my LAMP ANGEL.....

I have a story to tell about a lamp. Its a long story, so I'm going to tell it all.
If you would remember a while back I went to HomeGoods and found this AMAZING lamp.
Well I really wanted another one. But I couldn't find one. I spent the next week calling all my local HomeGoods and to no avail. So, I went onto the HomeGoods Facebook fan page put out a plea. I went on their website and put out a plea as well. It seemed as if I received no answers. So since, I couldn't find one I decided that I was going to take the lamp back because I really wanted a set. .One morning I received an email from a....Ms. O.

Ms. O: 
I am not sure if you still need the other silver lamp from Homegoods but there is one in Westboro, mass for 50.00

I was stoked. She sent me this picture.

So, I replied and let her know this was the lamp I needed. Apparently she saw and read my plea. Ahhh the joys of the "intraweb".

We continued to email back and forth and the lamp was mailed out on Sept 9th. Not receiving the lamp in a few days I emailed her back to see if there was a mix up perhaps. Then I called the United States Post Services.  She informed me that the package was shipping Parcel Post, which happened the be the very slowest method as well as the most unsecured method. I was fine with long as I got the lamp. On September 21st , I received a notice from the PO that I had a package. I was excited. 14 days of waiting for my lamp. I went to pick it up and there was some noise....hmmmmm...

The cashier said, "That's not a good sound." I said, "No it isn't"  I opened the box and

BROKEN...and so was my heart. So I left it at the Post Office.

What to do? I emailed her. She was devastated. I called the Customer Support line. They informed me that I need to file a claim for the lamp, however, the lamp was not packaged properly, so there is a chance the claim may be denied.

I went back and picked the lamp up...thinking I could salvage it....and I sure hope I can.

I am taking away only one thing from this mishap. There are sweet people everywhere. A total stranger went out on a limb, found what I was looking for...shipped it, just out of the kindness of their heart. Yes I am mortified that the lamp is broken. BUT, when I think of the sheer kindness and willingness of this total stranger...all I can say is...I have a new "lamp Angel"

Thanks Ms.. O!!!!!!!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

CAMPAIGNING for office....

Well not really...but I did find this amazing campaign dresser from Goodwill today. It is in very very good shape. Made by Drexel Heritage and has dovetail construction. I think I am going to use this as a buffet in my dining area. Look at the pictures and you will see why.

I'm thinking black on the wood...maybe silver hardware...maybe not...

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

$10,000 found in duffle baggle at thirft store....

You read right...

Heres the story according to

A Fort Bragg soldier's wife says she bought a duffle bag from a local thrift store and found almost $10,000 hidden inside it when she got home.

Tracy Kaiser found the money while shopping for some bargain luggage for an upcoming family trip at the Bragg'n Barn Thrift Store on post.

"There were a bunch of suitcases ... I just bought them all," she said. "Inside the side pocket of one of them was a black leather case."

Kaiser and her husband, who's a member of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, counted the money, which totaled was more than $9,000.

"It was like paper clipped in thousands and he just put it back in the bag and came right to the thrift store," Kaiser said. "I have four kids and I would want them to do the right thing. So, you know if I don't be honest and bring the money back, then how do I expect them to learn to do the right thing?"

Management at the thrift store say they are really thankful that the woman who found it gave it back.
"And I think they are a perfect example of what honesty and integrity means and we love them," thrift store manager Christiane Leake said.

And so does the original owner of the duffle bag, who's happy to get the money back.
The couple received a big pat on the back and a plaque from the post commander. The thrift store also gave them a $200 gift certificate for their honesty.

What would you have done...seriously...

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Fall Colors

Had a bad I woke up...
while up I prayed...
told GOD how much I love him
and listened to the soft sounds of Tamela Mann

While I am up...I might as well blog.

Unlike most people, I hate Summer. I dont like extremes in anything. Extreme behaviors, extermely seasoned food, exteme beliefs and certainly not extreme hotness. So the thought of Fall coming in makes me happy. Fall is that time of year where I began to think about my favorite color, white and red (paprika) in the home.

Here is a space I came across on HGTVs Rate My Space community, from an uploader "evelopedesign." The views on this space are very low and the comments are somewhat critical. His profile states that he is a visual mercandiser, so I am assuming most of the pieces in the images are for display in a store. However, there are a number of great pieces and concepts within this small space that I think can be used in any space.

Take a look..

Ok. Now that you have seen a few images, let me point out a few of my favorites.
  • intense color scheme
  • brass nailhead trim
  • lamps
  • black lucite tray
  • sofa
  • pillows
What do you think?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

I remember where I was on 9/11

My mother tells me when something major happens in life you always remember where you were and what you were doing.

I do.

I was in High School on September 11, 2001. I was in English class. With a professor who told me I was not smart enough to be in Honors English. The following year another professor did not understand why I was in her intermediate English class and moved me past Honors to Advanced Placement English.

I was in English Class and the drama teacher bursted into the room and yelled, "A PLANE CRASHED INTO THE TRADE CENTER!!!!" I had no idea what the trade center was or where it was. My English teacher seemed unphased and continued teaching. Like dejavu the drama teacher ran into the second time and said, "O LAWD ANOTHER PLANE HIT THE OTHER TOWER!"

I turned to Celeste Bowers and said, "No one is paying you any attention anyway, turn the television on so we can see what is happening in our country." She did not appreciate my boldness and began to reprimand me. "Ronnie Carra-..." The principal came on the public announcement system and instructed all teachers to cease from teaching and to turn on their television to the local news. Celeste was even more upset. I believe she made a smart remark regarding why she had to stop teaching to watch the news. However, I cant remember.

That day, I was terrified.

Do you remeber where you were...what you were doing?

Jaysone Home and Garden

I just went to my mailbox and pulled out the Fall 2010 issues of Jayson Home and Garden. Just like many of you I flip through pages of some of my favorite magazines as well of some of my favorite specialty shop magazines. Jayson Home and Garden is probably one of my all time favorite publications to flip through. The pages give a sense of mysterious antiquing while at the same time being openly modern. Jayson Home and Garden is located in Chicago, IL. Although I have yet to drop by (maybe when I go visit with Ms. O), it is certainly a place I would love to visit. Here are a few images of some of the pieces I am most fond of.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting


That's observance of Labor Day, I decided to take the entire week off from work. There are a few projects I need to get done and a few places in the U S of A I want to visit.

I kept reading on one blog, that there are fantastic finds at this place in Charlotte, NC called the Sleepy Poet. So I went on my first day off...Labor's Day.

Here are a few images.

Pair of Nate Berkus Orbit Lamp (seen on TV, but never upclose)
Striped Chair (Im a sucker for black and white stripes)

Room Divider (sold...darnnit!)
pair of Starburst mirrored lamps (with the right shades these could be great in a home)
hey...some people would "kill" to have these in their homes...uh not me...
I dont smoke, but this cigarette stand really stood out to me.
just funny on so many levels.

The store was a nice little treat. Free popcorn, how could I forget that. A lot of the prices were inflated...really inflated...unique items none the less

Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Target is a weekly stop for me. This red and white dinnerware was on sale, so I bought it. Red is my favorite color. Although the dinner plates are 10.3 inches. Standard plates are 11inches. Im still on the fence.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Black is the NEW Black

Outside of Red, Black is my favorite color. Just like my great blog friend Lynda of Focal Point. Ive been eyeing some furniture pieces for my home. They are not necessarily cheap, but not terribly expensive either. So here are a few eye candy pieces.

John Richards Genie Lamp

Braddington Young Tappan Sofa

Black Ice dining collection by Lexington Furniture

I know these aren't amazing Goodwill finds...but hey...I need furniture too.
Nope. haven't bought any real pieces yet.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting