Mr.Goodwill goes to HomeGoods

Attempting to furnish my condo after living here for a year seems neverending. Budget and availability are always factors that push me away from big purchases like dining chairs and a new sofa. However, I tend to always find amazing pieces from places like Target and HomeGoods. I went into HomeGoods this weekend and picked up these amazing looking suitcases.

I kept walking around and found a few more.

I am not exactly sure what I will do with them or where they will go, but in HomeGoods, if you like it, your
best bet is it buy it and keep the reciept. Items go very quickly.

The Polo Ralph Lauren store used to use fully aluminum suitcases like these in their stores and in their set up in stores like Belk and Dillards.

Any suggestions on how I can use mine?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

A Little Gold...Again

I picked up this little bowl from Goodwill yesterday.

It matches these plates pretty well.

So, Im pairing them.

What do you think?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting


My friends,

I havent posted in abot two months. But I have been reading and following many of you. I have noticed many local blogs within my area and Im pretty excited about connecting with each of you.

To welcome myself back I am going to post about a lamp...and about a few blogs and a few places I have recently come across.

To begin, I have been hitting HomeGoods lately to source for my apartment. I came across this lamp. Well I love it. But its only one. So I am asking EVERYONE in blogland to be on the lookout for this lamp, for me. If you see it, can you let me know. I need it. Gotta have it.

Ok. Moving on. I have recently come across some great places and blogs in the Charlotte area.

Of course one of my blog friends Ms. Debbie Doos  and her wonderful blog.

Debbie recently did a great video for the whole Oprah search. I know at least 100 people who did the same. I just didnt bother. However, Debbie is a natural. Check her out.

I recently came across Holly Goes Lightly.

Her blog is amazing. She doesnt know it, but we actually met informally. I emailed her about these amazing looking chairs via craigslist. They were amazing, but were not quite the color I need. She has a really neat Etsy shop as well. Hopefully Holly will read this and reach out to me.

Via Holly, I came across Post and Gray

Browsing their amazing website has me wanting to go. Unfortunatlely their Saturday hours are by appoitment only and I havent been able to make an appoitment, with my schedule. So Post and Gray if you are out there. I am coming your way!!!

Another friend Ive met in the local area is Bryn Alexander.
She just bought a home (CONGRATULATIONS) so I know she is super busy, but she remains a good go to blog for Inspiration.

Well these are just a few bloggers in my back door. I will be having a Holiday Open House and I will invite all of you and hope you can make it.
Too Early?
Well if Horchow can do it...why cant I?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting