$14.99 chair makeover

well here i am with the makeover for my $14.99 wingback chair. guess what? it's PAINTED! yes a painted wingback chair.
i remember hildi san-tomas painted a sofa on trading spaces years ago (wasn't that many of our first introduction to the world of interior design? well mine anyway...lol). i also remembered seeing a post in undergrad on ikea hackers about a guy who painted one of his chairs. ever since then, i have wanted to try it. so i did!
i have seen quite a few painted chairs and sofas from bloggers around blogland over the last year or so. many of them are quite fantastic.
as you can see, the texture is smooth. it feels like a mix between vinyl and leather or "vin-eather."
to be honest, i wasnt really hesitant, because i didnt have much to lose. 
if it didnt work, i could always banish the chairs to storage until i saved up to have them reupholstered. however, a major investment like that is NOT something i am going to do until i move into my own crib.
yea the legs haven't been redone. depends on how i am feeling i may or may not do it. 

in case you forgot what the before was...
...here it is alongside, of the newly painted chair.  i think it is a MAJOR difference. honestly. i would not be able to tell it had a different life. 

i just finished working on the second chair. i had a very close call. i will share that story later.
this tom ford image was a huge inspiration for my chair makeover. this outfit really fits my style. matter fact i picked up a very similar pair of trousers a few weeks ago that i will be wearing and sharing on the blog very soon.
i knew i wanted my wingback chairs to be black and i wrestled with the thought of painting them to look like the above image. however, because the finish is "vineather", i decided a solid color would be best (notwithstanding it would require a lot of taping and stenciling).

although i am awful at tutorials, i be back later in the week to attempt to break everything down...way down. in the meantime i will say it is very very easy to do. all you need is textile medium, paint and water. there are a few helpful hints i will share as well. 

shall we take one more look at my tom ford inspired wingback chair?
the possibilities are endless. so many colors like these
who's ready to paint a chair!?

so i bought these chairs...

if you regularly check into the mr. goodwill hunting facebook page you already know i spotted these chairs at a thrift store for $14.99 each. yea a really good deal. these are the prices i expect from a second hand store. im sure you expect the same. 

on a regular basis i upload pictures of chairs and sofas on the facebook page and many of you have commented the cost of having them re-upholstered. 


its a catch 22. to find a good deal, but then the cost to have them redone. 

on another note.

now that i have these i no longer need these...
not trying to have a chair convention in my apartment. these are actually club chairs that unfolds into sleeper chairs. here is a link from the website if you need additional information. so if you are interested in these you can email me. they are $75 each OBO. they are also listed on craigslist. 

okay. so any guesses as to the new look?

i will be giving away a few NEW "i <3 thrifting" t-shirts during the i love thrifting day ANNOUNCE PARTY 2012 in atlanta ga.

the announcement party is to announce the date for the 2012 "i <3 thrifting" day event.

i will also be doing a meet-and-greet and on friday december 2nd at 6:30pm. i will be canvassing the store to pick on the best items so that you may shop with me that evening.

this event is by RSVP ONLY!

RSVP to rashon@rashoncarraway.com. in the subject line type Meet & Greet. in the body include your name and the name of your guests.

so who is meeting me in atlanta?


there were a number of vintage bowties that sold as soon as i made the announcement.  here are some excellent ties and bowties for you to choose from. some are vintage and some are not. however, all of them are of great quality. oh yea.


all ties are located on the left side bar for easy purchasing. 

i will be adding additional ties as the day progresses. so continue to check back as i add more and more. 


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i'm coming to DC...get your design on!

i love dc. lets face it. i went twice earlier this year and finally found an economical solution to get back before the year was up. while there i will be meeting with friends and associates, chomping down at clydes and i will be
it goes like this:

once you schedule your design consultation, i will began working on an amazing design plan for you. when we meet, we will go over each element thoroughly. the design consultation will include possible fabric options, paint samples, source list or inspiration listing (if you are using thrift as your resource).

if you are in need of styling for the holidays or perhaps for a few events next year, i can make my way to your closet and then visit a few stores to pull some pieces together to give you that classic, yet bold and modern look.

very simple. how great is this for the DC area especially with the holidays coming up.


if you are in the DC area and would like to schedule a design consult while i am visiting you may purchase from the left sidebar to get the conversation started.

room update: 10-year-old client

i sent mom this image via email

mom replied

Not sure that I like it.
From the photo, it looks like the shades of pink are clashing rather than complimenting.

Have you covered the lamp shades yet? I’m not sure I’m going to like that.

And, the border on the curtains? I’m not sure I like that deeper pink/purple for that – it’s clashing with the bedspread color that she chose.

uh oh...lol. nah i wasnt worried. i said

Design is almost like testing a recipe. You wouldnt test it before it's done. I am sure the end result will be amazing!

then i brought these over,
and she was all smiley and happy and stuff. LOL.
i chose these lamps and was going to redo the shades, but during the install, they just didnt work.
so i pulled this base and shade out of my lamp stash, to replace them with the other ones. the shade really highlights the modern design of the pillow. details my friend. its all in the details.
mom and daughter wanted a chandelier. i chose this one. it was so awesome to know that they actually looked at this chandelier a few months ago. look at that nice cotton candy colored pink wall...ummmm

well this is where i left them hanging on saturday. we have one more install day to bring everything together.


which was

email me at rashon@rashoncarraway.com to claim yo bowtie!

vintage light brown tan vest and pants

vintage plaid vests and pants. vest is a sized medium pants are a 32 waist 32 length, but additional fabric is available in the hem.

if you have any questions please email at rashon@rashoncarraway.com

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navy suit

this is an amazing 3 button navy blue (perhaps a slight electric blue) suit. 100% wool (super 150s). the size is a 44R. the pants have one pleat in the front, certainly a classic yet modern look. they are a size 38. already cuffed.

thomas pink shirt (15.5/34) is also available.

any questions please email me rashon@rashoncarraway.com

many of you have asked about the "i <3 thrifting" t-shirts i wore during my workshop segments on the nate berkus show.
well i am please to announce that they are back and just in time for the i love thrifting day 2012 global announcement party in atlanta. the announcement party is going to be filled with so many amazing surprises and special guests. i promise you, you dont want to miss it if you are in the atlanta area.

i also decided to add a few new colors. the new colors will be:
i have included the tab to the left so that ordering can be easier. because shirts are made upon ordering please allow a shipping time of 5-7 business days after ordering. unless it gets eaten by an alligator.

so, show your love for thrifting by ordering one for you and a friend and a friend of a friend...lol

if you pick up a shirt, please make sure you send me a picture of you wearing it. id love to see it.

[location, location, location...]

truth is, location does matter when thrifting. check out my latest article with hgtv design happens blog to learn more.


the cordial churchman is a great small business that began making bowties about two years ago. i came across their website a few months ago and began checking out their inventory. all of their handcrafted ties, bowties and accessories are amazing.
i was very excited when the cordial churchman agreed to sponsor the bowling in bowties event that was held last friday night.

because i love their company so much i am going to giveaway their harris bowtie in the butterfly form. 

1. first up you MUST a follower of the blog. if you are NOT, you can do so by simply clicking on the   
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there are numerous of opportunities to win this amazing handcrafted bowtie from the cordial churchman, so take your pick and let the giveaway began. 

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this giveaway is open to all person in the united states. there is only one bowtie to be given away. contest is open from november 18, 2011 noon until november 20, 2011 11:59pm.

winner will be announced via twitter, facebook and the blog on monday november 21, 2011.
winner will have approximately 48 hours to claim their prize or a second winner will be announced with a 48 window to claim prize. 

bowtie styled by rashon carraway designs and images are property of rashon carraway designs 

[sneak peek]

i just snapped a quick picture to send to my client to remind them of what to expect on this saturday during installation day. 

we have been working very hard on this 10 year old little girl's room over the last couple of months and these are the fabrics i am using in the space. my client and i are both excited to see this project come to life. 

[a client's video design review]

rarely do i ask my clients to review my services. perhaps i should. i'm sure it would help me improve. however, i stumbled upon this review from a video design client that took place this past summer. the amazing thing about this review is that i did not know she wrote it. so it was not influenced or prompted by me in no part.
i am thriled she enjoyed her experience. i think her husband did as well. 
no. husbands arent that excited about design. i get it. i really do. lol.

if you want this same joy (cheesy), you can view and purchase a video design consultation of your own on the side bar. 

3 Piece Suit

This vintage 3-piece, 2 button side vented suit boast an amazing blue hue. Pants are flat front.
Size 40:
If you have any questions please email me at rashon@rashoncarraway.com

Vintage Grey Pinstripe Suit

This is an amazing vintage 2-button grey pinstripe suit with side vents.
Size: 40

If there are any question please email me. rashon@rashoncarraway.com