im a cover boy...look inside!!

 i have been waiting for a while to blog about this major milestone in my life. if you remember from here i was named one of charlotte's 25 most stylish people by charlotte style magazine. then i was name one of the top 5 most stylish people in charlotte. which meant i would be on the cover!! this has been a great year of press for me and the brand.
check out my style profile in charlotte style magazine right HERE (its a lot less blurry).

sneak peek at client's master bedroom

i was contacted a few months to help couple spruce up their master bedroom. they already had a bedroom set and bed linens, but it was missing a few finishes touches.

so i popped in to help.

but this week we made it to the finish line and here are a few snapshoots i took with my iPhone.

i will be back later on with more well lit photos.

THRIFT TIP: dont you walk away from me...

there are a few moments times i have walked away from items contemplating whether i should buy them or not.

remember THIS? yea i walked away until i was scolded by a friend.

i actually left the store and came back at THESE. crazy i know.
lynda, walked away from these 4 chairs priced at $9.99.
of course she couldnt stop thinking about them and went back for them. i surely would have seeing that the above chairs from restoration hardware are priced at $99 each. that's a 90% savings.
now i am sure my friend dayka, did not walk away from this. its a very good vintage replica of the eames lounger. she knows how to spot an amazing piece.

when you are out thrifting, there are some finds you just cant walk away from because you know finding them again, at a great price is nearly impossible. if you cant stop thinking about it and you love it, buy it. your investment will pay off every time you walk by it in your home.

so tell me,

have you ever walked away from an amazing piece and then started have the woozy tummy feeling because you really needed wanted it?

its happening right NOW!!!!!

my joss and main curated sale is going on right now!
click HERE to see all of the amazing pieces!

you WON'T believe what i found...yesterday

yea. i almost passed out. 12 louis style chairs. just sitting there.

new fabric. new paint. remove the arms perhaps.

these chairs may be the start of my new furniture line OR they may be perfect for a private dinner party in june...


client's bedroom: BEFORE and AFTER

a real life bedroom is a process. unlike my television makeovers, i cant blink and make things happen overnight. so click HERE too see how it all started.
we started HERE. then we found ourselves HERE. and celebrated HERE. whew. after coming across THESE, the home stretch was in view.

and this is the finished product. a big difference from where we started and where it is now.

the bed is a special piece because it belonged to mom, wsoc anchor woman, erica bryant

special thanks to charlotte style magazine for featuring my client's bedroom in their upcoming issue, HERE.  my amazing friend ariene bethea did an amazing job with the story.

if you need help with a bedroom makeover, please visit the hire me tab for additional information.

photo credits: glen burke photography 

JOIN me on the JOSS!

many of you have asked about items in my home and where you can find them. well, i have teamed up with joss and main to offer a bit of black and white sophistication for your home and many of the items are very close to what is in my home.
there is nothing like a little black and white to make your home spiffy. you can ONLY shop this sale by being a FREE MEMBER of joss and main.

click HERE for your personal invitation to join me on the joss!

i have a question...

today is earth day.
do you believe thrifting has a significant positive impact on our planet earth?

the southern gentlemen's spring brunch

good monday everyone! this weekend i hosted the intimate and by-invitation-only gathering, of the southern gentlemen's spring brunch at the ritz carlton, charlotte. this hand selected group of well dressed men will combine their resources to help impact our communities with southern standards.
(iPhone image)

(iPhone image)
there is something to be said about the nature of the southern gentlemen. he is by far one of the most recognizable staples of the southern community. this is just the beginning of the resurgence of the southern gentlemen.

if you would like to receive additional information on our efforts or interested in becoming a member of our council, please email

pictured from left to right: colemen, turner, grier, murphy, carraway, joyner, smith, hearns, spivey, griffin

do you need help making your space a home that reflects you? this --->

 "out of sight, out of mind."

when you can't see what you own, you are less likely to know that you have it. so here is something that i do. i roll my ties and place them neatly in a tray. this allows them to easily visible so that i can quickly see what i have without plundering through a tangled mess.

large trays are very inexpensive and can been found at thrift stores, pottery barn, target even wal-mart. this storage solution is great for renters as well as home owners.

organization is sexy.

greek key chair

if you are a fan on facebook, then you are probably privy to the fact that i scored this amazing greek key chair last night
i was coming home from a failed client installation. i was pretty bummed as my client was not happy at all. there was really nothing i could do, but i decided to hit the local thrift stores. on my last stop i came upon this amazing greek key chair. i was going to leave it in the store because i didnt need it. a friend texted me and said BUY IT! she knew how quickly i leave great things behind.
after such a positive response on FACEBOOK, i took to the intrawebs to do a little research. this is what i found. a very similar (perhaps same manufacturer), pair of chairs on first dibs. first dibs is not cheap by any all. there have been quite a few avid thrifters that have come across some amazing finds and were able to match them against first dibs. almost a right of passage.

i am not sure who the manufacturer is as the tags have been removed, but but but, i am convinced its a reputable company, perhaps baker or century if i had to guess.

UPDATE: a reader found this LINK that gives a good price point.

from the weekend: an hour away

many of you celebrated easter this past weekend and i hope you had a wonderful time doing that. i went to our church's annual youth conference and it was held in myrtle beach. the weather was not favorable when a number of us arrived on thursday. it was raining and cold.
however, saturday morning, the heavens opened up and the sun came out and it was beautiful. so i took advantage of the weather and walked to the beach. it was just 3 blocks from out hosts hotel.
 myrtle beach is only an hour away from my hometown and i have never really taken the time to go. my sister and her friends would go quite often.
i'm not really a water kind of guy because i cant swim. i must say i enjoyed the hour walk along the coast line watching the children run away from the waves, then running back after it.
 the hour walk along the shore line was so peaceful. i didnt build a sandcastle, but i did see a few in the making. 

i arrived early that morning so i was able to see most of the lifeguards and the beach police prepare for the day.
  the day before i scooted down to the water, my brother, mom and myself had lunch at this amazing restaurant. i cant remember the name, but it was located at broadway at the beach.
i ordered this loaded baked potato with some broccoli cheddar soup. it was so delicious. yea thats quite a bit of butter. paula deen would be happy. i just know it.

my brother, who is 22 today, snapped this random photo mine while i was in the lobby. i have been wanting to wear my green trousers for quite some time and i was finally able to do that friday morning.

i paired it with a very old, yet iconic ralph lauren blazer a striped french cuff shirt from tj maxx and a navy blue polka dot bowtie, my mother made.

of course i did some thrifting at the was your weekend?