the city of charlotte

this was the view of charlotte this morning. amazing.

GIVEAWAY from London!!

i had the best time duing blog tour. i could not have gone without the support from many of you.

as a thank you i am giving way this pillow moth pillow straight from the dwell studio in london.

here are the rules that must be followed in order to win.

tweet the following:

@MrGWHunting was a perfect match for #BlogTourLDN @Modenus.  #MrGWHGiveaway

you dont have twitter account? thats cool. just leave a comment below letting me know how you would use this pillow in your space.

giveaway will end on friday september 28, 2012. winner will be announced on monday october 1, 2012.
winner should email claiming their prize.

a tuesday transformation

i have so many amazing things to share from my blog trip to london. before i do i want to show you a sneak peek of #ProjectDinnerParty (you can follow this hashtag for updates), that i worked on before i left.

i was in the middle of selling these chairs, but a friend reminded me of my annual christmas party and suggested that i do a dinner party this year and use the chairs as part of my re branding. bingo. it was a done deal. 

stay tuned for more, cuz this is only the beginning!

a few photos from london

i am sooo happy to be over here in london.

here are just a few photos from the previous days. with limited internet access it is a challenge to blog, but here are a few of some of the sights and sounds of london.
i picked up this amazing vintage luggage before i left for london on saturday. i thought this piece had a great london vibe to it. surprisingly it wasne very heavy during check in and i can actually get a lot of stuff in it!
century old buildings are such a common sight here. its still amazing to see that they have survived this long.
this boat ride to dinner the first night is a constant reminder of how i could not hang the first day. lol. jet lag got the best of me and it took everything i had in me to stay awake. ha! failed. i fell asleep at dinner only to find a mile high burger at my seat when i got up from my nap. lol.
on the streets of london!

i have a lot more pictures and as soon as i return, i will share them all. i mean all of them and some pictures of other folks. lol

happy friday...wait is it saturday?


London! London!

with just over a week left before heading the london design festival there is a lot to be done for me to get ready.
namely there will be a lot to do when i make my first visit across the pond.

i created a pinterest board HERE to help me stay inspired with sight, sounds and sartorial images. 
london wouldnt be london with a visit or a picture near big ben...right?
i am definitely excited about wear as much tweed as i can. the weather here in north carolina is getting cool, but not quite there yet. so hopefully london will be cool so i can wear all of the tweed that is in my closet.
the london eye is beautiful in this picture. i am afraid of heights (yes im pushing 30 and still terrified), so i am not really sure if i will venture onto this. granted i wouldn't to miss a single amazing adventure, i can squeeze in while on this trip. so im still on the fence. 
yes. savile row. all well dressed men know that savile row is the epitome of class and excellence. to have an opportunity to even step foot in one of those shops is pure awesomeness. i hope i have time in the schedule to drop by. 

i will be spending a lot of time with some amazing blogger here from the us and well as from london. the design packed scheduled is intense and i am sure all of you are going to really enjoy all of the photos and the posts that are in the works. 
without these fine sponsors this amazing experience would NOT have been possible. you can click the above photo and get linked to all of their wonderful products. i will be sharing more about them in the days to come. 

the strangest thing happened...

over the weekend.

albeit i should have stayed my hind parts home, i went out thrifting anyway.
while headed to the register i realized everything created this amazing storyboard for the perfect space. honestly, it was the strangest thing.
normally when i go in to a second hand store i head straight for the men's clothing area, because i am always eager to pick up another great suit (whether i wear it or not). after not really seeing anything i wanted, i glanced over at the quilts and sheets and BAM!
this red plaid fabric was just hanging there. the main reason this spoke to me was it is my favorite color, red. bright red at that. when i opened it up it was honestly just a wide piece of fabric. i'm not sure if it was a blanket or what.  bought it.
then i ventured over to the "what not" area, or the "if you touch anything everything is going to fall" area, as i like to call it.

i saw one of these paddles and was like hmmm. if there is one, there must be two. so like an excavator in an indiana jones movie, i delicately peeled away frames, wooden apples, this and that to look for something else (i cant really say what, because then a few folks will start looking for them and then i wont have them anymore. not too worry, i'm sure its nothing any of you want. just a few locals)
and there was the other one. there were a few spots and blemishes on the other one, but hey that's what we call character.
as i went to the check out i saw this necklace. originally i thought it was a bike chain. nope. it was a necklace from jcrew. nope. i didnt need it, but i have a sister (mom doesn't really wear necklaces and thangs), so i bought it for her.

let me go back and talk about the shoes in the first picture. i honestly have never bought shoes from a thrift store before. im a very selective with my footwear and i dont like cheaply made shoes. however, lately i have been finding some really nice loafers. i am thinking they will be the perfect candidate for a makeover for the fall.

well that was my weekend. last week was really rough for me and i honestly went thrifting to clear my head. locating unique items honestly changes my mood.

hope your weekend was better than mine.

friday finds

its friday yall!

and that means another edition of #FridayFinds

i haven't been out much this week and when i did go out there were a few good pieces. i normally leave behind 90% of the stuff i feature on #FridayFinds, i just don't have it in my budget to buy, haul and make over everything.

enjoy these great finds!

these slipper chairs were only $14.99 each. although the fabric is awful, they would make an amazing transformation with some great fabric. 
i saw this dresser and mirror set for $45. although these pieces are all too common now, they are still great. separating the mirror and adding chalk with a gold frame is a trend that can easily be duplicated. 
this tray was just over a $1, so i bought it. the ornate handles were really great and i figured i could use use it in the bathroom to hold my stuff. ya know, deodorant, soap...yea. that's it. i tried to spray paint it gold, but that didn't go so well. so i am going to try to strip it and start over. lol.
at $20 i left this trunk in the store. meh. still thought it was cool tho.

this desk was the first piece i saw last week. i cant remember how much it was, but i thought it was great. kind of petite, but certainly worth the price they were asking. paint it? stain it?
this old file system, would be great to store all of my fabric samples. sigh. not having a truck really bites.

okay, that's all i have.

if you have anything you'd like to share, you can tweet it or share it on instagram using the hashtag #FridayFinds and i will be sure to share it with everyone.

take a wild guess...

i almost tripped over them...

happy labor day monday!

did you enjoy the weekend or are you still enjoying
me? well there are no real holidays when trying to build a business. seriously. anyway...
i have a question. is there anyone here who loves grasscloth wallpaper as much as i do?
grasscloth adds so much texture to a space. the truth is you don't really need a lot of it for it to have an amazing impact in a room. just a corner, a nook, or a single wall will really do the trick.
i don't think they have caught on yet, but i go into ralph lauren and try on clothes just because of the grasscloth wallpaper in the dressing rooms. its designed so effortlessly with stacked-crisp-white moldings. design crushing over here.
wallpaper is considered a natural wall covering so it is also eco-friendly. but let me be real with you guys for a moment. i would like it even if it was so much eco-friendly. don't judge. 
honestly, every since i started seeing the wallpaper i have always wanted some. i never took the plunge to buy any because i am renting right now. no need in spending a lot money for something that i cant use at the present. im on a budget remember? lol
if grasscloth is incorporated correctly it can really add a bout of elegance to a space.
 whether in a small or large space, powder room or
even in a kitchen, grasscloth is just the right element to add an extra layer of texture to a room.
so imagine my surprise when i almost tripped over 6 rolls of grasscloth wallpaper, yesterday while i was out and about. (insert church dance right here.) 
seriously. i am for sure i had come through this particular area already, i didn't see them. when i came back they were rolling around on the floor. i think a lot of people still have this idea that wallpaper is old foogy, so i am sure that's why it was still there and two because ive never mentioned this store on the blog. its my little secret. same place i found the drafting table. ummm hmmm.
i didn't get a chance to do a little research on the wallpaper company until i got home. let me tell ya, this was a great buy. i am always leery about giving out prices here on the blog, because i don't want to be the reason someone else goes into a store and its like 3 times the price, but anyway. each roll was less than $2!

yea i know. although this particular line is no longer being manufactured it would have probably gone for around $80-$100 a roll. eeek! worth the investment tho.

so what am i going to do with it? nothing. well not yet. i am saving it for my apartment or my house that ill hopefully come sooner rather than later.

so grasscloth...could you love it for $2 a roll?

*all photos can be sourced here*