Friday, February 20, 2015

The Gentlemens Brunch 2015!

The #MenOfStyleBrunch (#MOSB), formally known as the #GentlemensBrunch is an original event I created almost 3 years ago. Of course, many have attempted to duplicate this event, with very little success. Despite that I am excited to host the 4th annual #GentlemensBrunch, called the #MenOfStyleBrunch on Saturday April 18th at 11am in our design studio in downtown Rock Hill, SC, which is approximately 20 minutes from Charlotte, NC. 

Each of my intimately curated events draw cultured individuals from all over. The goal for these events have never been about large numbers, but more about quality people who share a common goal, meeting new people. Our guests have traveled from New York, Louisville Kentucky, Florida, the District of Columbia and a host of cities in the home state of South Carolina and our neighboring state of North Carolina. 

Although tickets are currently limited, you are still invited and encouraged to purchase one or more. I can personally promise you this event will sell out and be one of the best times you, sir, will have. 

You can CLICK HERE to visit the official event website, where you can get updates on what will take place. 

We welcome all gentlemen to be part of this amazing and intimate event. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

6 TIPS to Hosting a Fabulous Dinner Party

Happy Monday Everyone!
This weekend I hosted the 3rd installment to #RashonsDinnerSeries. If you have been keeping up with the events on social media, you may have seen a few images. If you are new, then let me bring you, quickly, up to speed on what #RashonsDinnerSeries is.

I live near Charlotte, NC and while the city is great for so many things, I felt the city lacked a diverse upscale social scene. For the most part you are either inundated, with club parties or fashion shows. I don't club and the fashion shows are a dime a dozen. I have even hosted one.

So after contemplating for a while I came up with the dinner series. I am so fortunate to have a studio in downtown Rock Hill, that I am able to utilize for my business and host events. So I never need to worry about a location and I do is great an inviting atmosphere sell tickets and let a night of great conversation take its natural course.

Ive done these for quite a while even before blogging, so I am going share with you 6 easy steps to hosting a "fabulous" dinner party.
TIP 1: Choose a date. This will help you plan out all of the minor details and give your guests a heads up to decide if they are going to attend or not. Always count on less people showing than those who RSVP. It never fails, at the last minute, people just don't show. 

TIP 2: Choose a location. Where you have your dinner party is very important. There are a lot of factors that surround your location. Make sure the location can fit the anticipated number of guests and that it is comfortable for everyone to move around. In my studio As you can see above, I can seat 20 people comfortable at one single table. However, I can add an additional 18 people in the space. Think about what you want to put in the space, whether that be food, a dj, a live band or whatever. Dont put more in the space than you can handle. 

TIP 3: Choose your guests...wisely. I remember I invited a few people to a brunch one time. They were soooo quite amongst everyone til it was simply awkward having them there. I was no not again. 
TIP 3: Plan out your menu. This is probably the most important tip. If you are having a dinner party without food, its a meeting, not a dinner party. Look for options that will fit your budget and stick with the budget. Thats what it is there for. 

TIP 4: Music sets the ton. If your budget does not allow for a DJ or a live band. Put your favorite tunes on your tablet and hook it up to sound system and let it loop the entire night. 
TIP 5. Above all make sure you are a gracious host or hostess. Don't forget to add in the magic and some creativity. 

Don't forget to share these tips with your friends. Hopefully I will see you at the next dinner party!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thrifty Dining Room MakeOver

I don't know much about this space, but I was impressed by what appears to be a revamp of an old dining room table and chairs.
A lot of people do not like bold colors in their spaces (I am one of them), but this room just happens to be a nice ray of sunshine. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

15 Beautiful Strawberry Recipes to Try!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I have a terrible toothache, which means I need to get a tooth pulled. Sigh. Unfortunately, that won't be done today. On another note, if you are being extremely lazy on today here are 13 strawberry recipes you can try before Valentine's Day arrives.

Maybe you can impress your honey dip!

Let me know how these turn out for you. I will search high and low and just may update this list!

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Monday, January 19, 2015


This intimate and fabulous dinner parties are always the talk of social media. If you are interested in attending please CLICK HERE to purchase a ticket. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

10 things to PAINT RED!

Valentine's day is coming up what better way to get in the spirit of valentine's day by spray painting some very inexpensive items...RED!

So here are 10 things you can paint red!
1. These basic plastic spoons are something amazing, when put together and spray painted red. So easy and cheap!

2. With the right amount of spray paint, a plains thrift store lamp can easily because a statement piece, especially if it is the color red. 

3. I think we all have seen these concrete or cast iron chairs hanging around a very old junk shop or even in your grandparents home. Well now you know what you can do with them (no I don't mean throw them out). 

4. Captain Obvious here. However, these chandeliers are all over your local thrift stores. You should buy one and paint it red. 
5. How about one of those old wicker chairs?
6. Now this is definitely an improvement. Normally I spray paint things white, but this red on these owls have given me much hope!

7. I do have an upcoming dinner party and these painted candlestick holders would be perfect!
8. No way!  A mini fridge? Just think of all of the possibilities you have to coordinate things little boxes of conveniences in your work space. Now I just need to go buy a mini fridge. 
9. I guess if you can paint a fridge why not a mixer? 
10. Lastly, how about simply spray painting items that all have something in common and displaying them. It surely does make a great display. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Vintage Holiday || Style

Happy Holidays EVERYONE!

I have had this vintage red tartan jacket for quite some time. I wore it last year on a photo shoot and decided to wear it again on another shoot as promotion for my online shop The Carraway Concept. 
I hope each of you have an amazing holiday!