[party locations for i love thrifting day]

it is almost one week from the biggest summer "i <3 thrifting" party ever!!!!
i hope everyone has a shirt and is ready to par tayy!

so many great friendships are already developing.

there have been a number of new cities added to the list, so please make sure you check the entire list to see if yours is listed.

    Chattanooga TN click over to April Denise's blog here, to find out where the party will be.
  Okay seriously you must "Follow that Bus" to get more details (so creative).
    check out Laura Johnson from Ever AFter Blue Print, for more details on locations in Michigan.
    Kimberly of Designing Jewels has organized the NY area. Please visit her blog and  see what is taking
    Roeshel from the DIY Showoff will be making rounds in the Pittsburgh area.
    visit Natty by Design for a full schedule of events for the Pheonix AZ area. 
    excited to have HGTV leading the Knoxville, TN area. Please visit their blog here for the schedule.
     visit Rene over at Bargain Hoot for additional details on the Toledo, OH day of events. 
    Ambrie Jones is heading the Washington, DC area. please visit here for details. 
    a big thank you to Diane Henkler for pulling the philly area together. take a look at the events here
    Erin of Dwell and Tell has agreed to host a group in the Birmingham AL area. 
    Rhoda Montgomery of Southern Hospitality, will be leading a group through a series of stores in 
    atlanta and you can find the details here.

    room service atlanta led by Dayka Robinson and Erika Ward will be heading up the other side Atlanta      
    and you can find details here and here.

     Lisa Gabrielson  of Lisa Gabrielson Interior Design and Vintage Finds at the Queen of Hearts in
     Alpharetta, GA, will be organizing gifts, refreshments and designer chats for "i <3 thrifting" day.
    please take a moment to drop by and see her.
    Gloria Fox of Potentially Beautifulwill be hosting a group in the Roanoke, VA area. 
    Keller Creative is covering Charleston, SC area. Please contact her to see what's in store.
    Courtney from  The Joy of Decorating has agreed to host the Raleigh, NC area.
    if you are near Southern Wake County in Raleigh please visit Stacey from Spiffed Up Spaces for an entire list of stops on the other side of town. 
    Shanika Pichey is putting a fun twist on the Columbia, SC chapter, click here to find out what that is.
    Katie Mac of The Mac Style is rocking it in the Houston, TX area. click here to learn more.
    Beth of Free Stylin Beth will cover the Austin, TX area. please review the schedule here.
    Katie Newcomb has received a lot of support from Habitat ReStore in her area. Please visit her blog          
    Newcomb Home to see what is taking place.
    Hallie of the Glam Lamb is heading up the Los Angeles, CA chapter. follow her here for more details.
    DeeAnna of A Little Junk in My Trunk will also be doing a tour of sorts in the Denver, CO area. 
    Visit my good friend Jen at Rambling Renovators to see the line up of stores on the one day tour. 
    Vanessa of decor happy, is also leading in the Canada area. Here are the details. 
Charlotte, NC please visit my good friend The Nester for more information on whats happening. 

ordering an "i <3 thrifting" shirt today will ensure you will have it by July 9, 2011 for the party. but of course you can order anytime and wear it at anytime. if you are having ordering issues please email me directly.

dont see a city? there are several cities that started a conversation but never formally organized. 

if i have missed a formally organized "i <3 thrifting" group, email me at mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com

questions? email me at mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com


[from around the world we all say...]

thank you to these fine bloggers who are helping to bring "i <3 thrifting" day around the globe by 
blogging about the event. please take a moment to visit and support them. 

[my friends...]

i am working very hard to add a number of cities to #ilovethrifting day taking place Saturday July 9, 2011.

please check out the previous post to get a heads up on a few new cities.
there is still time to be a host and join a group.

shirts are still available at www.ilovethrifting.com
if you are having any trouble placing an order please email me, mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com.
shirts are made via ordering.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[locations locations locations 4 #ilovethrifting day]

well everyone things are rolling right along for #iovethrifting day on july 9, 2011 i am so excited and even more excited for those that are joining to this great movement...

the event is happening everywhere...well almost.
here is a listing of cities and city hosts...to-date...

[a few more details]

[bedroom update]

it's been a few months since i have shown my bedroom. the color scheme has not changed, but a number of the elements have. here are a few pictures along with some commentary.

[this week, on the blog]

[charlotte blogger meet-up]

twitter is like a modern day golf course, in that major collaborations are birthed there. a few months ago i was tweeting it up trying to see what interest was around a charlotte home and lifestyle blogger meet-up. there was certainly an interest, but everybody seemed to be so busy.

a few weeks ago i met rachel sutherland (who does not like her picture taken). as we were talking i mentioned to her that since her new client high cotton home has just moved into charlotte, why not have a meet-up there. well we did. here are the pictures to prove it.
apparently i was looking at the wrong camera, but here i am with katy of eat drink & decor8, kim of super chyc  and emily clark of emily clark
i spent most of my time here at the wine cheese and cracker table...no seriously i did. i was mad hungry!
i met a new friend, rhonda of moondoonie, who by the way, will be joining me and other charlotte thrifters for the BIGGEST PARTY EVER!!!
i spotted these trina turk pillows immediately when i walked in, although they had someone's label on them.
i met rodney hines, the owner of high cotton home charlotte. he was so enthused about the company and all of the great products and concepts it was bringing to the charlotte market. can you tell we were just a happy bunch...lol
me and my bff emily again. although we had never met prior to the charlotte meet-up everyone thought we were sisters and brothers because we were chatting it up so much...lol. no? but seriously she is a jewel. how does she juggle so much...the world will NEVER know!!! 
fashionista kim along with aleigh of goodwill industries
i really like how the show room at high cotton is a mixture of feature pieces and creative finds from flea markets and other second hand stores.
i think they called the wrong name for the door prize, but she looked happy so i didn't say anything...lol

it was so great hanging out with all of the charlotte bloggers...we had a BLAST!!!

dont forget I LOVE THRIFTING DAY via www.ilovethrifting.com

[i love thrifting ROLL CALL part 1]

i am very excited to see so many groups coming forward to participate. inasmuch that some cities have multiple groups.

i cant wait to see all of the pictures of you guys in your t-shirts and with your AMAZING finds. i was going to wait until next week to do this, but here is a brief listing of "i <3 thrifting" chapters.

i will be linking exact locations and hosts early next week so that you guys will know who to link up with.
i am adding more cities to the list as they come in. 
if you dont see your city and would like your city to be part, please email me. 

if you havent picked up a t-shirt, please do so at www.ilovethrifting.com. the inventory is getting little low and i want to make sure everyone has them before they run out. 

i will be profiling hosts sporting their t-shirts in the coming days. 
if you have picked up your shirt from www.ilovethrifting.com and are interested in possibly being on the  www.ilovethrifting.com site, please let me know. 

if you don't have a group but still want to participate, you can wear your t-shirt from www.ilovethrifting.com and send me a picture of you in it and i can upload it during recap week.

you can also participate in the twitter party just use the hashtag #ilovethrifting. 


You heard RIGHT! This is bound to be one of the BIGGEST parties of the summer! 
What better way to bring EVERYONE together than through "Thrifting!"

In all THRIFTY STATES and from every walk of life people will gather together and meet up at a local thrift store to thrift and just have some plain ole fancy fun on July 9, 2011.

Who's is invited?

the YOUNG 
There is a website where you can pick up your "i <3 thrifting" t-shirts to wear on Saturday July 9, 2011.
Oh yes Ladies (and guys) they come in PINK as well. More on that later in the week!

Twitter will be rocking with photos using the hashtag #ilovethrifting. 

Some of your favorite bloggers have already agreed on to host a group in your area!!!
I will be profiling each of them here on the blog in the coming days...

If you have a thrift store you want to be listed...
If you are blogging about this AMAZING event...
If you are hosting a group in your area...

make sure you email me (mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com) so that I can properly let everyone know here on the blog.

You better believe I'm bringing a secret weapon to the party cuz you NEVER KNOW who may show up (just saying)!!!

Also, I am looking for people to upload on the website, www.ilovethrifting.com in their "i <3 thrifting" t-shirts to SHOW the world that thrifting is NOT taboo or a trend, but a LIFESTYLE!

a BIG thank you to the hosts who have already agreed to host in their city and promote this day around the world! 

Hosting is easy. All you need is a shirt...set a time and a place...then email me so I can let everyone know!!!

Alright. Who's Coming????