I jetted over to one my favorite spots for Antique store.

This store is filled with dressers...chairs...portraits and all things in between. Here are a few interesting pictures of my little visit. I did buy a few things...some cufflinks and an abacus (guy asked me if batteries came with it...I didnt get the joke. He sensed I didnt get it either...whoops).

Wedgewood plates (tea sized)
milk glasses
yellow marble grapes. Tag said made in 1920s. I guess they thought it justified a price tage of $165. NOT!Leather chair...nice
an old mounted propeller...really liked this
some plates from Germany

french blue dresser?
an ornate little chair...prolly could be used in a vanity area

portrait of a sofa and chairs...
personalized mugs...miniature mugs...fits on the tip of your finger.
i know not what one could do with tiny mugs
Mr. Goodwill Hunting


All my friends...

This has been a busy week for me. Meetings...conferences...dry cleaning. But dont forget about the BLUE PLATE SPECIAL giveaway.

Ive gotten several postings and emails. So its going good. Email me at if you have any questions.

I have some great finds to share with all of you.

Still working on my condo. Im trying to set a budget. I dont know what the budget should be. Its just a one bedroom condo, but I have absolutely nothing in it. Ok. A dresser and a plasma (really the plasma is all I need, but I dont think guest and friends would want to sit on the floor watching TV all day.

I have the sofa. I have the idea of the coffee tables. I need some side chairs. Thinking about Billy Bookcases from Ikea.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting


The Lexington Black Ice Collection has my name written all over it. I would be pretty much every piece for my home. It in effort to stay true to the content of this blog I will refrain from showing you the collection. However, I encourage you to google Lexington Black Ice collection.

Remember I found this great mirror in Goodwill?
Well, this mirror from the Lexington Black Ice collection is my inpsiration for my mirror transformation.Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Good Monday my friends.
I am currently working hard on trying to improve the blog and adding various features that I hope will make your visit here more pleasant. So please tell everyone you know to check me out.

In the spirit of finding a good bargain I must show you the second item purchased to start my living room transformation, that I mentioned a few posts back. Here's the story
This is the sofa I wanted.
$2500. Kind of a budget buster. But I was willing to eat water and drink bread for the sake of design.

I knew I didnt want to spend that right I went to craigslist. I found this listing.

CRATE AND BARREL sofa! Sleek, stylish and barely used! - $650 (Charlotte, NC)
Date: 2010-03-15, 2:01PM EDT
Sofa that is basically untouched- purchased last summer. Comes from smoke free/ pet free home. Sofa is Rochelle style with a slate grey/blue brushed cotton fabric that is soft and durable. Comes with arm covers and throw pillow (linen cover with feather insert from Crate and Barrel). About 84" long. Removable wood legs. Comes from a smoke free and pet free home. Contact with any questions / best offer!


I thought...BINGO...perfect alternative to the Lucas Sofa. I emailed the seller to get additional pictures. The seller took too long. So I went online and googled it.

After not hearing from the seller, I decided on Saturday morning to just look around ebay. As soon as I typed in my keywords. I came across the Martine sofa by Crate and Barrel. I tried to make an offer to the seller. I guess it was too low because the seller did not respond. Thats was ok. Because little did they know I was set out to win this bid. I bidded a little more than what I wanted to, but after not having furniture for two years it was time for me to get exactly what I wanted...or very close. And staying true to thrifting and bargain shopping. I got it much lower than retail.

I decided to buy it because I knew that I wanted a grey sofa, but wasnt sure if I bought an inexpensive thrift store piece, how much the upholstery would total. The color on the ebay listing said its a Silver Sage velvet sofa. I hope that'ss code for gray or grayish. The lines in this sofa are very metropolitan and contemporary. Exactly what I was looking for.

Without further preliminaries...heres what I won.

So craigslist selling people...YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOZE...well lost to be grammatically correct.
Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Once I caught a fish alive...nah not really...
Seriously though,

I acquired five new clients this week to help redo their spaces. Im overjoyed that they gave me an opportunity to help them make their house (and apartments) homes. My take on putting together a space, is using items from thirft stores and placing them in the home. Many individuals would love to have a well put together home. Unfortunately, they dont have the budget for better items, or for a to the trade designer (which are good to have if you can afford them.)

Many times people buy ugly furniture and expect miracles to be performed. Sometimes its a lost cause. Sometimes you have to be a miracle worker on yourself and be creative to make do with what they have. At this point Im not into making money...just being creative and helping those I can.

As I look at the clock its 12:30am on Saturday. I am up because I fell asleep while watching tv and then got up and started organizing and cleaning. Busy weekend BTW.

In the meanwhile here are a few pieces that I came across in my excursions this week.

This barstool (as with a lot of things...see the boxes) are salvage items from Target. This barstool was $39.99 then $29.99 and now $24.99. Its been there going on a week. It probably wont move until it hits $19.99 or less.

Baby drumset. Made me think of my brother, who by the way is the baddest percussionist this side of the Mason Dixon line.
I had this in my hand to buy. $4.99. I didnt buy it because I already had three mirrors in my home...unused and it wouldve probably sat in a corner.
This mirror was like $6.99. I thought of so many of my lady blog friends and what transformation they would take this piece through.

These "solid walnut" beds were $150. I dont think they will move anytime soon.
This lamp was $15. I think its a good deal. I didnt buy it. Its really nice and could accentuate a desk. Maybe spray painted turquoise or bright orange...maybe a lime bout blue?
I really wanted this coffee table. It was just one. I wanted two. Had it been two. They would have came home with me.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Goodwill is a great place to find a deal and a chance to spot some funny moments.
I guess the stuffed animal is warm.


Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Those who know me well, know I love bowties. So it was no surprise that I took a liking to bowfront dressers and bureaus. I found both of these pieces at the same Goodwill at different times. Im not sure what I will do with them. Maybe restained the dresser in a dark ebony tone and maybe grey for the bureau. My friend texted me when they picked it up and said, "This looks like you." Whut n da werld does dat mean?

Inspiration: via Tobi Fairley's blog and website. This dresser is made by Hickory Chair
Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Its been almost two years since Ive lived in this particular place. A lot happened here. I am glad...very glad to be out of this place. Was a very difficult season in my life. However, I was still thifting and GOODWILLING at that time. Take a look.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

@ the WILL....but no WAY...

Its interesting to see the many items people find attractive at Goodwill. Sometimes I sit on the nearest plaid frumpy couch and just watch people shop the aisle and racks at Goodwill. Everyone does not find the same item useful or their style. Here are a few items I thought were great looking...but not great enough for me to buy.

This dresser is very mid century modern. It would have been amazing painted black and a change of hardware. Im more transitional and just didnt see it working in my space. I think the price was $49.99. Another reason I decided to let it stay.

This $10 end table almost went home with me to be transformed. However, it was just one. Lays said it best...Bectcha cant eat just one. Im not sure where I was going with that tagline...but essentially it didnt have a pair so I didnt buy it. It remained in the store for about another day and then was swooped up.


As stated in my other posting...Today was a pretty good day at the Will.
Here are three of the four pictures I picked up.

Very few may know what or where this is, but this is a picture of Tillman Hall on the Campus of Winthrop University. This is a reprint dated 1989 by Edmund D Lewandowski of which the Lewandowski Student Gallery is named after. What a find.

Yerp, Don Quixote by Piablo Picasso
Im not really sure what this is, but its an abstract piece with some it went home with me.

The fourth picture is a poster of a red Lamborghini dated 7-14 Settembre 1982. When I look it up online its all in Italian (I think). The picture did not come out well. However, its a great picture!
Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Today was actually a great day for Mr. Goodwill Hunting. Several great pieces that I intend to use as artwork and this little find right here.
What is it? A coffee table! Kinda low, but still great looking. The glass is more than half an inch thick and quiet substantial in weight.

However, this is not my all...not even close. I considered if I should leave it or buy it. It was a no brainer (as you can tell) I bought it. Right after I snatched the ticket off the cashiers called for it. Someone else wanted to buy it. Eh...O well... SOLD to Mr. Goodwill Hunting.

If you like it...maybe you should email me about it.
Mr. Goodwill Hunting.


Change of pace

Well this is just a change of pace from my normal topic (not that I dont have any finds to post...cuz I do.)

I really need to put my living room together. Here are some pieces I would like to use in my living room. All items have been sourced. The great thing about the items listed is that I have a very comparable version which costs much less than their high-fa-lute-in cousins.
True story. I called a store in my local area to order this sofa. Its from Lee Industries. I first saw it online and went to a design store in Charlotte, NC to get more information. I called Lee Industries (their people are extremely rude) and visited their website and realized there was someone closer who could possibly order it for me. I contacted this person and they were out of the country on a shopping excursion (Paris...Africa...backyard...somewhere...wasnt paying attention). I told her I wanted to order it and they waxed on and on about this and that...called me multiple times. To make a long story even longer, the designer wanted me to hire her to design my potential home. She ran her trap and in casual conversation she said she was going to Hickory, NC because they had an account there. Apparently she didnt realize I knew about the Hickory Furniture Mart. I told her I would like to go at some point. She tried to convince me that I shouldnt go because the items there are ones people dont want. They are cast offs. They cant move in the local store. Oddly enough she was going to make a visit there as well. After I made it clear I didnt need a designer...she brushed me off. Never called back. Eh... It put a bad taste in my mouth about commission interior designers. Thats another topic.

Sofa is around $2800.

What was I doing again?
I would love to use this to cover a wall in my home. Black grasscloth.

These lamps are from Restoration Hardware at about $350 each. TJ Maxx has similar ones for about $80 each. They had two and someone bought one and left one. I havent bought them. Im waiting for another. I may try the other TJ Maxx for a pair.

I first saw this sculpture on Colin Cowie website...its in his home. You know Colin. The guy that does the parties and thangs for the Gran Boo Paa Oprah. Yerrrp...thas him. Here it is in the background. I always admired it...but had no information regarding it.
After researching I came to know that this metal artwork was crafted by Curtis Jere in the 1970s. These pieces are quite expensive. Ebay and 1st Dibs retails them for upwards of $3,500 - 5000. Jonathan Adler retails them for around $1700. Im sure if I look around I may be able to find it in a unsuspected shop. Until then, I may have to sell a kidney for this. Hey one is all I need.

Side table from Mitchell Gold + Bob William is about $450. TJ Maxx had them for around $80. I bought one. Id like to have two.

West Elm Butler tray. Id like two to serve as a coffee table.

I first came across this pillow on Rate My Space from HGTV dot com. Then found it in Target about 3 years ago for $25. Funds didnt justify a $25 pillow at that time...being single and all. Ummm... Target no longer carries them. Well this pillow is from Zgallerie. A great friend went to ATL recently and bought me a few things back from there. While there I told them I wanted this pillow. The manager said its discontinued now. I called the online store and they only had 7 left in warehouse. I didnt order. Sold out in a week. Luckily my local Zgallerie still had 4 remaining. If you want these...I'd suggest looking up a Zgallerie's number and order them. Some stores do ship. I bought 3.

Id like to outfit my entire home with these floors. From the Lexington Home Collection. Actually this photo is an Inspiration Photo. You will see what I mean in a few months.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting