what would you do with this $10 chair?

i was out the other day just bumping around a few thrift stores and i came across these chairs. they were only $10 each. if only a had a client for these awesomeness i would have bought them.

with the cushions being in excellent condition i would certainly try to find someone who liked the cushions and that would save money from having them recovered, which can be expensive if you want a nice clean professional look with the piping. i would paint the chairs white and install them into a nice breakfast nook or use them for a special spring brunch.

now these chairs are NOT my style. i couldnt live with them in my space.

but tell me something. what would you do with these $10 chairs?

limited easter special

easter is right over a week away and if you are like my family, it is a season where we spend sunday afternoon gathered around, eating, laughing and enjoying the babies...my sisters kids.

i know a few of you would like a few pointers on how to pull your space together for family and friends and perhaps some tips on tablescaping.
for a limited time i am offering video design services for $100...$50 off. you can buy now and use it whenever you want. i am only scheduling 5 during this sale.

you can click the left side bar to set your appointment. questions? send me an email. mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com

the green team...

tonight i am the guest speaker for a sorority's program on adding design to your space with a limited college budget. i definitely know what that is like.

 i dont normally plan out what i am going to wear to an event, but i have a few pieces in my closet i want to wear before the season changes. one of those items is a pair of vintage green trousers that i have had for almost 3 years and have only worn twice.
the pant you see in this image really shows how you can instantly create a preppy look with just a few pieces. if you are a fan of this look, you can actually buy this entire look from my online store. a pair of green trousers are listed HERE and HERE. i also have an awesome stock of amazing double breasted navy blazers that you can purchase as well. if you dont see your size send me an email with your size request (found on the site).
 not to be one sided, so how awesome is this green changing in this little one's room. it adds just the right amount of color to make what is a basic room, more of a statement room.
this transformation done by natty of natty by designs uses such a rich and vibrant green color. natalie's professional touch really makes you want to go out and find something amazing and paint it a green.
 just recently i came across this green oscar de la renta dress, worn by marlo hampton who is a cast member of the real house wives of atlanta reality tv show. i dont watch the show so i really do know much about it, but i think this dress is a great addition to today's green team.

so are you part of the green team this spring?
is it in your house?
your closet?

vintage bowties added to the shop


 i just added some pretty awesome vintage bowties to the shop. click on the photo to see more. 

she told me it wasn't cupcakes...

when prissy from rush our fashion told me she wanted to send me something, i asked her if she was sending me cupcakes. she said no. humph. instead she sent me these amazing plaid pants. there were a bit too big, so i took them to my tailor and had them altered.
when i found this amazing wine colored corduroy blazer, i knew immediately i would pair the two together. (HERE is a similar blazer). i wore this fit to an event at my local neiman marcus event last night. the jacket was the most complimented item of the night. it was a really nice find.
my bag was literally a steal from a thrift store as well. this lady told me it was a pocket book and that i should give it to her. my shoes are vintage and i bought them off ebay a few years ago.

many of you have asked about the watch i am wearing. it is by fossil and i think i got it as a gift some years ago. maybe i bought it. not sure. i have a lot of watches and i have to consciously remember to wear them. i often forget.

so no cupcakes, but its good to have blog friends who know your style and are willing to send you items just because. prissy...thanks soooo much.

now what else can i wear these pants with...lol

just a few more hours to register for the Thrifting 101 Seminar...HERE!

i wanna show u some stuff...come in here

its good to see you. its been a few days, but i have a few things i want to share with you guys.

a few weeks ago i was the red carpet correspondent for the mode || noir fashion show during ciaa weekend here in charlotte. my good friend and talented photographer graham burke, snapped these photos of me and I wanted to share them with you.
this is me and the set designer dequita white
two of my assistants for the evening kelly and jor el
denise cloud with cloud 9 designs
her shoes are amazing. just look at them. if you want more information on her work email cloud9designs2012@gmail.com. tell her rashon sent you and you may get a lil summin summin.
a big thank you to le rapport magazine for featuring me again in their magazine in their 100 african americans in the architecture and design. always honored to be recognized.
i am so honored to have been named one of charlotte's 25 most stylish people for 2012. its a great honor and i am so excited to take part in the celebration. if you are in the area and would like to attend or if you want to attend to show your support click on the image to purchase tickets. this event will help sponsor the ronald mcdonald house of charlotte. if you make it please make sure to say hello.

the WINNER of the giveaway is
who is mariama bramble, please contact me so that i can award you your prize.

thanks so much to everyone who participated. also just under a day left to REGISTER for the webinar. just a few seats left.

a patio makeover...

i worked on a small patio makeover and my guest client sent me these photos after it was put together.
dont forget that you can still REGISTER for the Thrifting 101 Webinar...HERE

**these photos are not the property of mr.goodwill hunting the blog. please request permission before reusing in any form. failure to do so is an infringement upon personal property rights**

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advertising is a great way to get your business noticed. i am proud to say that the blog, Mr. Goodwill Hunting attracts a wide range of individuals. whether you are selling bowties, crockpot recipes or even one of a kind house hold items, Mr. Goodwill Hunting is the place for you.

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these last few days have been something else. i am just now getting over food poisoning. i think. whatever it was it had me hemmed up for a few. but today is amazing because it time for a

 this milestone in my blog history is truly amazing. one million views is a lot. so to celebrate, my friend typhanie from shoebox decor asked me if i wanted to giveaway two yards of her exclusive fabric.

ummm yes.
so here is how the giveaway will go down.

  •  you must be a google follower of this blog. if you are not, you can do so on the left side bar.
  • there is a maximum of ONE entry per person. 
  • visit typhanie website HERE and select which fabric you would like. comeback and tell me what you would do with the 2 yards of fabric.  
ummm thats it.

giveaway is open until tuesday march 20, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. winner will be announced on the blog not many days hence from the closing of the giveaway.

i seem to always get asked...

"are you from nigeria?" 

just because i am dark skinned doesnt automatically mean i am from nigeria.

mind you. i LOVE being dark skinned.

when i started making multiple appearances on the nate berkus show, my inbox was flooded with emails saying. "YOUR STYLE IS SO OZWALD BOATENG!!" yea..in all caps.
i think its because both ozwald boateng and i are dark skinned and slender with a bold fashion style. those emails seemed be undergirded by a certain stereotype that im sure no one wants to talk about. however, to be mentioned in the same email as mr. boateng is mind blowing.

when i found this, i was hesitant about wearing it, but when i saw ozwald boateng wearing it, my confidence went up a little bit. now i am not afraid of color, but i am conscious not to walk out looking like a clown (that's subjective..some may differ).  in any light, i think men have just as much right to explore the fun side of color with their clothing as women.
when i blogged about this look and eventually pinned it here, some of the women had a field day with it. everyone has a personal opinion about what they like on the opposite sex. me personally, i dont like wedged shoes...at all. i dont. that doesnt stop women from buying them, its just a personal opinion...right?
i pinned this image sometime ago on my personal style board. i really like the pants. they were fun and expressive and very much vibrant. as i continued my search i finally landed to the designer's website, orange culture based in nigeria.

i am all over these statement pieces. seriously i already have blue pants and an orange blazer that i picked up some time ago and just waiting for spring to officially hit.
since i uploaded these to my personal facebook page i have gotten so many emails and texts about where can they get them from. unfortunately they are not available in the states. sad.
there is definitely a beachy type going on here with orange culture. trina turk and lilly pulitzer are probably the closest brands in the states that have statement britches for men.


everyone will not like these. some may say, "oh thats too much. my man would never be caught..." 

blah blah blah. 

life is too short to spend 90% of your time worrying about what people will think.

i say open up a can of boldness this spring and summer and add some color to your wardrobe. 

do you like this?

i dont buy everything i see in a thrift or vintage store. some of the deal are so spectacular, but without room or additional funds for a redo, i simply leave them behind.

before i walk away i always try to snap an iPhone picture to share with you guys. facebook has already seen it, but i wanted to share it with you guys as well.
i think with a good cleaning this $25 wingback by ethan allen is worth it.

i like the stripes. some floral or graphic pillows.

any takers?

WEEKEND MOVING SALE (spring cleaning)

i hope you guys are having an amazing weekend so far.

well time springs forward this weekend which means its time to start spring cleaning. i have seem to have accumulated a number of items in my home that i have used in a while. so its time to move these things out.
first up is my ralph lauren ludlow pendant in gold.
i was so very excited to fin this lighting fixture in homegoods, but i never used it. i paid $162 for it tax included. you can own it for your best offer. just email me. you can learn more about it here.
remember this sofa? i love it! had it re-done, but its time for a new look. i spent $20 for it and $500 to have it redone. you can have it, just make me a decent offer.

the coffee table you see in the image is also for sale. going for something a little lighter. i paid $175 for it, but with a great offer it can be yours. its heavy like 3 man moving heavy. LOL.

i may be letting other things go as well (mirrors, lamps etc) just email me at mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com and we can set up an arrangement.


here is today's entry for GUESS THAT PRICE.
 its a four piece bedroom set to include the dresser, mirror, headboad and side chest.

there is a nice lil prize for the winner who guesses the right price...first...on either facebook, twitter or here on the blog.



JOIN ME ---> Thrifting 101 WEBINAR

click on the image to go to the registration page

well i did it...

i sold my bed. need the background story click HERE.
the bed was amazing, but it was really too big for my space. plus i wanted to try out an easy diy for a bed, i sold it to a lady on craigslist. she really tried her best to out negotiate me. not a chance. sometimes you have to stand firm and be willing to say, "well i am sooo sorry you drove all this way. thanks anyway."

now i didnt get the exact price i wanted, but i accepted something pretty decent.

so what now? do i sleep on the floor?

now i start brain storming a quick fix for the bedroom. if you have been following me for a while you will know i picked these up. you can read more about them HERE.
as you can see these wall sconces don't have a shade, but i recently found some at a great price and will be taking you on that journey very soon. these wall sconces are great because they dont have to be hardwired in to the wall.
black spray paint will obviously be the trick here. i am kind of pumped about the whole thing. i need a good project to keep me going. 

what do you think? what's going on in your bedroom?

i want to welcome my lastest supporter for the blog. hopewell creek imaginative felt toys. she has such an amazing talent and has been featured in so many places. please hope over to her etsy site and take a look around.