[office week]

i had this whole post written out for you guys about office spaces, functionality and form and blah blah and blah. however, if you are like me, you just want to see some great pictures.  just let me preface first.

i have dedicated a small area in my bedroom as an office area. it has a desk and a chair. nothing major.

so to get us in the mood for my office post, i am dedicating this as [office week] with Mr. Goodwill Hunting. here are just a few office spaces that have been in my inspiration folder. each picture is linked to its source.



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[stylish saturday]

style is personal. there is no wrong or right way to approach it. its totally you. whether one is styling their home or their lives it is a direct reflection of what an individual embodies.

some people like to admit that they don't have a style. they purport they like everything. truth be told, we call that a style. eclectic.
what is my style: in my wardrobe, i lean towards the classics with an err on the side of dandy. what i don't like are crazy fashion pieces. i don't find anything lady gaga does worthy of burning my retina. kanye west bothers me as well. he is creative, but he has taught me one thing. money cant buy style. he is a bit of all things and a lot of nothing. sorry kanyeezy.

style comes in all ages...the young, the mid-life crisis and the thank ya lawd for one more day. all of us can sing "kum by ya" in our bowties, dashikis, manolo blakniks, wingtips, and suspenders. but we all cant agree on what shops to stop in while on rodeo drive, fifth avenue or the thrift district (do we have one of those?).
its easy to master style, just be you.
so who is this young man. i call him jc. i met his mother years ago when my family joined a new church. when jc was young, jc would often come up to me after church and say, "i saw you up there moving and  talking and stuff." (directing the choir and preaching).

jc has since grown up and is 11 now. every time i see him a small bit of jealously runs through me because at such a young age, he is so stylish. i guess it doesn't hurt he has a beautiful mother and a handsome father.
 fo real...

heres to style at any age

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[penny pinching]






oh hey...sorry about that...jus countin' my pennies.
do any of you still save the old fashion way? i do. i normally don't carry cash, but when i do, i keep the change, bring it home and put it in my piggy bank. i am that guy who sees a penny and picks it up while everyone else keeps walking.

no shame. none whatsoever.

i save my coins yearly and at the end of the year i buy myself summin niiiiicccceeeee. i am not sure what i will buy for my 2010 savings, but i think i am going to treat my self to a shopping spree at goodwill.
so do you still save the old fashion way?



Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[your suggestion please]

i'm delving a bit into the past. i will do this from time to time. in other news...some of you may remember i bought a campaign dresser way back when. well i have yet do anything to it.
although i rarely jump on board to what's trending, i have always admired this style. there are quite a few bloggers that have done some amazing transformation (to visit the blog just click on the picture). lets take a look...shall we?

let's start with the way out
this was on design sponge...i like pattern...but this may be a tad bit much for me.

let's look a few "solid" colored transformations...
here we have emily clark's green painted campaign dresser in her office. she was inspired by
this piece from vanessa de vargas, which was featured in lonny magazine
jenny of little green notebook, painted her campaign dressers white. which is quite refreshing
i've seen this blue campaign dresser on several blogs, it keeps saying hiliary thomas. if so, its so icey...icey blue...get it? icey bl-....ok bad joke...sorry.
jessie, who is preparing for her wedding day very soon, recently painted her campaign dresser red. this is certainly a wow factor in any room

what about no paint...
 joi found a natural one and left it. her entire home is some serious eye candy for all you color lovers
 bryn alexandra just enhanced the hardware and kept it as she found it and i like it
here dina, from the blog honey + fitz also mad the choice to go natural and its good...more importantly you should check out her 30 min living room makeover. seriously.
lindsey over at thrift and shout says hers is a bit rugged, but i like the rugged paired with the black and white accessories.

i know these are good...but i'm really leaning towards black
this one is from the black ice collection from lexington furniture
jenny from little green notebook, did this black one for joanna goddard of the widely popular blog a cup of jo

ok...that was a lot to take in. now back to me.

here's a refresher of my dresser
my bedroom has all of the current color choices for my entire condo (click here to see my bedroom)

so can i have [your suggestion please]?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[from morocco...with love]

i am not one for knick-knacks or brick-a-bracks in my home. however, i visited pier 1 this weekend and came across these small bowls for $.48 each, down from $10. (major deal).

they were made in [morocco] so i couldn't pass up on the opportunity to have some international flare in my home. not sure if i will gift them or keep them, but i've got them.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[how to entertain men]

its not that kind of post, despite valentine's day coming up. i was blog hopping earlier last week and came across this simple, yet elegant dinner party for men. this set up was done by Delores, the force behind the blog [vignette design ]. in my opinion, this is a great way to entertain men.

did that not just stimulate your senses!
stop by vignette design and let Delores know i sent you over.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

[inspiration: candice olson style]

i like to reserve sunday posts for inspirational thoughts. this one is inspirational...but in a different way. i think most people like the style of candice olson. last night hgtv aired "candice tells all". this was by far one of my favorite shows because she used many of the homeowner's existing pieces and breathed new life into them by reupholstering and painting them. many of us have been doing this for a long time, but its good to see mainstream taking note of this and putting it on display.
i havent been able to source all of the photos, yet. but as soon as i find them i will share. i want to point out that candice liked a clients existing sofa so much, she used it in her new show's promo. now thas inspiring.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

*photos are linked to their sources

[stylish blogger]

this post is well overdue...so much so that i have five amazing bloggers to thank for nominating me

ok i am told the rules are to write 7 things about yourself and pass on the award to 10-15 other recently discovered blogs.  

well here goes my 7:
1. i eat ranch dressing on almost everything.

2. i honestly dont like a lot of windows in a house. im not sure if i was a vampire in my past life, but i like dark cave like spaces [and not a man cave either...lol]

3. people ask why dont i smile in my pictures. i say its because i have braces. actually its because i smile very little. i'm not a mean person. just not overly gitty.

4. as a child i dreamed of being an orchid whale. yea. its taking a lot longer for this dream to come true than i thought.

5. i often put one song on repeat and listen to it for weeks on end. 99% of the time its a john legend song. it drives people bonkers if they are riding with me.

6. although my home is black and white with hints of paprika, my wardrobe runs the gammet from plaid green pants to polka dot blue bowties.

7.  i dont do cruises or roller coasters. i am terrified of large bodies of water because i cant swim and really really terrified of heights.

here are my 10 blogs...this is hard...not because i dont have any to nominate...but because there are sooo many to nominate

Mr. Goodwill Hunting