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Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

One-Pan Salmon And Veggie Dinner


When I saw this red herringbone fabric, I knew I had to have a suit made from it. 
 When I finally got my suit made, I wasn't quite impressed with the overall product. However, the pants were still a favorite of mine, so I have been wearing them every chance I justify wearing them. Being outfitted in custom clothing is such a wonderful luxury. Unfortunately luxury comes with a really nice price tag and if you are a typical consumer (sans credit cards) you may not be able to afford custom all the time. If you do get the chance to get something custom, pick out something you will really enjoy and something that will certainly last trends and seasons.

How to Find Hidden Fabric Stores

I am almost certain that every city has its own pockets of gems. When in comes to home decor you can stumble upon great thrift, antique and even amazing consignment shops, but the biggest secret is knowing where to look or should I say, where NOT to look. 

Apartment Update and some favorites

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I am pushing along with the plans to host my sister's Birthday Brunch here at my apartment. Since I recently purchased a new sofa and started with redecorating, I figured it would be great to give my pieces a trial run. So far I made these "No Sew Pillows.
It is no surprise that Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite brands. Although they have launched some great collections. Depsite not keeping a number of these collections around I do try to find some of the pieces whenever they fit into my price point. Here are some of my favorite pieces with RL currently available.

Here are some other pieces I am loving at the moment.

Foodie Friday: Valentine's Day Desserts

Its seems as if the powers that be keep a holiday around the corner. I'm not sure if they love celebrating or if they just want us to spend our money. Either way, Valentine's day is fast approaching and I have rounded up some heart shaped treats that you can do for that smookums in your life.


INSPIRATION: Sophisticated Pink & Gray

Since I have new furniture and I was unable to host Christmas dinner for the family this year, I decided to host a birthday brunch for my sister. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you will already know my apartment is filled with lots of grays and blacks. So adding shades of pink will be wonderful.

I painted the walls in my living and dining rooms

Happy 2016 Everyone! I know I am a bit late, but I mean I need a little breather. This is an exciting year of commitments for me. The first major commitment is reclaiming parts of my life I neglected in 2015. One part of my life is my apartment. My living space is where I work and where lifetime memories are created, so I am taking back everything in the four walls of my apartment.

I started in the middle of last year redecorating my bedroom and stopped. Since then, I have moved forward with styling my dining and living rooms which is exciting because both rooms are painted. Now these rooms are just painted, but they are painted grasscloth.


Where did I get grasscloth from only to paint over it?

I picked it up from Goodwill (#MrGoodwillHunting) about 4 years ago from Goodwill. Check out THIS POST and THIS ONE for a few back stories on my grasscloth. The interesting thing is the the grasscloth I showed in the post, is not the grasscloth I painted. I used another set of grasscloth that I decided to go back and get (even thought I didn't like them). I have about 3 different styles of grasscloth that I have thrifted.

Just to give you an idea of how grasscloth really looks in a space here are some amazing rooms that feature grasscloth as wall coverings.

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