i love thrifting day is is one week. i am definitely excited. tee-shirts were mailed out yesterday and the remaining portion are being confirmed today. thanks so much for your patience.

if you ordered a shirt, but do not get a confirmation email by this afternoon please let me know.
all shirts are SOLD OUT.

as soon as yours come in the mail, snap a picture and send it to me!

my design tips are in this magazine (peek inside)

my grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins all subscribed to ebony magazine. so imagine how floored i was when they asked me to submit advice for summer decorating.

you can find my article on page 56 on the july 2012 summer issue.
so grateful for an opportunity to be quoted to give simple advice everyone can use.

...haven 2012...

i was asked to speak at haven 2012 on last year. i am so glad i accepted. it was an amazing blog conference. amazing i tell ya.
now i speak at a number of engagements on a weekly basis. however talking about the love of design with a twist of thrift is certainly new to me, but easy at the same time.
 i gave quite a few tips and even some secrets that i told that group not to share, with anyone. i believed they shared it with everyone they came in contact with. lol
i did my best to make it as entertaining and informative as possible. lol. tey did a lot of laughing at my corny jokes. lol.
this was the very first time i used my ipad for a presentation and it is so much easier than a laptop. the first day i didn't orient my pages correctly and the auto-lock kept popping up. however, by the second day i was ready for visuals.
 what an amazing group of women (and men...lol)

so i have absolutely no photos of my own. i brought my camera, but it remained in my suitcase the entire time (way ta go carraway). so i am using pictures from attendees and anyone else who doesn't mind me sharing.

did you attending my thrifting 101 session at haven 2012?
do you have a few photos of the thrifting 101 session? want to share them?

well go ahead!!!

photo sharing

twas bee-boppin'...

happy monday everyone.
the latter part of last weekend was filled with a whole lot of stuff. i presented two "thrifting 101" seminars at haven 2012 and also hosted a fashion show in philly.
while i was on the plane, "twas bee-booping" through pinterest and came across these amazing 4th of july crafts and tid bits.
since we are only about a week out from the weekend of the fourth and about a week and a half out from the 4th itself, let go ahead and get inspired...
i will be back later on to share a few images from my away trips...

hopefully i will be in a city near you very soon.

and for $3...i bought them

 i came across these marble book ends the other day. surprisingly they were only $2.99. i was shocked. i guess thrift store prices have been going up so much that when i actually come across a deal i have to remind my self its a good. thing. 
although one of the book ends is damaged, the fact that they are made of solid marble really stopped me in my tracks. i do not often buy tchotkes as i think they create clutter and over time can be a money waster. however, every now and then i do buy one piece. like this horse bookends.
 i will more than likely stash them away and bring them out when i finally buy a house. as i look that wont be anytime soon.
 i do think if you are trying to create vignettes in your space small inexpensive trendy items are great for that.

so have you found anything for $3?

do tell.



 well it's thursday. granted i thought yesterday was thursday.
 remember on last week when i said that i would be in new york hosting a pop-up shop for my birthday? well here are a few pictures from the photographer i hired. 

hosting a pop-up shop for the first time was so fun. a lot of work but exciting. it was great to meet a number of well-dressed gentlemen in brooklyn as well as so many supportive women. i made a few sales, which is good, but i made some excellent contacts through networking.
 believe it or not, i am not the best at networking. most of my friends have no clue that i actually have an online retail shop. i hate to brag and so often i confuse bragging with making my services known. i will get the hang of it soon.
one of the amazing things i love about vintage clothing, is that they can be so unique to the point that no one will ever have anything as authentic but me. i found this blazer while i was out one day and i probably hopped over the aisles to get it. i actually saw it right as i was walking in.
this photo is hilarious. it surely looks as if i am saying, "you expect me to believe that?" that left eyebrow does a thing of its own sometimes. lol seriously, tho, we were talking about her husband who dresses in corporate america attire, her eldest soon who is my complexion and dresses preppy and her youngest son who is more of a conservative. still a funny picture
 give me a mic and i will shut. it down. lol.
told ya.
in the world of menswear everyone has their own style. mine style has always been mixing vintage with modern pieces.
as you can see i only brought a few of my best pieces to new york. i will be visiting another city very soon. perhaps its yours.

while i was was way up there...

...i snapped this photo with my iPhone of the morning sun.
such beauty in the world we live in.

high-end style makeover

happy tuesday everyone! 
TWITTER  is a fast and very interactive platform and often times i get tweets from supporters who have attempted a diy or have come across an awesome find and want to share it with me.  

when metallicbox shared this simple and easy makeover with me i know i had to share it. the above picture, designed by susan kasler (who by the way was so polite to me when i saw her in charlotte), was his inspiration.
he found this side table and decided he wanted to give it a makeover.
and that is exactly what he did. with just a can of spray paint (i assume), he transformed an ordinary accordion style side table, into a high-end looking piece. 

transforming a piece doesn't always have to break the bank or your back. this one proves just that!

**dont forget to pick up your #ilovethrifting t-shirt in time for #ilovethrifting day (sidebar)**

here at your service

investing in your home is a cautious, yet wise investment. as with all things, beautiful spaces go through a process. should you desire to make a wise investment in your space, i'd love to hear from you. you can email me at, rashon@rashoncarraway.com and i will devise an intimate design plan for you.

all potential projects start with a 2 hour in-home consultation with a non-refundable fee of $300 per room. this consultation fee will be applied to your overall design plan should you desire to move further.

Happy Birthday to ME!

i celebrated my birthday on wednesday (june 6th) with a vintage pop-up shop in brooklyn hosted by ena renee. more pictures and details coming very soon. very soon.


i will be TWEETING and INSTAGRAMMING (word?) the entire experience.

be my guest..

a big thank you to ena renee, who reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if i would be willing to host a styling event in brooklyn during her 1st wednesdays meet and mingle event in brooklyn ny.

with a swank venue like the brooklyn terrace, i agreed. although i wasnt in new york we were able to work out a few things and its all set.

there will be complimentary wine tasting and photographs from 6-7pm.

i am excited that there will be a number of well-dressed men scheduled to attend and help make this event amazing. 

if you are attending and want to be my special guest please RSVP to mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com

hope to see as many of you as possible.

i love thrifting day

i love thrifting day is one day out of the year when thrifters all over the world celebrate the art of thrifting. it is a time to meet new friends, connect with old ones and share the love a a good find.
  #ilovethrifting (hashtag) day is july 7th, 2012. it takes place all over the world.
being an official host for #ilovethrifting day is exciting and will take a little planning on the part of the host.

a typical day for an #ilovethrifting day host goes a little like this.

9am : meet and greet and breakfast (a sponsoring location would be great)
10am: visit the first store
11:15: visit second store
noon: lunch
1pm: final store and sharing finds.

last year a number of thrift stores offered discounts to those wearing official #ilovethrifting t-shirts. many of them have agreed to do it again.

last year we had an awesome time and you can read our recap HERE.

shirts are still available for a LIMITED time so that they can be shipped out. go HERE to purchase in time for the big day. all official hosts, with groups of more than 50 people in official t-shirts will be sent a different t-shirt for the event.

i am also going to throw a party to the group that has the largest official count of thrifters (over 50 people). yup you heard right, i will be depending on the host to campaign for their group.

groups can be from your church, sorority and even your neighborhood.

i will give more information this week.

#ilovethrifting day!!!!!


 thank you to GBurkeImages for caputuring the evening for SGSC