you know thrifting is good for everyone, so if you register today through friday you get to bring a friend along...for FREE!

i will also be adding INTRO to painting furniture as a BONUS second hour to the seminar for those who can attend.

so click HERE to register!!

looking for an INTERN

these past few weeks have been really trying for a brother. trying to juggle a few clients, updating the shop, returning emails and then trying to have a tiny social life can definitely wear one down.

so the time has come to enlist the help of an intern.

this person will be HIGHLY organized.
NO design skills necessary.
must have adequate and reliable transportation.
should be located in the rock hill or charlotte area.

these are the basic requirements and more details information will be given as needed.

submit all resumes to in the subject line write INTERN.

new items added to the shop

i hope everyone had an amazing week and is prepping for an awesome weekend. the weather was absolutely amazing on this week, but today its a bit dreary. thats okay at least the weekend is upon us. here are a few additional items i have added for your weekend shopping.
vintage denim blazer and vest. its marked a size 40. brown top stitching and single vented. ($59.99) shirt may be for sale as well.
3 piece pale navy blue suit. size 40. ($69.99)
 vintage members only blazer with belted rear. size 40 ($39.99)
all are listed on the side bar.

enjoy your weekend!

march madness: advertising is back

what you get:
  • sponsored post on the blog. this post could be in conjunction with a project so as to get you maximum placement
  • active links within the blog post so that supporters can view product. 
  • exposure to all Mr. Goodwill Hunting social media platforms to include, pinterest, facebook and twitter which estimates nearly 140K followers combined.
  • prominent ad space on left side bar
who can advertise:
  • any business or blog that seeks exposure to the active readers of Mr. Goodwill Hunting
what can be advertised:
  • general goods and services that are germane to this blog to include furnishing, crafts and clothing. 
  • while porn and or the adult entertain industry is thriving such will not be permitted on this blog. 
march advertisement is $50. this is an introductory rate. please email to inquire and to get started. 

for sale: vintage bowties

i have several hundred ties and bowties and of those i probably only wear a few of them. so in an effort to get a grip on my wardrobe i am letting go of these three bowties.

there are all on the side bar if you want to purchase.

hello my name is...and you are?

its the weekend. so glad for it.

a few of you have been with me since my very first post. since that post a lot has changed. a lot. i wanted to take a moment to let some of my new friends know who i am and perhaps get to know some of you as well.

my name is rashon  (ruh-shun). my family calls me 'shon and my auntie calls me shonnie. which is a combination of my first name ronnie and my middle name rashon. i have a 3 year old silky terrier who is my best friend. i currently live in rock hill, sc. i have been here since i started college in 2002. while the city is nice i am ready for something that sharpens my skills and social prowess. 

 i am blessed to have both parent who have been married for almost 3o years. i have a sister, a brothe,r two nieces and a nephew. i love all of them dearly and they know it.

i had the worst and the best childhood. i dont like sad sob stories, just know from birth GOD  had his hands on me and his grace has kept me.

i have been singing since i could remember and started directing the choir at a very early age. i do wish i had stayed more into the music scene, but im grateful for where i am.

so this blog is really a combination for my love of thrift store shopping and fashion. if you read many of the previous posts you will see quite a few posts about my wardrobe. how i got into interior design is not really a long story, but a story none-the-less.

lori (she is sooo beautiful!!) sent me an email one february day saying she liked my bedroom and would i be interested in appearing on stage in new york to talk to nate berkus about it. you can check out that video here.

from that first visit, nate really pushed me into exploring the world of interior design. i had never really done it before, but he challenged me in such a way that i am so thankful he did. so with my love of shopping at thrift stores i started channeling my attention to furniture pieces as a means of inspiring all of you to thrift and score a deal as well as save some money.

since that time i have made several tv appearances, spoken about my blog for several groups and have been enjoying the ride.

i am able to do all of this free and clear because my job downsized in 2010 and decided they no longer needed me.

dont let me fool you into thinking i am wealthy by any means. no. since i am by myself i don't have the luxury of a second income that comes along with a spouse. nope. its just me, a laptop and a few fabric swatches. although there are stressful days i never talk about, i am so blessed to be able to inspire so many with my talent.

i am not the biggest, but i try to do my best.

well that is a little about me. id like to know about you. tell me your name. where you are from and few snippets about your life. no need to plug your blog in the comments. there will be an opportunity for that very soon. i just want to know a little bit about you.


thrifting for spring: style

one of my favorite brands is brooks brothers. one of my "i cant afford this so i will just be inspired" brands is the brooks brothers black fleece collection by thom browne.

pretty much all of what i see here in the bbbf spring 2012 collection are pieces i have seen in vintage shops and sometimes second hand stores. seeing it on the runway proves that style and fashion comes and goes. (by the by, i do have green pants already. lol.)

so guys and gals use some of your favorite brands and then hop into your local second hand shop to find a few pieces at a fraction of the cost.

join me @ these events

i have been engaging audiences from several hundreds to tens of thousands over the past few years and its great to be able to share my current passion with so many.

here is a recent email from one of my engagements.

Hi Ronnie.  
Hope all is well with you tonight.  This e-mail is from Jessica...from York County Head Start.  I saw you last Friday at the Post Office and you were looking "DEBONAIR" as usual in your red sweater with a yellow shirt beneath.  I didn't get the chance to speak to you then because I was passing by in my car.

I am e-mailing you to inform you that on January 25 myself & my co-worker attended our monthly caseworker meeting in rock hill along with other caseworkers from York County Head Starts...My co-worker & I gave you your "PROPTS" of doing "YOUR THANG" at our Parent Meeting.

With this being said, everyone was AMAZED...IN AWE... that we had such a "FINE CELEBRITY" to speak at our Parent Meeting. I showed them pictures of you and your work that i printed from the internet. 

Now others want you to come to their Head Start Centers as there guest speaker.  Let me know if you are interested & available during the months of March & April.  The caseworker at North Chester Head Start (in Chester) would like to have you next month.

Hit me back if you want me to give you more contact info. or if it's ok to pass your website and e-mail on to others.

Thank you,
each photo links to the information for each page. 
i hope you will join me.
if you would like to book me in your city for an event send a request to
if you are in the rock hill-charlotte area you can join me for the "thrifting 101: getting back to the basics" on march 24th.

the before: client's small bedroom

so we are in the home stretch. i was for sure i would have photos of the completed bedroom, but alas i don't. we had to make some final changes in the end, but this week i am determine to make it all finished.
since many of you haven't seen the bedroom, i thought it would be great to walk you through the bedroom before the big reveal. as you can see the bedroom is quite small. the little one just turned 10 and mom wanted to give her a big girl space. the bed you see is a twin and it was time to step it up.

to step it up, mom wanted me to use her childhood bed and revamp it so that her daughter could now use it. awwww. 
when i walked into the room mom said, "did you see my attempt at decorating?"
i said, "where?"
she said, "the letters on the wall!"
i looked at her and couldn't but laugh. they were great. lol.
as you can see the right side of the room has a huge window. it is the only natural light source in the room, besides what comes by way of the hallway. the room is a square, but not a perfect square. it is a bit longer than it is wide. i had to juggle the space plan about 4 times before i was satisfied with how to maximize the space.
with the new bed being a full, i decided to put the bed on the window wall. which meant i removed the dresser you see. removing this dresser meant that i would need to bring back storage in another part of the room. which caused this and eventually led to this
now we are on the other side of the room. you see that weeee desk. here is a rule of thumb when designing a child's space. many of them will on be pint sized for just a few years. invest in standard sized furniture as an investment that will last them for a number of years. 

i took the mirror down from this area and added another desk. a bigger desk.
welp that is the room. kinda small and with a small budget we made some BIG changes.
i originally sourced these lamps from a somewhat pricey vintage store. i opted NOT to use them so they are for sale. $50 each not including shipping. 
if you interested in purchasing them please email me at and i can get you fixed right up. also the twin bed and dresser in this space also for sale. send me an email if you perhaps want to make an offer to my client. 

don't miss the "thrifting 101: discovering the basics seminar with me register here!

bedroom photo credits: graham burke photography

so...what do you think?

i hope each of your are having an amazing weekend. i shared this photo on facebook, but you know i couldn't leave out my blog family. these bedside tables are

click here to see what they look liked before. a BIG difference.

so...what do yo think?

dont forget to click here to register for the "thrifting 101" seminar...its going to be great

making progress...

if you can tell the blog is a bit different. i was tweeking yesterday and kind of deleted the whole template. so perhaps over the weekend i can get it back to how it should be.

so in other news, today i am finally installing the 10 year old's room.
if you remember in this post,  i scored an amazing piece that allowed me to get sort of a two for one deal. which is great because beside tables can be one of the hardest things to source when you are comparing price as well as size. as you can tell from the above image, i asked the contractor to build a base for each piece identical to the base they both sat on when placed together.

we kept the base so that the piece can be re-used in its intentional design later on down the road.
since there is a lot of white in this space i need another neutral to ease the eye a bit, so i choose to paint the dressers gray. although you cannot really tell from this image the color is a bit darker.

we are going to reuse the hardware that is currently on it, but update it by spraying it gold which will match the hardware on the desk.
as you can see these dressers are pretty substantial, which i love.

i will share more photos with you very soon.

a few vintage items for ya...

many of you can probably imagine that i come across quite a few unique finds in my vintage shopping. most times i leave them. however, i started picking up a few after getting several emails from supporters wanting to know if i can start offering some of the goods on my website site. well that may come soon but here are a few items i have that i have never gotten around to using. 
 nothing really shows better than a decorative vintage piece of glass and this amber colored vase is really showing it. i saw this some time ago and picked it up and was contemplating using it on a tablescape, but then i get a bit lazy. however, i still think it is magnificent.
what a pop of cherry this will add to you home! i came across this vintage yellow ice bucket some time ago 
while i was traveling. i just knew i had to get it, although it was a bit more than i wanted to spend. after    buying it i never used it because i had three of these. adding retro to your home has never been easier!
now i dont drink tea or coffee, but that doesnt mean i cant have a nice black teapot. people use to always say, "that's that pot calling the kettle black." well...ive got a teapot now.
not sure if i am going to keep this or not, but it is an amazing oscar de la renta garment bag. i have a lot of suits so that may come in handy when i am traveling.

thrifting 101: the seminar

i am very excited to start the spring season off with an opportunity to share the very basics of thrifting.

on saturday march 24, 2012 for one solid hour, i will be sharing the very basic building blocks of how to thrift for your home and your wardrobe. this POWER HOUR will give you tips and secrets to maximize your dollars in the thrift store. i will also reiterate a number of points i have been discussing for quite some time.

registration fee for this seminar will be $25. the location is yet to be determine, but it will be in rock hill, sc.

dont miss this AMAZING intimate session on how to thrift like a pro.

4th grade spelling bee champion - the second hand man

i think style is personal. while i dont like all thrifted styles , i always have an appreciation for individuals that do it well. such is the case with zachary gray. he is a fellow tweeter and thrift store shopper. this is my conversation with him.
MRGWH: a young man you are, just 20, so when did you start thrifting?

TSHM: it all started in high school when i got my first car and i would stop at thrift sroes on the way home. i was into vintage jackets and throwback basketball jerseys at the time. i realized things were so cheap and that i could spend some of my gas money to buy things i knew no one else would have.
MRGWH: so you have been doing this for a while. i would say you are seasoned for the most part. so tell me, what is the difference between new thrifters and seasoned thrifters?

TSHM: passion. i think passion is what sets them apart. that's what makes us good at what we do.
MRGWH: since i have been exposed to a larger audience to share my love for second-hand shopping, i have definitely seen an increase in thrifters as well as thrift stores. even so much that some are doing the wal-mart effect. moving from old locations and building new structures. have you seen an increase in thrift stores in your area?

TSHM: this past year i've seen more and more thrift stores being built around kansas city. times are getting harder these days and people are looking for ways to save money. thrift stores should be resources for the community. (so yes) i think there is a surge and its a great thing.

MRGWH: your style is a bit different from mine. however, i think we use the same principals when shopping.
TSHM: i'm mostly inspired by the 60s-80s. i do appreciate high fashion, like margiela and rick owens, but realistically that's stuff i can't afford right now and couldn't pull off. im not a big fan of black clothing. i dont want to wear a kilt. i don't want to dress like a ninja. i'm not the only one who doesn't want to follow trends. so of course i like to get creative. vintage will always be my forte'. give me some dr. martens and a leather jacket and i'm good.

MRGWH: hold up. no black? really? you sure?
TSHM: yeah until last month i hadn't really bought anything black. so i'm slowly incorporating more into my wardrobe. i just associate black with funerals and weddings. maybe it's just me.

MRGWH: ahh i see. black is a standard for me. i love exploring colors, but black grounds everything.

TSHM: black suits you well (no pun intended). maybe i can get to your level eventually. me? i love white sneakers and bleached denim.
MRGWH: bleached denim eh? i only have 3 pairs of jeans and my newest pair is a lucky brand. wasn't sure why it wouldn't stay on my waist then i finally read where it was low rise. epic fail on my part. i can't justify spending a lot on jeans.

so i know you don't thrift 24/7, so what is it that you do?

TSHM: haha, i go to class and have track practice every day, so my schedule is pretty busy. by the end of the week i am pretty worn out so i just like to relax on the weekends. i'm a night owl, so i get most of my work done at night and find time to blog and get on ebay here and there. i don't drink, but i do have my fun! haha

MRGWH: yea man your blog is very inspirational. i really enjoy reading it. i did read where you can actually sew? that is a skill some believe i have and my mother who has been sewing for well over 35 years believes i should acquire. eh i'm lazy.

TSHM: i picked up a machine over the summer and have been teaching myself since then. i'm no pro, but i hold my own. i mostly alter things i find that are a little too big and i've hemmed and tapered my own pants. i'd like to get into tailoring one day.

MRGWH: you most certainly have acquired the proper skills for accentuating buying clothes second hand. which i can  certainly see as a great business move for you.

TSHM: the goal is to continue to grow and develop TSHM into a brand. i plan on working on some reconstructed pieces for TSHM, but that's all i'm gonna say about that. you can follow the blog to stay updated. it should be a big summer.

MRGWH: that i shall do.

if you enjoyed this interview with zachary gray, you can follow him on twitter, be a facebook fan of his and or read more about him and his awesome talent on his blog. all photos are courtesy of the second hand man.

if you would like to be considered for an interview, please email me.

so this is where i was...

when i said hey' yall...

i was in savannah georgia. which is famous for the forrest gump sitting on a bench scene.

this always means i am about to reveal the courtyard makeover i did for a lucky reader and support of the blog on the nate berkus show.

excited? you bet.
i will be tweeting and facebooking live so be sure to join me, to see what finds i come across while in new york.

blogging about vintage hardware with hgtv

my latest article with hgtv design happens blog is live. its all about vintage hardware. click the above image to chime in and every share some of your hardware.

my new reading glasses from glassesusa

im sure many of you may have seen me here wearing glasses or perhaps here with specs on. the truth is, i wear glasses because i really need them and not so much for style. asked me to do an review on their services and glasses. since i already have a primary pair of specs, these are perfect for reading my favorite magazines or my favorite scriptures that keep me lifted from day to day.
here is what glasses usa offers to buy glasses and even your prescription glasses
  • 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A generous refer-a-friend program (You can get $30 for each first purchase a referred friend makes - and use the $30 towards your next pair of glasses)
  • A Facebook page and Twitter feed with exclusive discounts for fans
  • A fun virtual mirror that allows you to "try on" your glasses before you buy them. You can even send the pictures to your friend! 
they are also offering a few specials for you guys.

  • Take 20% off your entire order of $80 or more and get FREE US shipping with the code: FS20
  • Take 10% off any order. Code: Blog10
the sad truth is i am very irresponsible with eyeglasses. i can probably go through 3 or more pairs a year. im doing much better now that i have some great ones to use.


what an amazing and exiting ride this has been. we are almost at the 1 million views mark here on the blog. when we reach that point i want to really celebrate and perhaps give you an opportunity to do the same. 

i think i should host the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY ever! i will throw some things in the pot, but perhaps you or your business would like to help sponsor the giveaway by adding to the pot as well. maybe you have an amazing product, gift certificate or some cupcakes. i am listening. 

if you are excited definitely leave me a comment expressing your love and for those wanting to sponsor email me at

whew 1 million...thats exciting!

another "happified" client...

well before i started blogging i have been thrifting and uncovering treasures. a few weeks ago, i remembered that i had stored away 3 authentic eero-saarinen knoll tulip chairs in my storage closet (i had a total of 7). most design enthusiast would crucify me for having done that. lol.
however, i manage to sell one of these to a twitter follower who lived close enough to do a pick-up. she tweeted me a picture and it looks great in her office space. i am so glad she was able to get it at a great price. the saarinen armless tulip chairs retail on the design within reach website for a few thousands. so she really got a great deal.
 i have finally touched up the other two chairs and have placed them on ebay. i have also decided to offer a shipping option. there were quite a few buyers who lived in california, but because i didn't offer shipping they were unable to purchase.

if you are interested in them or just want to see how they do at auction here is the listing.

another happified client. (nah happified isnt a real word. i kinda made it up. lol)

i really wanted these...but...

there are some things i thrift and there are other items i will plunk down the money for. if i see a great pair of shoes or pair of trousers i really want, i will almost undoubtedly and recklessly buy them..regardless of cost. enter these pants.
just like most fashionable gents and ladies, i stalk ebay. while stalking i found these spendy brooks brothers black fleece wool houndstooth trousers, by thom browne. i immediately emailed the seller to get more information. rent must have been due because he lowered the price $50 within two emails.

before i clicked buy now, i sent the image to a friend to get his opinion. he loved them of course, but said, "im sure you can thrift something like that, they have a vintage quality."

touche' touche'
i was having doubts that i would be able to find something like this. i mean you cant always tell what a thrift store would have. since i am a reasonable guy. i decided not to buy them.the size was a BB1 and that translate to skimpy in the butt and leg area. i dont like the skimpy jeans...i meant skinny jeans fad. i hope it goes away quick so retailers can focus on classic styling.
 i was visiting my parents and baby sitting the cutest niece in the whole world. mom and i decided to visit a few local shops and i saw this suit. my mouth bout hit the floor. i was for sure i would be high stepping and would have an amazing tale to tell about how i found a thom browneish vintage suit.

oh no.
not this time. this suit was too small. men were quite petite in those days if i must say. i still bought it because i knew several people visit my blog for unique vintage men apparel. so its on the sidebar if you would like to purchase it.
just the other day i was in another city meeting a potential client and decided to visit the local thrift stores while i was in town. and i saw know exactly what i am thinking. score one for the team. surprisingly they are too big, but a quick trip to the tailors for surgery and they will be one great pair of trousers.

i am so glad i waited. i now have a great pair of pants and i and saved a whole bunch of money by switching to gieco. lol.

have you ever seen something you really wanted to buy, but waited and was able to save money and feel like you just hit the lotto? well maybe not the