#RashonsDinnerSeries (1st Summer Edition)

The first installment of the Summer Edition of #RashonsDinnerSeries will be Tuesday June 7th. This will also be part celebration as my birthday is June 7th. Tickets are extremely limited and are also extremely discounted. My dinner series tickets are normally $50 - $75. This dinner will be $25 per person. This dinner will also feature a number of new products that I will be adding to my shop and will be available that evening for purchase. If you would like to attend, please see the ticket button after this image or you may click the image below to purchase your ticket. 
Only a few tickets are available. 

Esty Roundup: Artwork

I have been trying to find artwork for my apartment for the last longest. During my search I came across these posters and thought they were pretty amazing. I may even add a few of these to my online shop.

Any shirt at Any time

Most of the shirts I wear are dress shirts and al of my dress shirts are normally dry cleaned before I wear them. There have been many times when I have gone into my closet to wear a specific only to realize the shirt is either dirty or still at the dry cleaners and this ultimately changes my entire look, which never makes me happy.

After receiving an invitation from Dryel to try out their at home dry cleaning system, I knew immediately I would be able to dry clean my dress shirts at home even if I forgot to take one to the cleaners. Now I do still take my clothes to the cleaners, but having an at home dry cleaning system is so convenient because there are times when I forget to drop my shirts off. For those times I do forget all I have to do is spray my shirt withthe booster spray, throw an ULTRAcleaning cloth in the fabric protection bag and then pop it into the dry cleaners and I am done. Well, not exactly. I have to wait about 30 minutes while it tumbles on low heat, but that is minor compared to not having a shirt dry cleaned at all.

When you wear dress clothes often and you want to wear any shirt at any time, dryel is definitely one of the best solutions around for getting that professional dry cleaned look for your clothes.

Have you tried the Dryel at Home Dry Cleaning Kit?

It was a sign, so I bought them

If you follow me in INSTAGRAM you will remember me posting THIS PHOTO a few days ago. 

Black Cabinets with white backgrounds

I still have to paint the large bookcase I brought into my apartment a few months ago. I began painting the bookshelf it a while. While you would think I want to paint the cabinet black, you are correct. Despite my love for black and gray I have opted to paint this bookcase white. Well, off white. Since I am not painting the cabinet black, here are some black case goods, with white interiors.


I remember the days when I would hop from thrift store to the next looking for furniture pieces to repaint for my apartment.  Well those days are long gone and it is more of a hassle for me to buy thrift store furniture, rent a truck, haul it up 16 stairs and paint it in my living room. So I buy retail and get exactly what I want.

One of my Facebook friends bought a house very recently and he started doing a lot of pinning to get inspiration on how he would decorate his new place. From his pins, I knew exactly what his style was and had a good feeling of the vibe his house was going to exude. The other day he uploaded a dresser redo that was just my style. With more than 400 likes and 50 comments I knew many of my male readers (and some females) would appreciate his makeover. Okay. Even if he didn't get that many likes I would have still shared it, because its awesome.

10 Tips to Create A Sexy Bachelor Pad in your apartment

While many men are creating beautiful families there are just as many who are content being a bachelor. Along with menswear, men are becoming more and more concerned about the decor of their home. Let me make this note. A bachelor's pad is not a man cave.

Although many guys would love to live in a loft or penthouse in the city, most are left with something more budget friendly, which is an affordable apartment. Regardless of where you live in the city,

here are ten things create a sexy bachelor pad.


I love crab cakes. A lot. When I heard about GARDEIN Crabless Crabcakes, I thought this might be the chance to really start eating healthy again.

What is black and white and red all over?

I don't know, but I needed a good headline for this blog post. Maybe it worked and maybe it didnt, however, I am such a huge fan of the recent makeover of the Carlyle Inn in Beverly Hills, CA.

10 Reasons to Have a Dinner Party at Home

I dont have as many dinner parties as I used to, but I am certainly prepared to host at least 40 people should the occasion presents itself. Most people will need a reason to host a dinner party. Let's be honest. If I am going to cook a great meal, set a beautiful table, I would want a reason to show it off...any reason.

So here are 10 reasons to throw a dinner party at home.