[are you a new friend of the blog?]

since my last segment with nate berkus, i have gained so many new friends.

if you are just joining the fun here on the blog, mr. goodwill hunting, i want to point out a few things here on the blog that you may not know about.
there is the shop, which is an online men's store here on the blog where i offer various vintage items for your sartorial needs. if you are needing something in particular please be sure to email me and i will keep an eye out for you.
i do offer design services for private clients. if you have a space that you want to take to the next level. i am your guy. for more information and for basic rates, click on the photo and it will take you to a more detailed page. 
one of the most popular services is the video design. its a great product if you don't have the ability to bring me to your home or if you just need some additional help with a room.
i have just opened up the blog for holiday advertising. if you are interested please contact me for all the information. advertising here will certainly get you noticed around the world and by active consumers. 
this is a great event that i hope those in the charlotte and the surrounding areas will attend. teams are gathering and you should definitely come out!

all of these will be located on the sidebar so that you can have access to them. 

just in case you are new here. 

i will be back later on with some more photos and such. 

[i want it, but i have no place for it]

i was going through some of my photos i came across this chandelier.  i have wanted this chandelier since i saw it about 3 years ago. when i first laid eyes on this, i was for sure i would finally be able to buy this fixture after pining over it for so long. 

this chandelier is not just something you can buy and stick in a closet with hopes to one day be able to hang it (well not me). its an investment piece. 

i want it, but i have no place for it. 

have your ever really wanted something (relating to interior design), but just didn't have the space for it?

[my thrifty loot from New York]

traveling back and forth to redo spaces for the nate show is amazing. if you have missed any of my appearances you can click HERE to see them all in one place.

there is a goodwill a few doors down from the hotel where i stay and i try to always go in a browse. i normally come away with some pretty great pieces.

here is my latest score.
grey velvet ted baker sample blazer, a burberry tie and a leather/pleather/whatever messenger bag 

i love thrifting yes i do! i love thrifting how 'bout you! (so cheesy...i know)

[hometown love...]

on last week i was featured in charlotte style magazine online in the column, "my stylish place." a big thank you to ariene who was a joy to talk to. such a sweet personality. sorry about mr. benjamin, he really is a pit bull in disguise. lol
thanks so lashawnda from the charlotte observer for the q & a in the last week's paper as well. i was a few moments late because i was held up at the barbershop. thanks for being so patient...on deadline.

it's always a blessing when someone recognizes the work you do. there is so much tear jerking articles that make it to the front page, i am excited to have made it to just one of the pages.

please click on the photos that will link you to the articles.

once again. thank you.

[thrifty thursday: from you...the readers]

hi rashon!

i started thrifting a few years ago and have an absolute passion for it!  i first saw you on the 'nate berkus show' and it's been so fun to find people out there in the world that have a passion for thrifting as much as i do and also have the design chops to back up their purchases!!  

i have attached a few pictures of my favorite finds!my living room is FULL of thrifted finds.  the cobalt blue chairs were $25 a piece and the glass top table in between them was also $25 (was originally black, but i spray painted it a cream).  all of the accessories are also thrift finds.
i also painted my grandmother's old dresser a beautiful jade green and put it in my bedroom.

my favorite find by FAR has to be the vessel sink in my bathroom!  i found that for $5 at a local thrift store a few years ago and snatched it up without even having a home to put it in!  when we bought our home 3 years ago i was SO excited to finally be able to use it!

thanks again for all the inspiration!

laura h.

wow. what an amazing home. i think i speak for everyone when i say we want to see more!

dont forget HOLIDAY advertising/sponsorship is now open. email us here for more details. 

[sneak peek]

this is a starting point for a small room makeover. you wouldn't believe how it all came together. stay tuned! i will be sure to let you know when it is complete. 

dont forget about the HOLIDAY advertising/sponsorship going live november 1, 2011. email rashon@rashoncarraway.com for more details. 

[planning my holiday party, with you]

well the holidays are right on our heels. halloween, thanksgiving, kwanzaa, christmas and hanukkah all perfect holidays to create memories that will last forever...on facebook. LOL.

this year i am having a small private cocktail party. i already know only 30% of my guest will show up of the 50% that will RSVP. perhaps this year will be different. LOL.
the most important thing when entertaining is to make sure you have enough serving pieces for the entire evening. if you are shopping thrift stores, NOW is the time to began collecting for the holidays. 

if you like the collected and eclectic look, choose a color scheme or pattern for the holidays and began collecting pieces as you visit thrift stores. this will immediately create visual layers in your serve ware. if you start collecting now you will have them for many years to come and can add to them as you see fit.
my silver edged glass plates were not thrifted. i did however, buy them from target at the end of the 2009 holiday season. when i first saw these plates i knew i wanted them. i also knew i didn't want to pay full price. since i like to plan in advance, i waited until they went on sale and visited 5 targets in my local area to acquire 35 of them. i put in a little effort, but i knew i could use them year after year. 

target (for me) is an excellent source to buy high end looking pieces in bulk. there are in total, about 10 target stores within a 15 minute drive from each other. so if see something i desire i will take an entire day and focus on that one purchase. OCD?

anyone remember the global bazaar target used to have? each year target seems to lose a little of their tar jayness. i have a number of great looking target buys from years past. 
one of the benefits to thrifting is that you save money and can spend it on pieces that you may not find at a thrift store. like the above 3 tiered stand. this wasn't cheap and perhaps i didn't need it, however when i saw it i knew i had to have it. i wanted 2 but one sold, before i could return, so i immediately bought the other one. its pretty tall at 29 inches. 

entertaining should take effort. planning. presentation is everything. so a little investing will create lasting memories. 

well this my start to my holiday party planning. will you be entertaining like i hope to?

dont forget about the HOLIDAY advertising/sponsorship going live november 1, 2011. email rashon@rashoncarraway.com for more details. 


the holidays are only weeks away and most people are looking for unique gifts for loved ones.
the blog, mr. goodwill hunting supports small businesses and large business as well.

if you want to stretch your advertising dollar and reach a world-wide audience please send an email to

rashon@rashoncarraway.com for rates and availability. 

[mixology monday: carolina bloggin' meet-up]

this weekend i was one of the key-note speakers for the carolina bloggin meet-up held in columbia, sc.  i had an amazing time with all of the bloggers. i was definitely honored they asked me to present. 
this is what i wore. if you are new to the blog mixology monday is where i take my liberty and display a fit i recently wore. most of the fits are a mix of high end and thrifted pieces. its true that i am very thrifty, but i also purchase signature pieces whenever i have an opportunity to do so. 
there are a number of fashion blogs dedicated to men's style. when i grow up...i want to be a fashion blogger. 
most of the photos that are of me, on my blog i take them myself. i don't have the luxury of having a street style photographer. so, i appreciate chip for taking these photos.

thrifted jacket, thrifted burberry tie, vintage tie bar, nautica shirt, incotex pants, billy ried buffalo loafers,  fossil watch, thrifted carrying case.

[should i buy brand new...from 2nd hand stores?]

the answer to the title of this post may seem, well obvious. however, in some cases it isnt.

check out my most recent blog post with hgtv to read 3 of my tips.
as always if you have more tips, do share them!

[watching tv online...do you do it?]

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Untitled Jersey City Project for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
since i kinda nixed traditional cable a while ago i rarely watch tv anymore. most times you can find me watching my favorite shows online.

i recently watched Untitled Jersey City Project on youtube. i must say i was hooked in the very first fews seconds. there was only one line in the first minute of the preview. after which a man falls from an unfinished skyscraper. if you are like me, you know there is a scandal involved. without any additional information i suspect money is the epicenter. 
so i wait, to see what is next.
UNT_091311_Title_bmb_v01.ai (1 page)  
of course there is a mushy scene. those who know me well, know my philosophy on romance in movies. id rather they not be in it. but i guess it helps to add an additional layer of interest.   
it seems to be the normal to have movies back track to the past, rather than letting an event unfold. in this preview it is essential for the writer to take us back to the past in order for us to understand what is currently taking place.
so now we move to the characters. ray, a dead man. frank with a woman in his bed. the cops. and this other group. who are they? i dont know.
watch the preview like i did. its only 2 minutes long. but i promise you it will be worth it. you can come back here to share your thoughts of what you think is happening. i sure would like to know. 
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[from you...the readers]

i really enjoy hearing how so many of you have been inspired to add a little thrift to your home or your wardrobe. what's even better is that you take time to send me amazing photos. which proves that thrifting is such a great way to live.
when Roeshel, who blogs over at the diy show off, sent me pictures of her bedroom, i may or may not have done a happy dance. okay i didn't dance per se'. but i think she did. her bedroom is full of thrift items. like these chairs found for $25 each. WOW!  i really need something like this and at this price for the condo. 

thats all imma give you must go check out her bedroom here!
Roeshel also participated in the national "I <3 Thrifting" Day.
after blogging about my stiffel lamps here, a reader said she went thrifting and found a stiffel lamp of her own for $4.99.
she sent me these pictures as proof. which i am all about the proof! 
that looks like a value village tag. LOL.

i enjoy hearing from you whether it be on TWITTER, FACEBOOK or here on the BLOG. do you have an amazing find you would like to share? send it to me in my email and it may end up here on the blog. 

if you are in need of design help for you home or wardrobe, please email me at rashon@rashoncarraway.com

[here is the VIDEO from monday's makeover]

Nate's team were gracious enough to share a few clips online. click on the photo above to watch the reveal
the field pieces in the thrift store and with the guest are always fun to tape. click the above photo to see that video.

they haven't released any photos just yet. however, if they do i will be sure PIN them on my PINTEREST page and here on the blog.

all videos can be found in the VIDEO VAULT if you are ever in need of a little inspiration.

want me to come redo your home? send me an email (rashon@rashoncarraway.com). i would love to work with you.

[my dining room turned office: the breakdown]

i blogged about my new office HERE.

i always get a kick out of seeing the break down when people reveal their spaces. sometimes i cringe at the prices and sometimes i think okay. that was money well spent. the truth is, you can shop second hand stores and create an amazing space for you home, that doesn't look cheap or diy.

the first order of business is that only one item in this space was a brand new purchase. everything else i already had.

let's break it down!

pillow: from target at $24.99 and 20x20, on sale two seasons ago (i picked up 4). target is a wonderful source to purchase foundational pieces for home decor. these pillows have been in my living room bed room and even a lil pillow for mr. benjamin to curl up on.

desk: ikea torsby dining table. i have the longer one as well.

chair: $100 from craigslist. the seller even brought it up stairs for me.

bench: $89 from big lots. i recovered it in the sophia fabric from ikea at $6.99 a yard. it is now $129.

lamps: vintage stiffel lamps $7.99 each from goodwill.

lampshades: $7.99 from homegoods.

mirror: $20 from goodwill.

dresser: $60 from goodwill.

hutch: gift from Nate Berkus himself. watch this CLIP to see how surprised i was. truth is, none of my producers knew he was giving it to me. 

accessories: salavation army, goodwill, homegoods and local thrift stores. 

TOTAL: around $350. 

this office space is filled with items i have collected over the years. not just one fail swoop.

if you need help pulling a room together you can email me at rashon@rashoncarraway.com. id love to work with you. 

[$17,000 vs $75]

it is indeed true. while at the thrift store i found an amazing side board for my latest makeover with Nate Berkus
i have always said thrift stores can be a great place to furnish your space. who would have thought a baker cabinet would be sitting in the salvation army. waiting for someone to take home at a fraction of the price.
chris and i assumed the piece would be worth perhaps a couple of thousands of dollars. we were waaay off. like way off. look above and see for yourself. 
now i liked the piece as it was. however, the piece wasnt for me. it was for a "client." the most important aspect when i am designing a space for a client or a guest, is to make sure the piece is something they will love. this client was not a huge fan of dark pieces and she was really in love with shabby chic and french country design.

regardless of it is a few dollars or a hundreds of dollars it is important for me, as a designer to meet the needs of the client.

now that you've seen the proof..lets talk on it!


i, mr. goodwill hunting, will be speaking at the
carolina bloggin' event on this saturday october 22, 2011, in columbia, sc. i am extremely honored to be considered to share a my thoughts on the world of blogging. i would love to see all of my metro area supporters next saturday. for additional information you can click HERE or HERE thanks shanika pichey and everyone working with carolina bloggin for the invitation. 

see you in columbia!

brand new MAKEOVER today on NATE

i have a brand new makeover segment on the nate show today. there is a really BIG find on this design segment. you DONT want to MISS it!

i will be LIVE on FACEBOOK to chat with you guys tonight at 10pm about the segment. hope you guys will join me

[you could win a $500 suiting makeover from EXPRESS]

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Express sweepstakes
Express is giving you an opportunity to win a $500 makeover on their facebook page and I am helping to spread the word. Lets talk suits shall we?

With women's suits a classic black pant suit is most ideal. The pants can be worn with your favorite blouse and some bold accessories to give it that extra bit of glam. The jacket if not worn with the suit can be paired with a white shirt and a pair of jeans for a classic and timeless look.
For the women my favorite look is the Luster Tweed Suit. Worn together it immediately adds texture and interest to your wardrobe. In the office space this suit is the perfect match for all the board meetings and water cooler updates. On a night out your favorite pair of heels and flirty accessories will take it from work to play in no time at all.

A modern fit suit on a gentleman is sure to turn heads in a room full of people.  The men’s suits at Express have a exceptional modern cut that will keep you on trend each season. Although a shirt and time may be necessary for some in the workplace, a night out on the town is totally different.
A guy can take the jacket from his suit and put on a crew neck t-shirt and his favorite jeans and the same suit during the stressful hours at work is now part of his relaxing evening with friends.

You can enter once everyday until the contest ends. Click the link below for official rules.

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[vintage glass beverage server & a flower]

normally when i am in a antique store i only buy what i am going to use.
however, i came across this vintage beverage container. i thought is was quite flirty and feminine and thought it would make a great gift for a nice young lady. unfortunately, it has resided in my storage closet since i bought it many months ago. so i decided to bring it out and show you.

this vintage ornate glass beverage server is stamped  handmade in italy by pee dee. which is interesting because my hometown is part of the pee dee region of south carolina. 
this piece i thought would be great with flowers in it or perhaps some candy, for all you candy buffet lovers. its not really my style, but i knew it was interesting enough to take home. on last evening while preparing my check list for holiday entertaining, i thought about this vintage/antique with flowers and started a PINTEREST board called POWER of FLOWERS. now im not big on flowers, but i do think they offer such life. so here are a few of my pins that i think compliments this piece very well. 

do you like it? if you would like to add this piece to your collection, send an email to rashon@rashoncarraway.com because i am more than happy to SELL it.

happy saturday my friends. 

[behind the scenes...]

october 17th (this monday) i will be on the nate show revealing another makeover, that you DONT want to MISS. since the show is forth coming, i wanted to at least give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at some of what happens during the field taping. 
this is the actual behind the scene footage that you will see on monday. i was quite nervous with this particular makeover because there were a few design elements i had never really tried before. while i love being creative in various homes, i do realize the most important thing is to make sure the homeowner is happy with the space that was created.
on the last segment with nate you guys saw me in the workshop transforming each piece for one of nate's fans. i am not sure i have ever shown you guys behind the scenes of the actual taping so here are a few.
chris (my go-to-design partner) and me
during the field taping there are a lot of smiles and retakes. although i did have a one take wonder during this visit. LOL. things are getting better and somewhat smoother. at least i think. LOL.

the camera guys are always so much fun. really they are. because most of them are freelance, i don't always work with the same person. however i must admit that each one of them produces amazing quality work.

there are many hands that make each of my segments come to life. there is probably another 6 people hanging around that arent pictured. and a special thank you to natalie who whipped out the camera to take these pictures.

every segment there is something special that happens. you wont believe the piece i found on this visit.

you gotta watch it!


[home office reveal]

well here it is my new office. the great things about the space, is that i actually use it. its not really a new space, its actually my dining room.
my desk was actually located in my bedroom. click HERE to see it. like most people, my intentions to use my dining room to entertain more, fell way off this year.
if you remember HERE, i blogged about selling my dining chairs. i wanted to replace the dining table with a pool table. albeit some pool tables can be inexpensive, the cost of transporting a pool table is quite expensive.

there is a long saga behind the dining table that i started telling sometime ago. i left a few of you hanging. i will pick back up on that story very soon. until then, you should note that because my dining room had not table and chairs, i really need a table, so i hauled the one out of my bedroom. 
when that alcove was empty, i decided to bring the chair out as well. one thing led to another and the decision to make the dining room into an office was born. 

since transforming the dining room into my office, i have been in here writing blog posts, emailing and taking care of client needs. more than likely the best decision to date for this space. now its a little bittersweet because i signed my 3rd year rental lease a few days ago. i didn't anticipate renting this long and i certainly didn't anticipate my previous job laying off half of my department.

but i am a romans 8:28 believer. 
since this is the actual first dedicated space to the office, i can assure you there will be a few changes and updates along the way.

if you don't already know, most of the items in here were from a thrift store or  a discount home store. 
i will give you a full break down on cost on next week. 

and this is my new home office!