[style on saturday]

if you follow me on twitter then you already know weeks in advance what i wore to my 3rd appearance on the nate berkus show. i have often talked about my personal style on the blog. so its nothing new to say my style is different. its classic. its edgy. its modern. its me.
sometimes i wear bold colors. sometimes i wear pattern on pattern on pattern. although i am somewhat  classic in my style, i sometimes select a very inexpensive trendy item, just to stay relevant. 
i am always looking for inspiration when considering what to wear. in this age of information there are a number of platforms like tumblr, facebook and blogger which allow individuals and brands a global opportunity to show off their unique approach to style. 
there are some styles and brands i admire from afar off and there are others i move  in a little closer to see what i can gleam from it. one of those brands is hadleigh's out of dallas texas. i am not sure how i stumbled upon them, but i am definitely benefiting from the serendipitous occasion.
the underlying thread of hadleigh's, to me is classic. however, there is an air of grandness and an ever so slightly modernistic approach. although i am more interested in the mens line, i openly admit their womenswear is just as appealing.

although i am thrifty, i NEVER play around with my footwear. when i saw these gingham print slippers, in various colors, i felt like peter griffin when he brought home all those puppies and just waddled in the them. i mean come on my friends...whats not to love here.
there are a few other brands i admire, but right now, this happens to be the brand i will spend the rent money on (just kidding people...i know some of you likes to email and tweets me about the littlest thing).
as you can plainly see, hadleigh's has a distinguished mark of excellence. so its not surprising they were featured in the robb report and most recently esquire's big black book, for spring 2011.  
although this brand is only 2 years old, i see longevity in its future.
because i am a man of varied style points, i would be remiss if i didn't at least mention the interior.
the exposed brick walls, high ceiling, chrome mixed with leather. oh yes...who could overlook such a dramatic chandelier. even if i am unable to buy everything my eyes wanteth, i believe i would be ok just sipping a nice cool beverage, perhaps tippy tasting some anti-pasta while pontificating the latest socio and economic tales of our times (mind you i have a degree in political science).
i had the opportunity to speak with gable shaikh this week, who owns hadleigh bespoke with her husband ed, and she was warm and made me feel like i could hop a private jet to dallas and get my finery on. 

for more information regarding hadleigh bespoke please visit their website here and their facebook fan page here. 

i did not get paid anything for this feature neither did i get one of the amazing bowties. however, i wouldnt object if they sent me one...lol

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[bloggers you should know about]

i dont care what any reports are saying, blogs are making a huge impact right now and are not going anywhere anytime soon. since i have been actively blogging, i have come across some amazing bloggers. although i have yet to meet many of them, there are a few that i have breathed the same air with. two of those people are dayka robinson from the blog, meditations of life and style and erika ward of erika ward interiors and bluelabel bungalow. 
these two young ladies, along with a host of amazing bloggers and designers have teamed up to design and style the nicholas house in atlanta, ga through a worthy organization called room service atlanta. i know these two special people. ive tweeted with them, chatted with them on the phone, physically sat beside them and shared real life quandaries. so i know their heart and i know the strength that motivates them.

so please take the time to head to each of their blogs and websites to learn more of them and how you may be able to help. their current project is wrapping up on today, but there will be an abundance of opportunities to help with future projects.

please when you stop by tell them their blog brother said hello.
love you my sisters. 

a few months ago i received an email asking if i would like to be part of a new e-zine. heck yea i thought. when i discovered it was being spear headed by janell beals of isabella and max rooms, i was more honored than anything to be asked to share in the premier issue of house of fifty. 
now i admit, i was a bit hesitant, because the magazine is geared toward women. let's be honest here. in the arena of decor and style, what publication really isn't geared toward women. as i have said before, i would be just fine with a couch, a mattress and a 55 inch plasma mounted on an empty wall, but i will not squander the gifts GOD has graciously entrusted in me. yall aint sayin much rite dere. just one amen will do...lol

so when the house of fifty went live immediately & quickly flipped through each page getting visually stimulated, but took more time later that evening to soak it all in. i have been a long standing fan of janell's work ever since i was introduced to her classic style on hgtv's rate my space. it appears i am not alone as she has thousands of registered followers and has appeared on numerous blogs, forums and even tv.

so take a moment to check out the house of fifty e-zine. 

thanks so much janell for giving a small southern guy like me a chance to shine. 

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[do you remember this lamp?]

[do you remember this lamp] that is on my desk, in my office which i blogged about here, that i rarely use, cuz i work from my coffee table in my living room?
well guess where i saw this one? on the side table in the nate berkus art department. i think it wants to come home with me.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[new york city's green flea]

i must say these last three visits to new york have been totally amazing. before this year i had never been to new york. i had plans many times to visit, but for some reason it just didn't fall into place.

my most recent visit was longer and took place over the weekend which i am so happy about. when i am guest on the nate berkus show i stay at the lucerne hotel on the upper west side of manhattan. when i walked out of my hotel on sunday just to take in the city, i bumped into the green flea.

seeing that i am not from the city, i was totally unaware that this flea market has been taking place for well over 25 years. the abundance of artisans and various vendors, made this one serendipitous find (for me).

i even had the chance to meet a few twitter friends.

i dont have many photos because i had to leave to change my clothing, but here are just a few snapshots of the flea.
Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[a piece of paper doesn't need...]

batteries. in an age of crackberries, crappy iPhones and lapPads, i tend to forget the rudimentary benefit of a simple piece of paper; it never needs recharging.
as a guy who has lived in south carolina all his life, but certainly has seen many states near and far, i'm not used to a public transit system. i drive. i like driving. i hate driving. so to be in ny having to navigate the subway as a tourist is frustrating.

around 11pmish on sunday my phone completely died. i was unable to pull up directions or even the subway map. needless to say i turned a 30 minute ride to brooklyn into a 4 hour long test of patience.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[mixology monday]

[checking in from new york]

happy easter to many of you on today!
well i am back in new york.

i received a phone call on thursday asking if i would like to pow wow with nate berkus again. i mean who would say no!
so i hoped a plane on saturday for an extended stay in the big apple. if you remember, i blogged about my 2nd visit here and my first visit here.
don't worry gDub is not goofing off. there is serious work involved here
so i am [checking in from new york] hoping to meet some amazing people this time around and create more great memories.

i will be sure to keep everyone posted on air dates.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[going out of business]

for a business owner [going out of business] is not something they forecast in the early stages of their business plan.

however, for consumers and deal seekers, this phrase often causes a u-turn in the middle of the highway, spilling coffee, jelly beans and perhaps having pickles from your sonic burger smashed on your brand new ralph lauren cream linen pants (huh...wat?).

well there is a home furnishings store i used to visit while working as marketing representative for my former job. the prices weren't bad, but they weren't at a level where i just had to buy something. in fact i only saw one thing i wanted disappear in the two and a half years i bopped in there.

well a few months ago they announced they were going out of business and everything was 50% off.

well i found out like last week.  which was probably for the better.

a good friend and i hopped into the car and paid the store a visit. we didnt do any major damage, but here is what i came away with.
Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[sneak peek]

i was recently offered an opportunity to update a master bedroom of a special person. i wont attempt to describe the bedroom. however, when the project is complete i will share the pictures.

what i will do today is show you a [sneak peek] of what is currently taking place.
with amazing views of the lake from her master bedroom, it was quite easy to take cues from nature as to what colors would compliment the overall feel of her home.
she has been living in her lakeside home for about three years so she already has a substantial amount of furniture include an armoire, nightstands and a gorgeous light mint green king sized bed.
after tromping the house and pulling pictures from here and there and everywhere, we ended up changing our inspiration picture but managed to keep this rug.
after we brought the rug home, she was smitten. after it was install, she called me to tell me that she loved it. check mark for Mr. GW.
after i hung pictures i went with a friend to visit some stores we heard about through the grapevine. after arriving to our first stop, i came across this fabric. the whimsy of the motif printed on it and the feminine colors, seem to work so well with what we had already established.
after we left the 2nd store (details tomorrow) i went to hancock fabrics to check out their remnant section. to my surprise the almost exact pink and cream stripe fabric we discussed earlier was waiting for us.  with a price tag of $4 a yard at 6 yards, i bought it knowing we would get excellent mileage out of it, because it gives a pop of color, and it adds an additional layer of interest.

she has yet to see the fabrics, so i am praying she likes it.
do you like it (yea i know you dont have to live with it...i was just asking...lol)?

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting


when i enter into most stores, i often go to the sale or clearance aisle/section first.
most of the time it is to get a really good deal, but often time it is to picked up an item that perhaps has been on the sales floor for a long time or perhaps an item that is [damaged].

ever so often life moments will hit me as it did in tjmaxx yesterday.
while on the clearance aisle, i saw this frame made in india that was comprised of bone inlay. it had character. depth. dimension. but it was on sale for $2.
it took me a moment to figure out why it was on sale. as i inspected it closer, i realized pieces of the inlay were coming apart from the frame. ummph. it didn't bother me. 
in fact it was exactly what i needed to frame an old picture of my niece and nephew.

i stood there for a moment thinking, how many times do we pass over people, commence judgement all shun them, all because of an apparent flaw.

how easily do we turn away from someone because they are too short, has a lazy eye or perhaps has chosen a lifestyle different from our own?
as i placed the frame into my cart and made my way to the checkout...

i was reminded of a thought...[damaged] but still deliverable.

have you ever felt like you were [damaged] and someone came along and thought you were just perfect for them?

[mixology monday PINK EDITION]

whenever i venture into a different city, i always type "thrift" in my iPhone yellow pages app to see where the nearest thrift stores are. when i am out-of-town i only window shop the furniture area, but i am quite intense in the clothing department.
my initial affection with second hand stores began with my love for thriftinng for clothing. it is not uncommon that you can find some very high end labels at some of the most tucked away thrift stores. one great item i found was this thomas pink tie for $1.50 at a goodwill, i believe. 

now thomas pink is an exceptional brand. unfortunately there isn't a store locally in my area, but i do believe several high end department stores sell many of their pieces. 
the last two amazing opportunities i have had to be a guest on the nate berkus show, i stayed at the lucerne hotel and lucky for me there is a goodwill store a few doors down. naturally, i couldn't resist.

the first time i went to the store there were some great brooks brothers suits, but because there was no fitting room, i was reluctant to try them on in the open. i was. the guy who was there last week, was not.

this visit to goodwill was interesting. i got an opportunity to hear a sweet older lady cuss someone out and was called oprah by the cashier who then called her husband to tell him their favorite "european designer" was in her store (what...european...really?)
although those moments were great i was quite stoked at the brand new thomas pink shirts i found. they are classic blue shirts. nothing out of the ordinary, but certainly great as foundational pieces to any wardrobe. now for me, i rarely wear white shirts. why? because they wash my skin tone out on camera. so i opt for blue instead. 

now i must let everyone know that not all of my clothes come from thrift stores. i have many full priced retail garments. i think it is important to mix & match so that one doesn't appear to be a walking advertisement for a particular brand...unless that is the look you are going for.
these shirts were just unfolded and placed in the store the day before i arrived. now i didnt need to try them on because they were my size, well almost. the sleeves are a size 34. i am normally a 34-35.  

now how about that for a [PINK EDITION] mixology monday?

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting