thrifty transformations..

its safe to say, i love a good transformation. especially a thrifty one. so here are some favorite transformation i have come across lately to give you a few ideas the next time you are in a thrift store.

which is your favorite? 


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just a reminder

this week has been interesting, and not in a good way. yesterday a brief storm came through and when i went outside this was waiting for me.

...after the storm

friday finds...

whew its friday! im glad. this week was not a good one.

here is another installment of friday finds. if only i had a million clients, these pieces would immediately have a great home.
this mirror had soooo much potential. im sure you couldn't make it for cheaper than what they were selling it for. i think. cuz you know sometimes these thrift stores think they are upscale boutiques and price stuff out the waazzo. even if you removed the mirror and painted the inside with black chalk, it would still be an amazing piece. wonder who gave this an amazing home?
im sure by now most of you know i love a good pair of plaid pants. when i saw these i just had to get them. they dont fit properly yet, but they are on their way to meet the tailor. they remind me of THIS collection, but without the price tag and the gaudy runway presentation. 
i havent seen one of these in a looong time. they were all the rage a few years ago. this was about to hit 50% off, so at $40 it would have been a great purchase. THIS one is a great idea of how you can modernize it. THIS one was quite popular.

this lil desk was in awful condition. everything was falling apart and it was riggity. im sure in some of your areas it would have been $300! lol. joking (although its possible). the drawer pulls got my attention. they were fantastic. if you don't like the piece, but like the hardware, but it. take the hardware off. leave the piece in the store as a donation back to the store. number one it avoids you having to take something you don't want and you get to leave something that someone else perhaps wants.
 i knew for a fact, no one wanted this. of course, i did. this could easily be cleaned up and spray painted gold, black or any other statement color. honestly, it doesn't even have to work. it could just sit there, with its beautiful vintage self. 

if you dont visit thrift stores for amazing accessories then you are truly missing out. i walked in on a friday afternoon was able to score two of these. the associates said they had gotten in about five. i immediately thought of THIS high end look.
with the amount of traveling i do whether a few hours or many states away, a good durable bag is a must. so when i saw this military bag for only $9, i quickly grabbed it and threw it in my buggy (down south we say buggy, not cart). its massive and can fit so much in it. of course, my sister and my mother wanted it during my last visit home. nope.

so how did you fair this week on your treasure hunting? anything amazing like the ones above?

it's hard for the new guy

it is great to have so many of you drop by to visit and see what i am up to. i know a few of you would like to see a few more design projects, but the truth is i am not always knee deep in a bucket-o-paint.
 now i do have a few projects going like these chairs, that i blogged about HERE
 for the most part i am out getting amazing pieces for my online shop that i really enjoy. 
this will be my first year attempting to go into business for myself and its hard for the new guy. there are so many things i dont know. the behind the scenes adventures are not always as glamorous as tv appearances or even blog posts. 
many times i get it wrong. i make many mistakes and sometime i feel down right awful and question is this really the avenue for me.
am i the only one that does that? of course not. i know it takes years of practice before perfection kinda sets in. so i am trying out a whole bunch of different streams of income until i find the one that is right for me. 
so far i really like having an online shop. okay. i really like the styling part. the shipping and the customer service i could really let someone else handle that. its important to know your strengths people.
so here are just a few of my styling that i post for my ONLINE SHOP

if you are ever in the need of something special for that guy friend or for yourself, send me an email and i could quite possibly help you find it. 

oh yea, today i released new inventory. check them out HERE

the $40 wedding dress

we made it! oh dont give me that monday face. lol.
this weekend was all about family because it was my cousin's wedding. 
my mother was going to make her wedding dress, BUT when she found this $40 wedding dress at goodwill in my hometown, we all gave her the thumbs up. i mean, i dont know how much wedding dresses cost, but tlc makes me think they are the same price as a good down payment for a house. so for $40 and a dress she loved. it was a win win. hmmm...perhaps thrifting runs deeper in my blood than i thought. lol
i sung the closing song in the wedding. wait. dont get too excited. im not that great of a singing. well i am a southern churchy singer. yea. that kind. lol. anyway, this is what i wore.
a ralph lauren purple label green striped shirt, with a lauren by ralph lauren striped bow tie, a ralph lauren blazer and some white linen trousers i picked up in philly a few months ago

i am so glad i was able to wear these shoes. i bought them in new york last year and only wore them once. i just never had anything to wear them with.
my mother did make this pink polka dot dress for my sister. mom said it was a tad bit big on her. i am always in awe of the skills and the talent of my mom.
speaking of mom, here she is.
alright, this is my 8 year old niece. she happens to love every bit of camera time she can get. seriously.
i always stays with my parents when i come home. no exceptions. i took the girls (nieces) out for breakfast and we ran into grandaddy (its what we all call him now) at the huddle house. i was snapping photos and this one was the most precious one out of them all. seriously. i dont think he has seen this one yet. i am sure he will be showing everyone once he gets it. lol.
just like most amazing moments in life, these images were captured by my iPhone.

how was your weekend? what did you do?

friday finds...

happy friday everyone!

i hope you had an amazing week. i did.

i always come across amazing pieces of furniture while i am out sourcing amazing items for THIS.

i honestly wish i was able restyle all of the pieces i see, however, the market can be so unpredictable.

what i can do is share pictures with you of the amazingness.

now i did buy these two end tables. they were only $8 each! i havent bought furniture in a long time. i am at that place, where i have done enough, and i no longer need to take on extra projects that i am not either going to sell or use for clients homes. 

but these babies, were too good to pass up!
okay. i really should have bought these. they were only $12.12 each. i could have made they could have been amazing!
alas i didn't
now this was one of those pieces i am sure many of you would have been excited about. it was beautiful. i must say. for me i would have painted this bad boy all black and keep the original hardware. but i could see this as a shabby chic piece for a more feminine touch. it was huge. but at $39.99 it was a great buy. i hope someone snagged it?

did you come across any amazing finds this week? send me a few pictures in my email. id love to show it off.

thrifty tuesday: so i was out...

okay we got through monday.
the truth is, i havent bought anything for my apartment in about 8 months, but when i saw two of these for an unbelievable price. i went for it.

come back on friday for "friday finds" and we can talk about it. is that cool?

look who is on the evening news!!!

yes that is mr. goodwill hunting's alter ego...rashon carraway. lol. today i was selected to be part of a story about the dnc behind the scenes tweet-up that took place at time warner cable arena, in charlotte, nc (the site for the 2012 democratic national convention in september). the tweet-up is BIG history for charlotte, nc as we have not hosted a large political gathering since the 1800s. this is also big for the dnc, because it is the first behind the scenes tour via social media.

what many of you may not know is that i have a degree in political science and a double minor in mass communication and sociology.

i love politics. click on the image above to see what i had to say about social media and its influence.

$595 vs $1.49

good monday everyone. how was your weekend?

mine was amazing. its grateful just to be alive. ya know?
for the most part i know many of you like pretty table settings. me? i can or i cant. it doesn't matter to me. i will say that taking the extra effort to to set an amazing table does create a nice little atmosphere and your guests will appreciate the kind gesture.
if you have been following women's fashion blogs or PINTEREST boards you will certainly see that this PIN of the miu miu gingham ladies shoes was quite popular. they also retailed for $595. when they went on sale a lot of fashion forward ladies pulled out the plastic and indulged.

i get it.

gingham just does something to folks. whether on a pair of shoes, a shirt, a dress or even a pocket square...we love gingham.
when i came across this set of four gingham napkins for $1.49, i figured they were so inexpensive i might as well get them and create a tablescape around them. i mean it beats the $595 price of the ladies shoes right?
i am often asked where do i get inspiration from. as you can clearly see inspiration can come from anywhere everywhere. that is the beauty about life. there are so many amazing things to keep us inspired to create and live a full life.
creating a tablescape can be very expensive, however, it doesn't have to be. thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets are excellent sources for finding cheap items to create a bountiful table setting. normally you can find plates, glass ware and sometimes flatware for all under $1, perhaps around 25 cents if its a true bargain. 
the key to having a balanced tabletop is to mix high and low end pieces. often times people buy everything from a thrift store and looks thrifted. while each item on this tabletop were purchased second hand the elegance comes by way of te mix of finishes.

the brass monogram chargers were picked up in new york, the table cloth was purchased at a fabric outlet, the plates were thrifted and the forks were from target.

the inspiration behind this blog is to inspire you to get a high end look without spending a lot. now if you want the cheapy look...well.
when creating a table, a room or a outfit, i always have a starting point. something inspirational. something bold. in this case it was the gingham napkins. i didn't want anything to take away from the presence of the blue gingham so i use a fairly neutral base so the blue could pop. if possible i used a metal accent. here, it was gold.
if i set a table i like it to be practical as well as pleasing to the eye. the ties and the pears were items that i already had on hand in my home, so i decided to get a little creative with the centerpiece. while i didnt use fresh flowers as a center point they would have been excellent in this vintage wine chiller.

so ladies, if you didn't get a chance to spend $595 on yourself or fellas if you didn't get a chance to impress her with a pair of miu miu gingham heels, this $1.49 inspiration tablescape may save the day.

so tell me do you like gingham as much as a good chunk of the world does? lol

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