Monday, March 23, 2015

What would you do?

Happy Monday Everyone!
I went out yesterday afternoon to pick up some items for the Men Of Style Brunch and I decided to pop into Goodwill. You know, just to see if they wanted any of my money. lol. While there, I heard this sad sob story of how this lady was upset because she missed out on a refrigerator. She was heated too. She went as far as wanting to talk to corporate. Whoa.


I also came across this the above $44 dresser. It was sold, but if you were to buy it, what would you do with it?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Introducing Studio 5 Seven!

First let me say thank you to the many emails and the Facebook messages I received from my last post. I hope no one was offended, but sometimes its great to just be honest.

As you know I host intimate dinner parties in my design studio, in downtown Rock Hill and I enjoy every moment of it. So it brings me great pleasure to introduce Studio 5 Seven.

Studio 5 Seven is a boutique design atelier, currently specializing in providing intimate dinner parties for special occasions. Our personalized approach has only one goal. That goal is to create an elegant and posh dining environment for you and your guest.

Whether it be a birthday party, graduation dinner with family, engagement dinner or perhaps a product presentation, Studio 5 Seven is here to assist by providing the perfect atmosphere dine in. Every design element we offer is in house. And because we only specialize in intimate experiences, we have hand selected and curated a fine collection of pieces just for our you, our potential clients.

Our loft studio boasts 12 foot ceiling and two large windows with views to the downtown main street, which can be an excellent back drop for any dinner or brunch for 20 or more. 

So if you ever wanted to go beyond the regular dinner reservation for your intimate special occasion, I know Studio 5 Seven is the perfect solution for you. 

Visit the introductory website to see how Studio 5 Seven can help you celebrate your big milestone. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

While I was out today...


Its been quite a while since I have visited with you all. I am disappointed that I cannot be blog more. I have a lot of videos I'd like to upload and tutorials Id like to pass along, but at the same time I self employed so week by week, I am working to make sure bills are being paid and because blogging for me doesn't pay like it does for others. Not that it can't, it just currently doesn't, so I must do the things that bring in money so I can at least have a roof over my head, which is most important. Although there is a huge void in my life right now for the lack of creativity.

Today after making some returns to Macy's I decided to drive another 20 minutes or so out to Home Goods.
When I walked in, this Lucite and glass bar cart started calling my name! This would be excellent in my studio to go along with the collection of ghost chairs I currently have.
There are about 3 Home Goods within a 30 minute drive of me and 3 more within an hour drive. Needless to say if you are really looking to find something, you probably can do that if you start early in the day. Home Goods has some of the most amazing mirrors, large ones too. The price isn't necessarily cheap, but if you have a small budget the pricing would be an excellent starting point.
If you have been following along and supporting, then you are fully aware of the brunches and dinner series I host. That is sort of like my outlet for creativity. I rent a decent loft space studio in downtown Rock Hill and I wanted to utilize the space for more than just photographing clothing for my online menswear boutique; that's what caused me to start the dining experiences.

Honestly, I do not like living in Rock Hill. It is very uninspiring for me. Normally I would pack up and leave, but the question would have to be answered, when and with what money. Now the city isn't all bad, its just that I have outgrown my time here. I think.

Okay. Let's get back to some more finds from Home Goods.
I spotted this table and I immediately wanted it. The wood grain or faux wood grain is so beautiful. The $400 price tag was not, however, I could really see this in a neutral palette room with soft hues. Couldn't you?
Seems like Home Goods has gotten a great selection of weathered looking pieces. This one right here is definitely one you should grab before its gone. Would be awesome in a nook somewhere!

Alright, I'm out for tonight. I have a lot of goals to reach this week and I need to rest early so I can get up early.

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