[if i were a fly...]

[if i were a fly] on a wall covered in this wall paper...
i dont think i would leave the wall. don't you love this wallpaper?
i first came across this wallpaper in a space decorated by brian patrick flynn, also known as decor demon. this wall paper gives this room life and so much fresh energy. while i would never use this wallpaper in my own home, i would jump at the chance to use it in any application in a feminine space.

some time ago i won a giveaway to joss and main hosted by design darling. i could never find anything that i really really wanted.
when i opened my email a few days ago and saw that this wallpaper was being offered, i immediately bought it. it is the same wallpaper but in a different colorway (obvious...i know). perhaps i should have bought two rolls. unfortunately, i didn't.

would you like to be a fly on this wall?

[meet and greet in new york TONIGHT]

so i am in new york and last night was one of the BEST nights ever. if you follow me on twitter, you know why.

since i am here for a few days and i rarely get a chance to meet i thought i would take advantage of a generous upgrade and invite everyone to a meet and greet tonight, in new york. its not really to meet me, but really for me to meet you.

there will be light food and beverages...cuz we likes to eat. 

if you would like to attend, please RSVP to rashon@rashoncarraway.com for location and time. 

[new york to do list...]

i have traveled to new york for the nate berkus show three times this year. today will make my fourth visit. it is certainly a great opportunity to be supported by someone that so many love...including oprah.

normally, when i arrive in new york, i go to my hotel, walk around upper west side, eat, return to my hotel and sleep. its quite embarrassing to be in one of the most iconic cities in the world and fail to take full advantage of the many sights and sounds. okay the last time i was in new york i did meet two college friends and we had dinner in time square. it wasn't as exciting as they show in the movies though.

this time i made a combined list of things i want to do and places i want to visit. 

the brooklyn circus is one of my favorite online shops and i have wanted to visit them for the longest.
ryan leslie, a harvard university graduate is by far one of the most underrated r&b artist on the planet. so i am excited to hear him live in nyc.
the metropolitan museum of art is quite iconic. i would like to do a tour, but im not sure of my entire schedule...so it will fit it where it can get it.
i would like to see a broadway play...unfortunately many of the decent priced tickets seem to be sold out. and since im not wealthy or rich...well ya know...

okay these are the only 4 i have...right now
lame i know, but since i am traveling alone i am rarely motivated to go out. 

do you have any good recommendations for good nyc spots?

[what a weekend...]

[what a weekend] this has been. while death occurs everyday, it was truly sad to hear about the atrocity in norway. i dont think anyone wakes up knowing they will never be able hear laughter again, experience hurt or see another rainbow. life can be a vapor... present but short lived.

this weekend was my niece's 1st birthday party. i'm not sure if my niece knew the party was for her, but  she was excited. happy to see her uncle shon. o_O
blurry pic...niece wanted to play photographer...lol
deep dark eyes...seriously who can resist? i cant. i don't even try.
a birthday party isnt complete until you have a lil cake. regardless of who makes the cake or how fancy it is...you simply need cake.
i think this may have been the first time my niece has actually seen fire, because she wanted to play with it...uh no. lol
when i arrived to the party only my nieces were there (among other family members and guests). my oldest niece may or may not be a beyonce fan. closer to "may", might i add. she thought it would be fitting to show everyone a few dance moves. i dont have pictures of that...whew!
my nephew was away at camp and wasnt there when i pulled up. i was like an impatient child on a long road trip, i kept asking where was he. matter fact we all wanted to see him. especially me, seeing thhat i am the furtherest from everyone i don't see them as much.
so when he finally made it, we were all overjoyed. short-lived because he had to leave rather quickly. i may or may not have cried. okay i didnt. but i really wanted to spend more time with him. unfortunately, i am only his uncle and have no parental control over his affairs. he is only 9.

he did bring me a gift from camp for my house. which doesn't match or go with anything in my apartment, but because he gave it to me, it holds a greater sentimental value than anything thrifted or custom made.
after the birthday party my sister, mother and myself drove to see my younger brother teach a clinic regarding the intricacies of being a professional percussionist. which he is. 
he is 21 and certainly is growing, but what an honor and privilege to hear him speak about his passion. he has heard me speak all through his life, but i had NEVER heard or seen him take front and center. so i sat right in the front row and was attentive at every point and every turn of his informative presentation.
now my brother has been playing the drums since he was a baby. pulling out my mother's pots and pans and banging on them. she never took them away, she simply bought more and eventually bought him a drum set.
our mother has ALWAYS been supportive.
fast forward 21 years or so and here we are all students being taught by the youngest. musicians, like every other group, speak their own language. if you speak drum talk, click here to view my iPhone video of one of his presentations
so that's what i did over the weekend.

what did you do this weekend?

[i am working on transforming a few...]

i know i havent blogged any this week and that is okay with me. [i am working on transforming a few] pieces to hopefully offer as part of a bespoked line from rashon carraway designs.
i have plans to be in new york four days next week to do some work for the nate berkus show. everytime i get the opportunity to work with him and his staff i feel so grateful.

i hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

[a house i like]

well today i was supposed to upload a linky party so that everyone could upload their finds from "i <3 thrifting" day. despite my better efforts, i am just not that great with technology. unless its a button to press or an icon to click, i am clueless.

i am the guy that calls customer service for almost everything. i love electronics just like most men. its been about 2 years since ive been in my current place and i still havent figured out how to connect 1 of my 3 dvd players to my tv.

i know you may say thats just awful. perhaps, but i am also the guy the buys electronics and rarely uses them. i love my plasma tv...but most times its off.

where was i...
oh yes...

a house i like
i first saw this space here and wanted to see more, so i clicked here. now there are some fussy elements, but overall its a great space with a great story.

if you would like an OFFICIAL "i <3 thrifting" tee-shirt you can pick them up here
if you need professional help with your home or your wardrobe, you can email and we can get started right away.

[SERIES: thrifting has changed my life]

as i have said many times, thrifting is not a trend for me. it is a lifestyle. it is a great way to be eco-friendly and save money at the same time. i did not start thrifting last week or last year, i have been doing it for as long as i can honestly remember.

thrifting can be a great way to find the perfect piece for a space or the perfect accessory for your wardrobe.  regardless of how u flip the coin, the art of thrift has been around for years and will always be around 

next up in my NEW series "thrifting has changed my life" is:
courtney from the joy of decorating
Thrifting has always been a way of life for me.
Growing up, I moved every six months to a year (my dad worked as a contact engineer) and so we never had a lot of furniture, especially not expensive furniture. If we wanted a large piece of furniture, we would have to give it up before the next move, so it had to be cheap.
I remember my first furniture "thrift" was a leather club chair my parents hauled back from the apartment complex dumpster. I was only seven-years-old and it swallowed me whole. I fell asleep in it the night they brought it home. I cried when we had to give it up.
After that, thrifting was a serious part of my life. In high school, I was part of the set crew in drama; so going to goodwill was a regular part of my day. Almost all of the period costumes were Goodwill finds re-imagined for Shakespeare's era.

In college, like most students, I was poor, and Goodwill and Salvation Army were the best places to grab new clothes.

By the time I graduated and was on my own, I was well-versed in the world of thrifting. . I knew where to go, what was a good find, and how to make it my own. I am very proud of my thrifts. My dining room table and chairs was $100 on Craigslist, my entryway mirror was salvaged from my parent’s bathroom and I even have a collection of tacky Christmas sweaters that I purchased from the thrift store for all my holiday parties.
While I still shop at regular retail shops, I rarely pay full price. Thrifting taught me how to save money while getting what I wanted and I can't imagine my life, my closet and my home, without it.

thanks so much courtney for sharing your story with us. if you would like to read more about courtney, please visit her at her blog, the joy of decorating

if you would like to share you story, please send one picture of you in an "i <3 thrifting" shirt, a 300 word story and as many photos as you'd like to mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com and i will share it with the world.

always know if you need professional design assistance with your home or wardrobe you can contact me for full service and partial service design help.

this discussion always continues on facebook and twitter.

[i love thrifting day recap part 1]

okay. if you didnt go thrifting with us this past weekend raise your hand.
uh huh
just want to let you know that you missed an AMAZING time!
twitter was a buzz this saturday with the hashtag #ilovethrifting.
the charlotte chapter came out in great numbers. i think we had maybe 40 persons joining in the party.
i could not have done it with the nester. she was so bright-eyed, fun, excited and as sweet as a paula deen buttered up apple pie!
i was so excited to see pam, who is the voice behind diy fanatic. i think we talked all the way out the door right straight to our cars. she has so much talent. of course i knew this because i do follow her blog. and you should too...here.
kim, of superchyc was wheeling and dealing on Saturday but you have to check her out on twitter to see all of her amazing finds. 
i admit that i spent most of my time meeting and greeting and not really taking a lot of pictures, but this was a light fixture one of the thrifters found and we were contemplating what to do with the finish. i cant wait to see it in their space. 
this mirror was a pair. BUT...they arent even for sale. they are on display because a worker has no place to store them, but decided they did an excellent job reflecting the light. well yea...but i mean.
well i know my photos are few, but the recap continues on facebook where i will be uploading photos all all week long of "i <3 thrifting" tee-shirt wearers and some of their great finds. take a moment to check the twitter feed for #ilovethrifting where you can find blog recaps and even videos from around the thrifting world.

so how much fun did you have?
what city did you participate in?

[in loving memory of my great grand-mother]

i dont often get extremely personal on my blog.  but this past weekend was a major milestone for part of my family.

the matriarch on my father's side passed away. she was 80 years old. i believe she had 15 children, 90 great-grands, 57 grand children a host of great-great-grands, nieces, nephews and so many more.

when i first got the text from my sister tues morning july 5, 2011, i was certainly at a moment of quietness. she had been ill for the past few weeks and her health was certainly failing. regardless of how prepared we believe we are, sometimes death takes us by surprise.
out of the hundreds of family members, i received the call to eulogize her homegoing. speaking in front of thousands comes easy. however, i was extremely nervous as a 27-year old, to speak regarding the life of an 80-year old warrior.

i can honestly say, i felt God's presence leading me in the right direction as i mounted and opened my mouth. if you know anything about black pentecostal churches...then you may have a good idea of how the eulogy went. im from the south and thats just how we do.

i will be back on tomorrow with some pictures, but i wanted to take take today to honor someone dear to me.

thank you for those who sent emails, twitter messages in my families time of loss. it means a lot.

[thrifting isn't a trend, it's a....]

click here to learn more.
to show your thrifting pride all year long click here.


[Momma GWH sneak peek]

my biggest supporter has always been my mother, Momma GWH.
i went home this weekend for our annual church convocation and spent time with my family. when my sister and i were babies and toddlers, my mother made all of our clothes. matching clothes. boys and girls sailor outfits...lol

while i would do almost anything to have her make me something she says men clothing takes a lot longer to craft than women clothing...oh well.

[NEW SERIES: thrifting changed my life]

whether one has a modest amount of money or considerably cash flow thriting at some point or another has been part of their lives. for many of us thrifting has not only been part of our lives, but in many cases has changed  our lives

although this blog is MORE than just thrifting...right now is as good a time to promote the beauty of thrifting.

i am beginning a purely voluntary series called "thrifting has changed my life" this is an opportunity for me to introduce yourself to me as well as thousands of thrifters across the world. perhaps your business is based on thrifting. perhaps you have landed on tv because of thrifting. i know many of you have furnished your own home through thrifting. so if you have a story, keep reading and the details will be below.

first person in this series is Rhoda Montgomery of Southern Hospitality in her own words.