[an alaskan apartment AND the giveaway winner]

i hope everyone had an amazing and long memorial day weekend. i am certainly thankful to the men and women who sacrifice daily for our liberties and the liberties of others.

a big thank you to those who entered the giveaway.
random.org had this to say.

and comment 22 was...
CONGRATULATIONS to the yellow cape cod. please email me at mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com, to get additional details on how to obtain these bees...(hey i made a rhyme!)

over the weekend i took some time to clean off my old laptop. i have thousands of images and music stored there, that i needed to transfer to my macbook.

while going through the images, i came across this photo called "an alaskan apt"

i have had these images since 2008 and i found them here. unfortunately, the website stop updating images back in 2009. however, the archives, which you can still browse, are full of interior eye candy.
this apartment is one i have liked since i first saw it. i went back to the website and found the original source was the shoot factory. unfortunately i couldn't find this exact apartment on their site, but the site did have more candy overload. take a look and see for yourself.

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[room service atlanta recap]

on yestersday i blogged about part of my day trip to atlanta. the other half of my day was spent with two powerful and heart giving women, dayka robinson and erika ward, along with a team of supporters.

many people believe mr. goodwill hunting the blog, came out of nowhere. not true. i have been around since 2008 and actively blogging since 2009...
...and dayka robinson has been with me since the very beginning. she remembers when the blog had a black background...lol
ive known erika for a while as well. i just cant remember when we actually became acquainted in blogland, because she has sucjh a kindred spirit.
room service atlanta (which i blogged about here) wrapped up their nicholas house project at the mitchell gold-bob williams showroom. the event was filled with designers, supporters, mommies and aunties, husbands and moving guys. i was so thrilled to witness what a few exchanges via email and twitter can produce. 

while i was there supporting my dear friends, i also had the chance to meet so many virtual folk that i have tweeted and chatted with in blogland. 
can i share them with you?
lori may of lori may interiors
tiffany of savor home and lori may
april denise of unique illusions and chandra thompson of liv luv design
rhoda of southern hospitality (pictured 2nd from right) along with the carpool gang. 

i also met a few new faces like shelly dozier-mckee, kimberly ward, julie halloway, anisa darnell, renae moore and a host of other beautiful faces in the place. 
although i was present and accounted for, i missed eating this spread....sigh.

i know there are many great things ahead for room service atlanta. i am encouraging all those who are in the atlanta area to visit the rsa website or contact dayka and erika to see what you can do to bring design to a great community. 

now i didnt have my camera so a big thank you to those who agreed to let me borrow their pictures from the event. i always credit images back to their source. click "via" to see additional pictures.
now dont forget about this giveaway going on here.

[oprah finale party recap AND giveaway update]

whew. blogger can sometime make you wanna slap yo...nevermind. as you can tell the blog has regained  its looked (but i think it was my fault this time).

first up...the giveaway for these...
is taking place here...

please remember to enter as many times as possible. i see some of yall commentin' but u ain't a "GOOD friend" you know friends with benefits. giveaway benefits. so make sure you are following all the previous rules set forth.

the winner will be selected by www.random.org at 11:59 sunday may 29, 2011. the will be announced on monday via the blog and should contact me within 48 hours of the announcement.


regardless if you are #teamoprah or not, you have to admit this woman is a phenom in her own right.  i took wednesday to travel to atlanta to support of my blog friends that have turned to real life sisters of mine.
let me start with my big sister and mentor, shameeka ayersthe broke socialiteafter a few exchanges back and forth on twitter and facebook, we agreed that an oprah finale party was appropriate.
i finally caught up with her and made my way down to the four seasons atlanta, to watch the finale with an intimate group of southern belles and gentleman.
shameeka is a true support of mr. goodwill hunting and rashon carraway. she saw in me what i didnt see in myself. i call her my big sister...but most importantly...she is a friend.

this is just a tiny snippet of the event. so for more information on the broke socialite please follow her on twitter @brokesocialite.

If you would like assistance creating a loving space in your home, please email at rashon@rashoncarraway.com


its been a while since i have had a giveaway, but since i have so many new friends, what better way to celebrate then with a small token of my gratitude.

i am offering one set of 4 gold(ish) bee napkin rings from a recent thrifting excursion.

there will be like a million ways to enter...so here they are.

be a "GOOD" friend of the blog (submit a comment)
follow @MrGWHunting on Twitter (submit a comment)
be a fan on facebook (submit a comment telling me you are a fan)

if you bring me muffins or potato salad you get a million entries..lol

told ya a million ways to win...nah in all seriousness i want you to be able to enter more than jus one time.

this giveaway is open til Sunday May 29, 2011 at 11:59pm so you have plenty of time to bring a friend and comment. do you worry bout a thing!

If you would like assistance creating a loving space in your home, please email at rashon@rashoncarraway.com

[guest post on painting tips]

hope you guys had an amazing weekend. i did.  i decided to take today and devote it to painting furniture. i admit that i am not the best at doing blog tutorials, so i asked a fellow blogger to help me out a little bit.

Greetings Mr. GH fans, Kate here, aka Centsational Girl, at Rashon’s request with a little play by
play on my method for refinishing furniture. So glad to be here today!

Isn’t Mr. GH the coolest? Nate knows it, so do I. Rashon and I have two things in common: we
share a love of thrifting and the pursuit of diamond style on a dime. Recently, I scored a great
little cabinet at my local thrift store, and like Rashon, I see things for what they could be, not for
what they currently are.

okay kate, butting in to show everyone the before...


1) Remove all Hardware.   Whether you’ve decided to reuse the existing knobs, pulls and hinges or replace them, they should be removed before you begin.
2) Clean and Scuff.   If you’re repainting your piece, you need to start with clean surfaces.  Because you’ll be using a bonding primer, there is no need to sand your piece to remove all traces of varnish, but giving the entire piece a onceover with a medium grit (80 – 120) sanding wedge for 5 to 10 minutes helps to remove any lingering debris and also preps your surface for priming.  Wipe down when complete.
3)  Cosmetic Repair.  Fill any scratches or dents with a sandable and paintable wood putty (my personal preference is Elmer’s wood filler in the orange and blue container).  If you are moving the location of your knobs or hardware, now is the time to fill those existing holes.  Sand smooth when dry. 

4)  Use Primer.  Bonding primers are essential for a lasting paint job, and there are several primers on the market, both water and oil based versions.  I use Zinsser ‘Cover Stain’, an oil based formula, because it adheres to glossy surfaces (even laminate) and  blocks any stain from seeping through and affecting your future paint color.   You can choose either a spray version or brush on version, both can be sanded once they are dry.   Spray versions are faster and offer a smoother application, but like all spray paints, they must be applied in a well ventilated area and the cans should be disposed of according to local regulations.   A brush on version will go a lot farther but will take longer to apply. 

One coat of primer will suffice, but for surfaces that get a lot of wear and tear like tabletops, I use two coats of spray primer, or a thicker coat of a brush on formula.  Keep in mind, using a brush on formula requires you clean your brush with mineral spirits or paint thinner, so consider using a throwaway paintbrush for the primer coat.  Tip: oil based paints will come off your hands with vegetable oil, no need to use harsh chemicals on your hands. 
5)  Paint.  One your primer is dry, apply two coats of latex paint.  For the best paint job, invest in a quality angled brush.  You can use a roller for quick application, but you’ll need to follow it up with a brush, especially in nooks or tight places.  I also recommend a paint conditioner called Floetrol, which extends your drying time to eliminate drag and minimize brush strokes in your paint.  It’s inexpensive ($7 to $9 a bottle) and a little goes a long way, find it at any specialty paint store. 
6)  Add Hardware.  If you’re adding modern knobs or pulls, measure their precise location and use a drill bit to create new holes. 

7) Protect your Hard Work.  Use a water based protectant as your final step, which helps eliminate any stickiness that can result from using latex paint, and also protects your paint for years to come.  I recommend either Minwax Polycrylic or Varathane Polyurethane formulas, you can find them in brush on or spray applications, in both satin and gloss finishes.  Make sure you avoid any oil based polyurethanes, they are designed for stained furniture, and will yellow or amber over time. 

Now let's see the after.

just as i suspected...splendid.

thanks so much kate for giving my readers a great 101 lesson in painting furniture. well me too!
you can always visit kate here at her blog, centsational girl

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[eco-friendly gift giving]

it is better to give.

so i gave away my thrifted & rare signed portrait of winthrop university's tillman hall by edmund lewandowski, to a dear friend who received her master's degree last week.

winthrop university is where i received my undergraduate degree in political science.

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[thrifting with mr. goodwill hunting]

one of the most amazing things about this blog is that i have the opportunity to meet some amazing people, who ultimately become great friends of mine. back in february, i completed a small makeover for a client, which also happened to be featured on the nate berkus show, shown here

one of my services i offer as a lifestyle design blogger is a personal shopping experience.
sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction.

lets see how a recent personal shopping experience unfolded with my dc client.

before we even walked in the store we saw these bikes. my client wouldn't let me ride one.
(crappy photo...i just bought the camera days before arriving)
although i was shopping with my client, i couldn't help but plunder through the books. heaven.
these light fixtures could have been awesome in black.
for a rustic feel...we could've bought this antler chandelier. but...er raa ummm...it was a no go.
now this huge painting would have been a perfect focal point in a child's room or a nursery...
and seeing that my client was 8 months pregnant at the time we went shopping...we probably should've bought it. wait now. she was 8 months pregnant, but she had more energy than i did! seriously.
does this look familiar? well after i blogged about my score here, my client refused to let me take it. so here it sits in her home.
during my client's personal shopping experience, we saw a lot of items we wanted (i meant she wanted), but just didn't have the space for them all.
and yes...i have a NO policy. sorry ambrie...lol
if this lamp had a sister near by, it would've went home with us and would have gotten a nice high gloss coat of black paint!
remember these chairs i blogged about here?
now some people may think $69 for each of these bird prints were a steal...but we didn't. 
(i really want to insert a good fowl joke here...but i cant think of any...lol)
remember this painting (here)?
above all else thrifting with mr. goodwill hunting is a whole lotta fun!

guess what? SHE HAD THE BABY!!!
oooohhhh and awww your hearts out....HERE.
thanks so much barbie for letting me crash DC with you...

if you or a group of friends would like to schedule a personal thrifting experience with mr. goodwill hunting email rashon@rashoncarraway.com and lets do it!

Perhaps you would like a personal design assistance, my rates are listed here.

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[TIP# 1 for a budget makeover]

it is really exciting to know so many of you are inspired to visit your local eco-friendly stores (thrift stores) and are finding amazing treasures. 

although i create budget inspired spaces, the truth, there is a careful mix of both new and old pieces in a room. i admit it can be a challenge to create a room totally filled with eco-friendly and second hand pieces (tho i do it often), but if you are willing to wait and curate over time, you can achieve a great space. rome wasn't built in a day...eh?

what you see on tv is an ACTUAL makeover. 

please be aware that designing these spaces for tv is a HANDS ON job for me. it is much more than just painting and flopping pillows around. there is a legal and safety component as well. 

so a BIG thank you to Nate's entire team who help me in every way. 

over the course of the blog i will drop tips on how to achieve a budget makeover.
every item you see in a second hand store has the potential to be something amazing. if you remember i blogged here about the above chairs. i can promise you, if a boutique shop owner had seen these chairs before i did, they would have quickly picked them up and placed them in a client's home with a much higher price tag. i'm not mad at that. had these chairs not been for this client i would have bought them and shipped them back to rock hill...STAT!

so don't think because it is in a thrift store it doesn't have value. yes it does. some of you may think it's beneath you to step foot in a second hand store. trust me, some of the most sought after designers bop into the same places you drive past. well...there assistant anyway.

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