my first thrift haul VIDEO on youtube!!!

when i asked my fans on facebook if they would watch me do a thrift haul  video, there was an overwhelming yes. so this is my first video. there are a few rough spots, a few awkward moments, but i really enjoyed putting this together.

please subscribe to my channel. i will try to add more videos depending on the feedback.

make sure you watch it to the very end. lol.

new shop items

i want to say thanks to all of  the ladies who purchase amazing items for the men in their lives and thank you to all of the men who keep it fresh, by picking up a few vintage pieces from the shop.
 amazing three piece wool suit. size 40
 this is an amazing vintage navy double breasted blazer. it has a 2 button closure out of six button, single vented with peaked lapels. its noted as a size 38L (buttons may vary slightly). you can purchase this blazer and any a few others by checking the left side bar. if you have any questions please email me at
black wool double breasted blazer size 40/42
if you are somewhat new to the blog, i offer unique men's vintage clothing on my website. although many of my recent followers may know me for my interior design work, most of my friends and family know me from my sense of style.
 men and women have always been interested as to where i find my clothing. the truth is i shop everywhere from thrift stores, vintage stores, high end department stores and even custom clothes. like the home i believe a great wardrobe tells a story. i don't believe in buying everything from the same place. 
 navy blue wool double breasted blazer size 38/39 
so for as often as it is supported i will continue to source and offer quality men's clothing at a great price in the shop. all items are of vintage quality. i do not prep them as the you the consumer may have a particular preference for how you want your garment prepped.

if you have any questions or need something in a particular size, please send me an email as i may have it, but may not have photographed it yet.

all items can be purchased on the left side bar.

hey yall!

hey yall! can you guess what city i'm in? i'm a doing a outdoor space makeover for nate (so pumped) and of course im in thrift store. we visited 3 good will stores and had no luck whatsoever. however, salvation army proved to be a life saver (pun intended). the design assistant says if i am going to be called mr. goodwill hunting then he should be called salvation sam. LOL.

i will bring you a few pictures in the coming days and show you this beautiful city.

so where am i?

crisis averted: my weekend saga

this weekend i traveled home for a few engagements. before leaving, i packed my wool navy blue 3 piece suit. i also threw in a pair of jeans and speckled pair of tweed pants. this was enough to take me through the weekend and offer up variations on my wear.
when i arrived home (my parent's house), i realized i left my entire garment bag. between throwing my pendleton bag on my shoulder, wrangling my dSLR camera, i left behind my most important luggage. i should have put that in the car first. i didn't. Eh.

i have bespoked suits, off-the-rack suits and thrifted suits in my closet. in a moment like this i needed something fresh that really spoke to my personal style. since my hometown doesn't offer much by way of great quality men stores, i visited the local thrift store. to my great fortune i found this amazing three piece grey speckled my size.

unfortunately the pants were a wee bit snuggy. ummm. i don't do those. ha!
so my crisis this weekend was avoided by a mere trip to a local thrift shop. say what you want, but the quality garments i can find in these places often surpasses the quality of clothing that is currently on the market.

so all in all, my weekend crisis was a averted.
fyi: i am tempted to list this suit for sale, im just not sure any of you guys really want it. lol. if you do drop me an email. 

vintage suit, tommy hilfiger shirt, brooks brothers tie geoffrey beene pocket square.

thrifting: $2 lucite tray

i wrote a brief article on about how i used this $2 lucite tray to create a stylish writing station. click the photo to read more.

hope you guys have an excellent weekend!

ya cant keep a good blogger down: trend watching

this week has been hectic to say the least. the first part of the week i fell ill. i chicken noodle souped myself up with a few other remedies and got better. at the same time i wasn't feeling my best, my macbook pro was having a midlife crisis. technology.
luckily i have a compaq that seems to be doing okay at the moment. ya cant keep a good blogger down. thanks so much for all of your kind words.

on yesterday i spoke to a group of parents at a local headstart about budgeting and my new business. after my presentation, i met a good friend to chat about his birthday plans, blogging and of course style. this is what i wore.
as you can see i am carrying a portfolio case (kind of). man bags, man clutches or whatever the metropolis calls them, has been popping up everywhere. since i tend to lean more toward style and not fashion trends, i took a small step and decided to pick something up and give me take on it.
my personal opinion as a gentleman of the sartorial community, is that these items are only necessary for men who are on the go and need to keep documents and essentials near them. however, they are quite the accessory for the daring dude.

traveling back and forth to new york quite a bit last year, i picked up a few inexpensive bags to carry my personal belongings in. it was necessary. i couldn't just pop items in my trunk and retrieve them at my leisure. before new york, i never carried one. didn't have a need for one.
 tie, jacket and shirt (thrifted) | shoes billy reid | trousers ralph lauren | pocket square brooks brothers.

honestly, its a lot of hype. most people who arent caught up into fashion just see it as a convenient method to carry documents and various essentials while on the go and being stylish. its a trend here in the states, but in european areas its pretty much the standard.

to me i don't see it as a man clutch. i think some people are afraid to be bold and make a statement.  like nell carter said, "give me a break!"

if you are ever on the fence about a particular trend, make a quick visit to your local thrift store. chances are you may find something to experiment with. as we all know fashion it just like a broken record.. it tends to repeat itself.

thanks to ryan who took these photos

10 favorite photos....

i have been feeling crappy for the last 2 days. thats totally unlike me. so i thought i would slide under the radar today and post 10 of my favorite photos from my pinterest account.

is that okay?

im stocked up on ginger ale, chicken noodle soup and a few more things to get over this spell. 

if you would like me to help make your home beautiful you can email me at if you need help with wardrobe styling i can do that as well. 

thrifting: finding inspiration from martha stewart

a week ago i wrote an article for hgtv about finding inspiration before going thrifting. you can read it here.

on last week i was in Atlanta meeting with a new client. after the appointment, my assistant and i went to a couple of thrift stores. we only had a few hours, but we made the most of it. one of the spots we visited had this settee. it immediately made me think of this image from martha stewart.
this image is a true inspiration for decorating you home on a budget. if you visit a very good flea market, thrift store or perhaps a booth market place, you can easily recreate this vignette.

while it may take a while to find a very similar bench, don't get discouraged because a bench you will love is waiting just around the corner.

if you would like me to help make your home beautiful you can email me at if you need help with wardrobe styling i can do that as well. 

a little video...that i forgot about...

happy sunday everyone!

just added these to the shop...

it always gives me great joy to be able to offer men (and perhaps women) unique, yet classic pieces.
they dont make them like this anymore.  a size 42 vintage deep navy blue corduroy blazer. single vented with suede camel colored arm patches is just simple an incentive to want to step your wardrobe up. this blazer can be purchased on the side bar. if there are any question please email me 
the suit is noted as a size 40. you can purchase it on the left side bar. any questions please email me at
excited to be able to offer this blazer again. it was so popular that is sold within minutes. this one is a size 44L. there is a slight variation on the buttons. you can purchase it on the left side bar. any questions please email me at
old school has definitely made a resurgence to the trends of today. this two button brown tweed blazer is a must have for fall right into winter. since january is the official start to winter you can get much wear out of this blazer. to tantalize your style it comes with patches. its a size 42. you can purchase it on the left side bar. any questions please email me at
just in time for St. Patrick's Day and the Spring. a green 3 button blazer with a single vent that is in great condition will be sure to turn heads if you wear it properly or improperly. its a size 40. you can purchase it on the left side bar. any questions please email me at

5 things i'd like to do in 2012...

i am one that normally keep much of my personal goals and aspirations to myself. since 2012 has already started i thought it would be great to share some of them with you guys.

1. i want to find an agent. every since i was invited to be on the nate berkus show a number of times, i started receiving a few emails from networks. i get quite a few emails asking me if i plan to do more television or more projects or travel around the country. travel costs. the truth is, many people who you see on television often is made possible by a team of highly skilled professionals. agents. these people know the business and know how to get you the business. i think i lost out on a BIG commercial deal i was presented with because i didn't have an agent. not sure. it really stung when i saw the commercial and who they chose. i got over it. quickly. cant keep a GOOD man down.

i sent an email to an agency on last year. they snubbed me. perhaps i am being slightly dramatic, but hey. so if you know of an agent looking for a client, well...ahem. LOL.
2. i want to buy a condo or loft. after this post and reading some of the comments and doing some more research on properties, i realize there are still some great deals still out there.

i have almost paid in rent, the cost of actually owning a small loft or condo in the charlotte area.

it will be somewhat a challenge because i was laid off my traditional job in december of 2010. while clocking in to that 9 to 5 isnt for everyone, that 9 to 5 guaranteed income would show up in the bank account. let's be real here folks. you cant pay bills in fabric samples and thrift store finds. ya'll ain't saying much.

after one of my good friends told me about her $70,000 home purchase in the atlanta area, i thought it was time. so...
3. i want to open up a men's boutique. yea i talked to one of my friends about this. they weren't as excited as i was. so quite naturally it gave me more fuel to do it. i don't want a huge store. just a place where gentleman can come browse. hang out and select pieces for themselves.
4. i want to go to paris.

5. adding more clients to my portfolio would be nice. bringing a smile to people's faces through a beautiful space is touching. im not a sap. matter fact im not all that mushy mushy either, but it does give me great joy to see someone excited about their new space. which leads me to the


6. i would actually like to have a team of people for 2012. you know someone to help make this business endeavor easier. anyone who knows me personally know that i am protective of the things i have worked hard for. i cant just let anyone come in. people may say they are for you, but sometimes they only come to learn all they can and try to one up on you. oh don't make that face. you know i'm telling the truth. LOL.

so those are 6 of the things id like to do in 2012. any goals you would like to share?

do you want to be thrift pals?

in 2012 there will be so many interactive opportunities for all of you to take part in. aren't you excited?

first up...THRIFT PALS

this community will exchange small thrifted gifts to each other ever so often. when each person has received their gift they will share a few photos of the item and talk about whether the like or joking.

let's face it. some areas have better thrift stores and how fun would it be to receive something some california if you are on the east coast!


1. the first requirement for this is that you must have a public Blog or Twitter or YouTube or summin like that for a year or more. i know many of you are cringing because you dont' have any of these. however, for this first run we need a way to maintain credibility. i can't bear the thought of absolute strangers sending stuff in the mail and we really don't have a clue who they are.

2. there wont be a price limit as prices for things vary according to the person setting the price. sometime a lil ole thing can cost much more than a big ole thing.

3. all participants MUST agree to share at the same time about the gift they received. they are also asked to link to all others that are participating so that readers can join in the fun.

4. send me your info via email ( with the subject THRIFT PAL and i will ask you a series of questions. once you answer i will pair you with the ideal "thrift pal." i wont be doing this on my own. i will have

i think this is an exciting way to create a small community and share small tokens from around the country.

so who's in?

my thrift pal...

yes. i have a thrift pal. i didnt know it, but it kind of just happened. who is it?

sammy d vintage. yerp the one and only. toward the end of 2011 she said she wanted to send me an ugly christmas sweater. unfortunately i didn't get back with her until late. however, she still sent me a sweater and a few other things.
when i first looked at this i was scratching my head trying to figure out what to do with it. it didn't take long for me to come up with a great solution for this plaid piece.
i turned it into a bow tie. yea. the width was great so it was just a matter of bowing it and have it ready to wear.

what do you think? do you want a thrift pal?

a side table saga: client project

on last week i came across this in a thrift store. i actually wanted it for myself. unfortunately i had no place for it, but it was so modern, yet i knew it was quite dated. vintage pieces hold so much quality. since it was solid wood i knew the possibilities were endless. as i moved in closer to inspect it, something amazing happened.
yea. they separate. i have NEVER seen this before. so it immediately lead me to my 10 year old client's room that i have been trying to finish up, but had been unable to source appropriately size bedside tables at the right price.

the width of each separated piece is exactly what i have been looking for. i often feel bedroom side table are wimpy. too small. too short. the only thing left to do is create a base for them. which is going to be simple.
since my client had reservations...still. i sent her this image to let her salivate a little bit. it worked.

now i wont be doing any wild colors, but this addition will certainly customize this room even more.

kind of awesome huh?

THRIFT TIP: when looking for pieces of furniture in a thrift store, flea market or garage sale, make sure to check the construction. dovetail construction is a good indication that the piece is older and more than likely of good quality wood.

thrifting: 3 piece navy wool suit

some men like sneakers. some women like handbags. me? i like suits. i picked up this three piece navy wool suit from a thrift store the other week. the price was excellent and the wool fabric is certainly appropriate this time of year.
when i buy a suit from a thrift store it has to be vintage. the quality of vintage clothing often supersedes much of the mass produced garments found in today's retail market.
it is very rare that i will wear an off-the-rack garment without getting it altered to fit me. this holds true to thrifted pieces as well. for this suit i had the flared pant legs straighten and lengthen, the vest was taken in on the sides as well as the jacket. as long as it fits me in the shoulders i can pretty much have the other parts altered at a reasonable cost. 
without a doubt a three piece suit is versatile. just last week i wore the vest and jacket with a pair of jeans. as you can see above the jacket was removed and the just the pants and vest are worn.  
women aren't the only ones that can have fun with accessories. while i don't really wear necklaces or bracelets, i do have an extensive collection of watches and cufflinks. most of my links are vintage. i do pair thrifted and vintage pieces with signature garments, such as this keaton collared ralph lauren purple label shirt.

i have a few more suits that i picked up for the spring. as the weather changes i will take them in for surgery. 

comments of the week...

Mrs K loves pink and green (LOL), i am so glad you love the blog.

me? divine?

awww shucks

yea GFS (God's Favorite Shoes), i have never been a fan of all that crazy modeling stuff. you don't have to act crazy to be beautiful. while i know some people are head over heels for it. me? not so much.

thanks everyone for reading the blog and leaving comments. i always take time to read each comment because you take the time to write them.

there are nearly 200,000 blogs out there. you chose mine. i am grateful.