The BOX....

My 1st post for my blog is about a little...well medium sized BOX. I walked into my local Goodwill (as I do everyday) and was drawn to the "display case" (I will write another post about the imfamous display case), and what catches my eye but this BOX.

Not an ordinary BOX as you can clearly see, but a special BOX...with a red sticker...

Inside this box was FLATWARE

Flatware like I have never seen before. This had to be too good to be true. I just knew there was gonna to be like all knives and may one fork and a spoon. Well to my surprised it was a complete set...well almost.

12 knives

11 baby spoons

10 big spoons

10 big forks

10 baby forks

53 PIECES in all. Apparently it may have been a setting for 12 people, but hey 10 works just fine for me. Now do I need a place setting for 10 people? Will I ever have 10 people over for dinner? Heck! I dont know, but I do know they will have something to eat with...LOL...

Now this isnt your run of the mill flatware. Oh no my good friends! First off each piece has a good weight to them. There is a 95% engraved into each piece (wonder what that means). The portion closest to the neck of the flatware resembles a Roman column and the tip resembles the top portion of the Fleur die Lis. You wont find these at Macy's or least I dont think so...I already tried to look for them.

I almost forgot...the red sticker price...$29.99!
Well another post of GOOD WILL HUNTING..