A BIG BIG THANK YOU and some more stuff...

A HUGE thank you to T. Styles over on the Get it Girl Style. She took a risk of little readers, by featuring me on her blog...lol. Joking. But I truly appreciate her for allowing me to hop over there and just be in the number. I know most of you know who she is, but please please stop by and say hello.

I am taking this week off.


Because I am working and brainstorming the next phase of the blog.

BUT BUT BUT join me on Twitter: I will be LIVE and ALIVE.
I will also be blog hopping...visiting some of my favorite blogs and hopefully some NEW blogs and making friends.

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Mr. Goodwill Hunting

SHOE-MOCKER Fabrics...

A while back a ran into a lot of sample sized SHOE MOCKER fabrics...remnants...but still desirable.

I know its SCHUMACHER, most times especially when texting...I spell word phonetically.
In short...all of these fabric remnants are heading to my upcoming shop. Why? Because my mother's friend keeps begging her for them. Why? Because I drove all these fabrics to her house and kinda forget I had them until she called me.

Her are a few samples of what I have...

Check out the post herhere and here to get a glimpse of a few more fabrics.
These will be added to the etsy store, which I am aiming to open really soon.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Have you read through my blog and said, "I dont believe he found that...seriously...he is lying."


Many have. Its ok.

With finding so many wonderful items at thrift stores at great pieces, it is impossible for me to take each item home. So here's the good news. I want to get you in on the action.

When I run into great pieces of furniture and other great items I will tweet  them. If you are in the area..local or interested...all you need to do is inquire. I will tell you the location...price and condition. Should you get to the tweet party late. Its ok. You can still inquire and I will give you the information and you can go check it out for yourself.

Sounds like a plan to me.

twitter: MrGWHunting
Here are some are few of my finds and purchases from waay back to to just a few weeks ago.



Thanks to all of my new followers here and on twitter (MrGWHunting). I am having such a great time meeting a ton of new faces and networking all across the globe. I realize that this blog has become something serious without my knowing. I am an avid shopper of Goodwill and thrift stores, but I also mix in elements from a number of big box and boutique stores when putting my lifestyle together. If you wisely mix Pottery Barn, Ikea and a few other places within your space, no one will be able to tell high end, from low end.

I started this blog almost a year ago just to capture a few of the amazing pieces I have in my living space and share with the world. From experience, it IS possible to shop thrift and still ensue an elegant, comfortable and cozy feeling in the home. And in the next coming weeks I will began showing how each and every piece acquired has been transformed and has made its way into my home, stylishly.

Here are the updates...

1. Daily (as of right now), I will began twitting from a local Goodwill some amazing finds in the store...if its something youd like to own...tweet me back and we will work out the details.

2. I am hoping to open an etsy shop soon. Reasonably and unique items (not all thrift...but some) that you can purchase for your home. I will tweet when there are new items added to the store.

3. nuLife: this is where I hope to stumble upon amazing pieces of furniture and then give them nuLife and offer them to you or to your clients. I will tweet each piece of furniture in its raw state...if at that time you want it a certain way...or the piece for yourself. Tweet me and we can work out the details.

4. I will be featuring guest posts.

5. Lastly, as my blog-iversay rolls around...the blog will be getting a new look...new features and a whole lot more.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting


These are some goodies I ran across the last few weeks or so in Goodwill. Enjoy!

Dont forget to join me on twitter:MrGWHunting

Id love to hear from you...seriously...I would.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

READER QUESTION...and a sneak peak

From a follower:

Hello Mr. Goodwill,

Ive been following your blog for a while and you have found some great stuff. I want to know what you are doing with all of the items you found.

Great question!

Most of the items Ive posted on my blog for the past 10 months or so have made their way in my condominium. If I find something for my home I mark it off my list of needed items.

So, in short most of these items are for may daily evolving home. You have inspired me to revisit and update one of my spaces. Continue checking the blog as I will soon post a sneak peak of my bedroom that is coming together.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

 As most of you know, I have been posting about various items I have purchased on my daily hunts in thrift stores, online and a little bit of here and there. Today, I will give you a sneak peak into the elements that I have purchased to create a peaceful and restful bedroom. I will also give what I paid for each piece and what the retail price may be.

King Restoration Hardware Warner Bed
Warner Bed from Restoration Hardware
small desk project
I like everything about these lamps
 I really like the profile of these lamps. The top finial is the perfect touch.
This dresser will get a nice high gloss black finish.
Recognize this? No? Too wrinkly?
Nice eh? Still no clue?
It was used by Vern Yip in the HGTV's Urban Oasis bedroom.
Pillows on sale from $9.99 to $19.99 Target and ZGallerie and HomeGoods. The Geometric pillow was $19.99 and a green colored version is being offered at $49.99 at Crate and Barrel.

Ok. These are just clues. I am expected two more items, before I can really do a tour.


Mr. Goodwill Hunting

HEY...Im on TWITTER...

After staying up half the night watching Jonathan Adler and Colin Cowie on HSN and then realizing Colin was giving away his dinnerware through tweeting I realized I needed to get on.

I think my name is MrGWHunting...look me up.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Remember these...

I went to get my oil changed this morning and was flipping through current issue of Veranda.
when I came across this ad...
I was taken.
Because of the utensil that was featured.

It was strikingly similar to these

you know...the ones I found in Goodwill earlier this year.

So I looked up the company's name on the intraweb and found this image.

Again quite similar to my find...
I am CONVINCED they are TOO similar NOT to be made by the same company...

This one place setting (5 pieces) is being offered between $240 -$270.


My set was only $29.99...for a 10 PLACE SETTINGS....

Mr. Goodwill Hunting