[mixology monday]

black velvet blazer: on sale perry ellis
paisley shirt: thomas dean
velvet bow tie: custom
lapel pin: thrift

[i'm back]

i had a wonderful time in NY a few days ago.

it was a quick trip, but i enjoyed every minute of it.

although i slept and ate most of the time i was there it was so great to see another city.

i didnt make it to any iconic places, such as times square or central park or broadway, but thats okay i will return.

here r jus a few pictures.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[in advance]

i want to thank many of you [in advance] for your strong support of this blog. i am so grateful for each of you. 
for the next day or so i will be enroute to meet with nate berkus. 

i will be on twitter pretty heavily while in NY.
feel free to add and tweet me. if you are in NY i would love to meet you. no crazy people though. i am a southern gentleman, we don't do crazy...lol

you can click on the banner and it will take you to the nate show and to my twitter.

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[travel plans]

for anyone that has been around me when i traveled or have arrived at a destination knows i do not know how to travel efficiently. its not that i don't travel often, it is that i have this complex when trying to remember what to pack.

since getting my invitation to be an on air guest of the nate berkus show, i have been making a list of items i need and items i don't need to travel with. i admit, i have a tendency to pack very heavily for even a light trip. 

since this is a quick overnight trip to ny (hence my weekender), i consulted an expert on traveling. so if you are traveling this year like me, i submit this article to you by a man i admire for his style and his pure execution of excellence, stan s mukoro of mukoro bespoke.

from the article: "going somewhere"
What am I going to pack? Before you pull out your luggage, visualize where you are going and what you will be doing. Making a list in advance and checking off each item is highly recommended. If you don’t write it down, it shouldn’t be in your luggage. What are your priorities? If arriving wrinkle-free is your main concern, chances are this is a business trip so what you pack will differ from a trip to the beach.

When traveling through different climates, it isn’t worth taking everything you need. Remember, less is more. You can pick up items along the way where needed.
In addition to climate, you also have to think about the activities you will choose. My suggestion is to begin with the basics. Let’s say you are packing for a business trip or a casual weekend in a major city. For just about anywhere, I would suggest four button-down shirts, three pairs of socks, two of the following: sportcoats, ties, pants, belts, shoes, one of each: blazer, denim jacket, pair of jeans and pair of plastic shoetrees; t-shirts and underwear for every day and seasonal additions, like swim trunks. In essence, if your clothing has duality, you will pack less. 
Packing well is an art and a science. Maximizing space while minimizing wrinkles requires practice. 

Traveling in style means paying attention to the smallest of details. You can simplify everything without sacrificing anything.

Thanks to Stan Mukoro for allowing me to use this article. To read this article in full click here.
For more information on Stan and his services please visit his website www.mukorobespoke.com

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[mixology monday]

i originally planned this mixology to be the very first [mixology monday] post. if it had been posted when scheduled, it would have been one week prior to v-day. however, some unexpected, but exciting news circumvented that. which i am ok with.

black velvet blazer: perry ellis
red corduroy pants: vineyard vines
shirt: ralph lauren estate collection
vintage lapel pin
vintage wrapped cufflinks

if you seek assistance with sourcing unique pieces for your wardrobe, please contact me.
if you would like to be featured on [mixology monday] please contact me.

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[christmas in february]

in the past i carried full length garment bags with me when i traveled. i wear a lot of suits. those days are kinda over.

back in december, i posted my christmas wish list. to my surprise santa forgot all about me and didn't get me a single thing. i'm not sure why he didn't. i was really good. i'm starting to think that jolly ole fat man isn't real.

one of the items on my wish list was the pendleton plaid weekender, sold by urban outfitters which was the same as pendleton's brodie tartan weekender.
i called back in the late part of november they had 22 available. however, a wonky job situation put better judgement before me and i didn't buy it. i just couldn't justify spending that amount money on something realizing it would be used once or twice.

well despite the lack of options to use it, i wanted it.

i called for days to both urban and pendleton, in december and january and february and the weekender was sold out...still

2 saturday mornings ago i had lucky lottery winning feeling.

called pendleton...no bag
called urban outfitters "i'm showing one available sir." i said, "book it...no no...i meant i'll buy it"

and i did...

as i prepare for my quick trip to ny to visit the nate show, i figured it was needful to travel light...yet in style...

and here it is...in my house.

touch it...go head...doesn't it feel all nice and- oh...wait...sorry...i had  a moment...

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[dining room details]

so truth is i know quite the details about my dining room because things still have tags on them. tacky. i know.


i searched high and low for six high back dining chairs. i didn't want captain chairs this time around. one day i found these 6 chairs on craigslist for $175. by the time i had gotten around to them they were marked down to $150.

as they are, they match the feel of my condo. however, my mind is already dreaming of their new look.
the brass ram head lamps were $3.99 each from goodwill. they were sitting in the broad daylight and in a store full of people, no one seemed to notice them until i put them in my cart. go figure.

the mirror was $14.99 from goodwill also. it has a weave affect to it. really nice and it adds texture.

the bowls on the table were 48 cents. you can read about them here

i seem to get a lot of compliments and questions about the flatware. i will soon do a side bar about each of my finds. in the meantime click here to read about the flatware

the mikasa iced tea stemware were purchased on clearance from belks as they were phasing them out.

the pears came from hobby lobby about a year ago. i saw them called my mother to buy what was left at the hobby lobby in here city and i went to one. in all i have 12. the grey wood finish is the way the came. as time goes on i can picture them painted glossy gold or black or perhaps white. i saw longevity in them. i think they were like $2.50 each.

the table

well i will blog about that later. it's a saga. and i like telling stories.

if you have any questions or just want to holla at me...please don't hesitate to send me an email or tweet me on twitter...

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[dining room]

for the longest i contemplated whether to have an actual dining table in my dining room or a pool table. mom tells me that dad played pool a lot whilst they were dating. contrary to the fact i haven't played in a while,  i love a great competitive rack-up game of pool. unfortunately the pool table lost out and the dining table won.

in lieu of an overdue dinner party with some friends this friday at my place, i thought i would share my dining area with you. there will be a few minor AND major changes to this space in the weeks to come.

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