pieces for an amazing price.

one of the tricks that creates a balanced look for the home or your wardrobe is to mix high priced items with low priced items. do keep in mind that because it was inexpensive, that doesn't mean its cheap. there have been many items i have purchased second hand that run circles around retailed items.

for the home a great second hand chair with interesting lines or great bones can often come at a very low price. if you didn't spend a lot on the chair or chairs consider using the money you saved to turn them into a statement piece.
i really love how from honey and fitz personalized these classic louis style chairs that she picked up for only $50. although she saved on the chairs, she spent more on the chiang mai dragon fabric, which runs from around $250-$350 a yard. while these chairs were picked up second hand (low) the fabric (high) gives them a custom look. 
ive often told my mother and other female friends that women clothing cost much less than men. a lady can buy a $1 shirt while thrifting...belt it...put on some heels and statement. not so much for men. karla's closet, one of my favorite female fashion bloggers karla closet often pairs vintage (sometimes thrifted) clothing pieces with statement shoes. high and high end shoes i might add. 

by pairing this high and low you cant really tell the monetary value on the dress. while you can probably guess the shoes were spendy you may not be able to accurately guess the price of the dress. 

for me, value comes by way of the presence a piece exudes, not the price tag (although a low one is a win win).

i will start adding more of the high and low throughout the year so that you can create an amazing home.

tell me. where would you spend money on the high end?

brunch at samuel heath (london)

i just got my water bill the other day. apparently i used over 18,000 gallons of water last month. pfft. someone should have told me so i could have installed an in ground swimming pool and put that water to some good use. but, if i had to waste water (not that i would...knowingly) it would definitely be by way of a samuel heath bathroom fixture.
 during my time in london on the blogtourld team i visited the samuel heath showroom. what a visit that was.
samuel heath was a sponsor for blogtourldn and i can definitely say their showroom was amazing. everything was sleek and simple yet sophisticated.

 when the blogtourldn team arrived to the showroom this was waiting for us. if there is one thing i love, its a good brunch and this is probably the second best thing i enjoy doing on a sunday (after a good a church service of course).
as we all were feasting on the delectable fruits, bagels and pastries, we couldnt help but touch and feel the amazing products in the showroom. perhaps amazing is a bit of an understatement as samuel heath has been producing quality fixtures since 1820. thats quite the time to perfect the craft...wouldnt you agree?
hand produced from brass, i was drawn to the style moderne collection. with its sleek polished black brass i could simply imagine the contemporary feel it would give to bathroom space. my bathroom space.

to see more you can visit their website samuel heath and take in all of the sophistication you can muster.

before i go, the 18,000 gallons of water fiasco was due to a running throne as well a a leaky shower in my house. so glad im renting and not owning (that's my coping mechanism for really wanting to own my own home).

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